The Green Bay Packers have a number of needs heading into the 2018 NFL Draft, which will be held in Arlington, Texas on April 26, 2018. The team is looking to address a number of needs. They need to add another quarterback, a middle linebacker, a safety, a corner, a running back and a defensive end. They also need a replacement for longtime outside linebacker Clay Matthews, who is retiring.

The Green Bay Packers are on the hunt for a pay cut for their star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Packers are in negotiations with Rodgers’ agent to get the quarterback to accept a significant pay cut in order to facilitate what would be one of the biggest paydays of Rodgers’ career.

Aaron Rodgers is a free agent, and he’s apparently looking for a monster contract to stay with the Green Bay Packers. The team has the financial wherewithal to sign him and he’d be an instant favorite of Packer fans, but eventually every team has to choose whether to spend money on a star player or not, and if the Packers want to pay Rodgers he’ll have to be willing to take less money than he could make elsewhere.. Read more about packers news and let us know what you think.

Aaron Rodgers may not plan on playing for the Green Bay Packers again, but the reigning MVP may be forced to change his mind if the front office takes care of some important issues in the coming weeks.

If the Packers do their best to satisfy Rodgers’ No. 1 target, the star quarterback should reconsider his desire to leave. And if Rodgers wants to win a second Super Bowl ring before he retires, he’ll have to stay on the team with Davante Adams for at least another year.

Aaron Rodgers isn’t the only Packers player with an uncertain future

Derek Carr on Davante Adams’ desire to join the Raiders next year in free agency: I’m going to hire a lot of people. When the time comes, the pressure will be on.

– Matt Schneidman (@mattschneidman) June 28, 2021

The Rodgers-Adams duo dominated the 2020 season defensively at a truly exceptional level. The iconic Green Bay quarterback won his third NFL MVP award by completing 70.7 percent of his passes for 4,299 yards and scoring a league-high 48 touchdowns. Meanwhile, his leading receiver had 115 receptions in just 14 games.

Adams also led the league with 18 touchdown receptions.

Unfortunately for Packers fans, the chances seem slim that this tandem will set the secondary on fire for the eighth consecutive season – and that may be too weak a word.

Since Rodgers missed the voluntary activities and mandatory minicamp of the organized team, it has become clear that the Packers have a quarterback problem. General manager Brian Gutekunst, however, was determined not to sell one of the best players in franchise history. So even though Rodgers’ contract runs through the 2023 season, his future is uncertain.

While Adams has no problem with the administration, his upcoming Free Agency is becoming a distant memory. In December 2017, the four-time Pro Bowler signed a four-year, $58 million contract that makes him one of the highest-paid wide receivers in the league. After the most impressive season of his career, Adams should finally get another lucrative contract. But with Derek Carr openly talking about a reunion with his teammate, the Packers star may want to keep his options open.

Green Bay considering record move to retain Davante Adams

2. @WildeAndTausch Twitter poll:

Davante Adams will likely want to make $30 million a year to stay with the #Packersteam.

Would you want the Packers to keep Davante if he costs $30 million a year?

– ESPN Milwaukee (@ESPNMilwaukee) July 2, 2021

Will Adams continue to move to Green Bay after the 2021 season?

According to a report from Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, Packers fans can be sure that one of the league’s best receivers will be covering Lambo Field for years to come.

During his appearance Thursday at SportsCenter, Fowler gave important information about Adams’ contract situation. And it’s not like the Packers are putting money on the road to continue a good thing.

Davante Adams and the Packers should try to negotiate a contract extension, Fowler said, per Bleacher Report. At some point, he’ll probably be the highest paid catcher in the league. Most experts think he’s the best at that position right now. So he’s a priority for the Packers, whether Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback or Jordan Love.

DeAndre Hopkins currently leads all receivers with an average annual salary of $27.25 million. Julio Jones follows in second place with $22 million. According to Fowler’s report, the Packers apparently plan to pay Adams between $28 and $30 million per year, which is an astronomical amount for a non-quarterback. Making such financial commitments can be confusing, but should be seen as a positive development on many levels.

In addition to doing the right thing for Adams and making sure he remains the focal point of the passing game, signing Rodgers to a record-breaking contract will show how much the Packers value its most reliable target. And if No. 12 wants a ring for No. 2, he has to get back to Green Bay before it’s too late.

Adams’ departure should persuade Rodgers to return for a chance at the Super Bowl

Green Bay Packers teammates Aaron Rodgers, left, and Davante Adams, right, celebrate a touchdown against the Philadelphia Eagles. | Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If the Packers sign Adams to a record-breaking contract in the coming weeks, that should open Rodgers’ eyes to the reality of the situation. His best chance to win another Super Bowl doesn’t involve the departure of one of the NFL’s strongest playmakers. Would he have won the MVP award last year without Adams on the roster?

Instead of kicking the Packers to the curb, Rodgers should see the more than $100 million investment in Adams as a reason to return. As much as he hates Gutekunst, the 37-year-old signal-caller can’t replace the chemistry he has with his favorite target. At his age, it doesn’t make sense to start from scratch with a new group of receivers. Why not use Adams, Aaron Jones, Robert Tinian and the rest of Green Bay’s veterans as running backs?

And if Adams signs a long-term contract, Rodgers could be motivated to stay with the team long-term. He could seek a contract extension that would make him the highest paid player at his position, at least in terms of average annual salary. This allows him to continue working with Adams until he wants to retire and focus on continuing Jeopardy!

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COMPARED TO: Aaron Rodgers may have to admit that Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst knows what he’s doing after all.Green Bay’s NFL team reportedly is planning on making a record-setting contract offer to newly-crowned MVP Aaron Rodgers. This is what they are willing to do to get Rodgers back:. Read more about aaron rodgers news update and let us know what you think.

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