The Steelers have a deep bench, but their biggest strength is on the field. The team has been winning consistently for years with less-heralded players like James Harrison and Maurkice Pouncey. With Le’Veon Bell serving his four-game suspension, depth will be crucial if they want to keep up in this tough division.

The Steelers could turn to their deep bench off the field to assure their continued NFL success. The Steelers have a lot of young talent on the team, but there are also some veterans who can help lead this team. These players include Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, and Maurkice Pouncey. Read more in detail here: steelers news.

The Steelers Could Turn to Their Deep Bench off the Field to Assure Their Continued NFL Success

Already anticipating the retirement of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger this summer, the Pittsburgh Steelers must now prepare for another major departure in the coming months.

The thought of general manager Kevin Colbert stepping down is concerning for a team that prides itself on consistency in important roles. Fortunately for the Steelers’ owners, they may not have to seek far for a successor.

Kevin Colbert, the general manager of the Pittsburgh Steelers, is expected to step down this spring.

According to an NFL Network story, Pittsburgh Steelers vice president and general manager Kevin Colbert wants to retire after the 2022 NFL Draft. Colbert, 64, has been the general manager since 2010, although he has been the de facto leader since 2000, when he was named director of football operations.

His career is the essence of success, with a 226-124-3 record and Super Bowl victories against the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 40 and the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl 43.

Colbert has been working on one-year contracts in previous years and has implied his departure would coincide with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s retirement, so the timing of his possible departure isn’t entirely surprising. Roethlisberger, who came to Pittsburgh as the No. 11 overall selection choice in 2004 out of Miami, Ohio, has finished his 18th NFL regular season.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a strong bench in the front office.


Kevin-Colbert-Pittsburgh-Steelers-1-1024x714 On Sept. 30, 2019, Pittsburgh Steelers GM Kevin Colbert watches the game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Heinz Field. | Getty Images/Joe Sargent

If Kevin Colbert leaves the Pittsburgh Steelers after more than two decades in charge of personnel decisions, the organization will undertake a thorough search for a new general manager, which will involve following the Rooney Rule, which requires interviews with eligible minority applicants.

The fact that Colbert seems to aim to stay on to oversee the Steelers’ draft in 2022 gives the franchise more time to look elsewhere.

However, the Steelers have internal candidates who seem competent to take Colbert’s place, and there’s a good possibility Colbert will continue on as a VP or as an advisor. In that perspective, the future looks bright when contrasted to the choices the Steelers will have to make about how to replace Ben Roethlisberger at quarterback.

Omar Khan, the Steelers’ vice president of football and business administration, and Brandon Hunt, the team’s pro scouting coordinator, are two strong candidates for Colbert’s position.

Khan joined the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2001 after four years with the New Orleans Saints, and he is well-known in the NFL. In 2016, he was promoted to Vice President. Hunt has a leg up on the competition in terms of player personnel, having led the Steelers’ pro scouting program since 2010.

The franchise has always been known for its consistency.

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The first step towards replacing Kevin Colbert with the Pittsburgh Steelers should be to purchase rather than rent. When it comes to preserving consistency in crucial jobs, the Steelers are the best in the NFL.

For openers, since Art Rooney acquired the club in 1936, ownership has stayed in the family. Rooney was in charge of the front office until 1942, when John Holahan took over. Since 1951, the Steelers have only had five general managers, one of them being Dan Rooney for a short period in 1969-70.

That type of consistency is well-known among the team’s head coaches. From 1969 to 1991, Chuck Noll was in charge, followed by Bill Cowher from 1992 to 2006. Mike Tomlin has been in the post since 2007 and seems to have the option to remain until he chooses to go on his own terms.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers have a deep bench that is capable of filling in for injured starters. The team has been successful because they have had players that can step up when needed, and the same will likely be true this year. Reference: steelers message boards.

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