Vampire Survivors Stone Mask Location Guide

In order to help find the location of a Stone Mask, you need these things: 1) A map 2) Some kind of puzzle solution. This is an interactive guide that requires some in-game mechanics knowledge (skip ahead if you don’t).

The “vampire survivors stone mask evolution” is a location guide for the Vampire Survivors Stone Mask. It will help players find the locations of all the different types of masks in the game.

The Stone Mask is one of the passive items available in Vampire Survivors. Passive items are items that provide your character stat benefits and are put to the randomized loot pool for all subsequent runs after being gathered for the first time.

The Stone Mask, in particular, grants a 10% Greed boost every level, allowing you to get more gold from pickups and chests. We’ll tell you where to look in this guide.

Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock the Stone Mask

The Stone Mask may be discovered in the Inlaid Library, the second level of Vampire Survivors. This stage is not automatically unlocked; you must first complete the 20th level of the game’s first stage, Mad Forest. Reaching Level 20 is a result of mastering the game and leveling up your character, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Choose a character that fits your playstyle and start grinding.

When you reach Level 20, the Inlaid Library will open, and you may now go get the Stone Mask. When you first start the level, you’ll need to get to the far right. If you have the Garlic unlocked, this is a great moment to wear it since you’ll be rushing by a lot of foes on your path.

You’ll want to keep a careful watch on the top portion of the screen. Keep your eyes peeled for little alcoves in the bookcases, such as the one seen below. Before you discover the one with the Stone Mask, you’ll have to go through a bunch of these alcoves. It will float in the middle and have a tiny glow about it, making it difficult to overlook.


Simply run up to it and hit “Get” on the window that appears to collect it. Going forward, the Stone Mask will be part of your treasure pool. It may be raised up to level 5, after which it will reward you with a 50% gold boost. It may be utilized to develop one of the weapons, the Gatti Amari, into the Vicious Hunger, in addition to increasing gold input.

Check out our Vampire Survivors guidelines area if you’re interested in learning more about the numerous things to do or unlock in the game.

The “vampire survivors combinations” is a guide that will help you locate the locations of all the stone masks in Vampire Survivor.

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