‘The People on Fox News Talk About Athletes That Way’

The most recent episode of The People on Fox News Talk About Athletes That Way was a bit different than all the previous episodes. With an interview with UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping, the show went from being somewhat humorous to serious in just two minutes.

“The People on Fox News Talk About Athletes That Way.” is a blog post that discusses how the media talks about athletes and how they are portrayed. The article focuses on the recent comments made by Fox News hosts in regards to Duke basketball player Grayson Allen, who was suspended for tripping an opponent during a game.

Former NBA player JJ Redick retired from the league before the 2021-22 season and currently works as a commentator for ESPN. Redick appears on the hot take morning discussion program First Take as part of his responsibilities at The Worldwide Leader. When criticizing Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green, the former Duke player and co-host Chris “Mad Dog” Russo got a little heated.

‘Mad Dog’ Chris The Golden State Warriors are not Russo’s favorite team. Green, Draymond

(L-R) Sports talk host Chris Russo, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green, and former NBA player and current ESPN analyst JJ Redick.

(L-R) Sports talk host Chris Russo, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green, and former NBA player and current ESPN analyst JJ Redick. Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM; Justin Ford/Getty Images; Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

When JJ Redick sat down on Wednesday’s broadcast of First Take, he informed Stephen A. Smith and Chris Russo, “You guys were extremely entertaining in that A block.” “That first portion was fantastic.”

“Did I not irritate you a little?” Russo inquired.

“We’ll get to it,” Redick said wryly.

The disagreement arose from Russo and Smith’s discussion of Memphis Grizzlies player Dillon Brooks’ harsh (dirty?) foul on Golden State Warriors’ Gary Payton II. Brooks was called out by Warriors coach Steve Kerr after the foul for breaching “the code.”

The following morning, Russo stated that, although he feels Kerr is correct, the coach doesn’t have a case to make with Draymond Green on his squad. Green kicking former Oklahoma City Thunder center Stephen Adams in the groin during the 2016 playoffs was mentioned by the Mad Dog as an example of Kerr’s player “stepping the line, too.”

When Redick joined the conversation later in the broadcast, Green was still a hot issue. Green had been elbowed in the eye region by Memphis’ Xavier Tillman the night before. As he walked off the floor to receive stitches, Grizzlies fans applauded.

The athlete replied to the fans with two middle fingers and was unapologetic after the game. “It felt so wonderful to flick ’em off,” Green remarked. He also said that he earns $25 million each year and is unconcerned about the NBA’s impending penalties.

Russo wasn’t having it and went after Green, saying, “He’s so hard to cheer for.”

Then came the four words that would send Redick off: “Shut up and play,” said the veteran New York City sports talk broadcaster.

Chris Russo’s statements did not sit well with JJ Redick. 

Stephen A. Smith went after Chris Russo first following his “shut up and play” remarks. He backed Draymond Green’s dissatisfaction with the booing supporters (although not Green flipping the birds). He also taunted Russo, saying that one of his favorite baseball players, Barry Bonds, was an annoying jerk at times, much like Green.

JJ Redick sat stone-faced the whole time, waiting his turn. Redick didn’t hold back on Russo when it was his time.

Redick turned to Russo and stated, “I want to take a little umbrage with’shut up and play.’” “Because that has the same implications toward sportsmen as the’shut up and dribble’ mob. And I have a serious issue with it.”

Redick then went after Russo, who is 62 years old. Green has a successful podcast and a talent agreement with Turner Broadcasting, according to Redick, demonstrating that people are interested in what he has to say. This is all because Green is “genuine, honest, and uncensored” both on and off the court, according to the sharpshooter.

While Russo acknowledged that some fans, particularly younger ones, are interested in hearing what Green has to say, he also said that “older fans, who have watched the NBA for 60 years” can’t tolerate the Warrior. He also added the qualifier that Green’s disdain from older supporters is “not a political or a racial problem.”

Redick wasn’t convinced.

Fans who dislike Draymond Green, according to Redick, are “older.” 

“Shut up and dribble!” says Laura Ingraham to LeBron and KD.

To Drew Brees: “He’s allowed to have an opinion.” 🧐 pic.twitter.com/PtEBHdPh7o

— Complex Sports (@ComplexSports) June 4, 2020

Chris Russo defended older fans who dislike Draymond Green by citing a number of Black players who were beloved by fans, including Wilt Chamberlain, Clyde Frazier, and Willis Reed.

JJ Redick was alright with removing race from the equation, but he wouldn’t admit that politics didn’t play a factor.

On this, I disagree with you. I’m not implying that it’s a racial issue. I believe you are referring to the supporters. That’s how they speak about athletes. As an example, you mentioned an athlete. That’s how Fox News folks speak about athletes. That is my problem. I don’t give a damn about the fans that came out to see Bob Cousy or Wilt play! I like their dedication to the NBA, but I don’t enjoy the overtones.

JJ Redick on Draymond Green’s detractors

After Redick’s diatribe, Stephen A. Smith, of all people, had to intervene and encourage him to “cool down.” “With Doggy, it’s not a racial issue,” Smith said, defending Mad Dog.

The First Take spokesman went on to add that he knows all sides of the argument. While he’s OK with hearing what most players have to say off the court these days (with the exception of Kyrie Irving), he understands how “old-school fans” value players’ on-court performance above their off-court comments.

Although cooler heads eventually won out, both Russo and Redick stuck to their convictions and agreed to differ on this divisive issue.

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