After a few weeks of believing it was a fluke, Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Chris Godwin has really started to live up to the hype he’s received since being drafted in the second round a year ago. His breakout game boosting his star power to the highest level possible.

New England Patriots wide receiver Chris Godwin is used to being the underdog, but he’s not the underdog anymore. He’s now the underdog in his own mind. Godwin was a star at the University of Penn State, but he had plenty of doubters in the NFL.

Chris Godwin didn’t think Tom Brady had a chance to play in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey. When he heard the Buccaneers and Los Angeles Chargers were selected, he thought the quarterback would go back to California. Then he got a direct message on Instagram and thought it wasn’t real.

Tom Brady’s arrival to the Buccaneers was the icing on the cake for Chris Godwin

word-image-8918 word-image-8919 Tom Brady #12 and Chris Godwin #14 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers celebrate at the end of the second quarter against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game at Lambeau Field on the 24th. January 2021 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo: Stacy Revere/Getty Images) Like the rest of the NFL, the Buccaneers had a lot to live up to in 2020. The coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused devastation across the league. Not only did the Bucks have to deal with the pandemic, but they also had to make drastic personnel changes. Since there were very few personal training sessions, it was difficult for everyone to work together, especially with the new team. Godwin is entering his fourth year with the team. He and Mike Evans were one of the best wide receiver tandems in the NFL. Godwin just finished his first season of 1,000 yards with a record of 1,333 yards, catches (86) and touchdowns (9). Everything went well on the field. Off the field, it was just as good. He should get some money for his excellent season. He got engaged to his best friend. It was good. Could the situation be any better for Godwin? Yes, the Bucs snatched Brady from the New England Patriots for a two-year contract.

Chris Godwin shocked to receive a DM from Tom Brady

. This week, Godwin appeared as a guest columnist on Peter King’s Football Morning in America. He relived the moment he heard the Bucs had contracted Brady. Then I saw we were negotiating with Tom, Godwin wrote. I have a notification on my phone. But I still didn’t believe it. I went on Instagram to see if there was any more news about it. I saw the notification on the direct message. They said it was Tom Brady’s. He didn’t believe it was real. I am: No, no, no, no, no. It’s okay. That can’t be the real Tom, he wrote. Brady joked about Godwin playing for Penn State and congratulated him on his engagement. I just got engaged, Godwin said. And the greatest player of all time sends me a message on DM to congratulate me on my engagement and to say that he would love to play with me! It shocked me. I got drafted in Tampa, I never thought I’d get a chance to play with Tom Brady, and now at my peak, he’s going to be my quarterback.

Brady is very sensitive about Godwin meeting him in person

. Godwin didn’t know what to expect when he met Brady in person. The man with the best resume in the NFL has become the quarterback of the Buccaneers, but how will he fit in with his new teammates? One day, Godwin met him and other receivers at 7:15 a.m., not knowing what to expect. I approached him and he turned out to be the friendliest guy, Godwin recalls. For a man who has accomplished so much and is so highly regarded, he was humble and receptive to the thoughts and opinions of his new teammates. We helped him learn the game program and he was very receptive. I remember thinking: He is there to earn our respect, to show that he is there to work. Nobody gets anything. This message was received loud and clear. He never said anything like: Do as I say. It was really cool for me to see someone who had accomplished so much, worked as hard as he did, and yet was just a regular person who wanted to be one of the guys. Brady showed Godwin what it’s like to be a rookie, even after more than 20 years in the NFL. A strong relationship developed between the two, culminating in another Super Bowl. And it all started with the DM. COMPARED TO: Brett Favre reveals intimate conversation with Tom Brady before departure from New England

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