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This guide will help you find the Panic Room in Vampire: The Masquerade. Once you’ve made it to this point, your level is maxed out and there’s no more experience left for you to earn until that next life cycle begins again!

The “vampire the masquerade bloodlines walkthrough” is a guide that will help you find the Panic Room in V:TM – Swansong.

In Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong, your first full-length task as Galeb is to seek down Jason Moore, the human who manages the vampire elite’s accountancy. However, when you arrive to Moore’s apartment, it’s surrounded by police, and someone has been beheaded in the lobby. This may become a bit tricky.

There are two options for completing this scenario. One option is to locate all of Moore’s damning records on Boston’s vampiric aristocracy and then return the way you came. But there’s one significant secret in Moore’s flat that’s simple to ignore if you want to finish strong. In Scene 4 of Swansong, here’s how to reach Jason Moore’s panic room.

The Panic Room in Moore’s Apartment: How to Find It

When you visit the reading room on the second floor of the penthouse, you’re basically given the first big clue about Moore’s personal survival bunker.


While in the penthouse, a lesson gently pushes you to utilize Galeb’s Sense the Unseen talent. This will take you to a Fortress Security-branded billionaire panic room commercial brochure.




A receipt for the installation of one of those panic rooms is also kept in Moore’s safe. We now have confirmation that there is one on the premises. The issue is, where will you go?

There’s a lot to discover in Moore’s bedroom, but you may not realize that he has a clever mirror. It has a lot of helpful functions, one of which looks to be a phone, however it can only dial 8 digits whereas American phone numbers have ten.

Lydia Moore’s planner, which may be located on a side table in the dining room, is another easy-to-miss hint.

If you find Jason or Lydia’s smartphones, you’ll be told to look for this; Jason’s phone in the bedroom is locked (the pattern to unlock it is, for some reason, written on the chalkboard in Moore’s daughter’s room), but Lydia’s phone is just sitting next to her drafting table in her second-floor office.


The post-it note that states, “In case of emergency, contact PURA VIDA,” is the most crucial item here.


The last piece of the jigsaw is in June’s (Jason’s daughter’s) room, where she’s exchanging secret messages with a friend using a basic cipher. That cipher’s key is on top of her desk.

You’ll have to estimate how to convert the letter “A” into June’s cipher based on context, but because “DEF” is “3,” “ABC” should be “2.”


To acquire the number 78728432, run PURA VIDA through the cipher. Dialing that number into Jason’s smart mirror’s phone app will unlock the door to his panic room, which is located in an adjacent walk-in closet.

You’ll get the trait Detective for locating and accessing the panic room, which reduces the experience cost for the next tier of Deduction by 15 points.

If you enter the panic room, the scenario will finish regardless of what else you have done or haven’t done. It’s a good idea to make sure your Hunger meter is empty before starting the next sequence to get the most out of it.

You’ll unlock the Parley trophy/achievement if you can complete the level without murdering any officers, which will require you to employ Dominate at least three times in a row. Galeb will also get the Make no Waves trait, which grants a +15 percent success rate if you tie with the Rhetoric skill.

That’s how you get inside Moore’s penthouse in VtM: Swansong and discover the panic room. Keep an eye on our official Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong site for further tutorials on the game’s puzzles and more.

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