The Orioles Signed Chris Davis to a Crippling $161 Million Contract, and It’s Going to Get Worse

According to the numbers, Chris Davis just signed a contract that will cure a lot of ill feelings over the Orioles’ failure to deliver on promises made to him over the past three seasons.

Chris Davis’ contract with the Orioles was finalized last month, just before the start of the first full month of the baseball season. The deal is the worst in baseball history. Davis will turn 30 in March, and he’s owed more than $55 million of the $161 million over six years. The numbers are so high that it’s easy to think Davis is getting paid like a star player, even though he’s a first baseman who’s been a below-average hitter for the past few seasons.

Last month, the Orioles shocked the baseball world by signing the biggest free agent contract in franchise history (so far), signing three-time All Star first baseman Chris Davis to a seven year, $161 million contract. That contract was the Orioles’ third largest in team history, and their first ever player contract that exceeded $100 million. While Davis has never been one of the best players in the Major League, he’s been an above average hitter over the last four years, and he’s coming off of his most productive year by far.

Chris Davis, a power-hitting first baseman, announced his retirement on August 12 after a 13-year career in the major leagues. 

Davis was a long-time member of the Baltimore Orioles who began his career with the Texas Rangers. His time with the Orioles will be remembered as one of the worst in franchise history. When he originally joined Baltimore, he was vastly overpaid (with a contract that contains devastating deferred money), and he never acquired a feeling of consistency at the plate.

After spending the majority of the previous two seasons on the disabled list due to a hip issue, Orioles fans all around the country probably breathed a sigh of relief when Davis announced his retirement.

Unfortunately for those fans and the entire Orioles organization, that crushing deal isn’t going away anytime soon.

Chris Davis signed a seven-year, $161 million deal that includes deferred money until 2037.

When negotiating a contract extension with Davis in 2016, the Orioles’ front staff had to heavily rely on deferred money, as is usual of a smaller market team. 

The lefty slugger was coming off a league-leading 47 home run season in 2015 and was seeking for a big contract to stay with the Orioles. Davis had also led the major leagues in home runs (53) and RBIs (138) just a few years previously, thus he had every right to ask Baltimore for a large sum of money.

Davis is/was represented by controversial MLB agent Scott Boras, which is worth noting. He has a method of ensuring that his players are always paid well.

The Baltimore Orioles will continue to pay until 2037.


Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles. Jim McIsaac/Getty Images | Chris Davis

Davis signed a seven-year, $161 million contract with the Orioles, which includes deferred money that will be paid out until 2037.

Yes, you read that right – until 2037.

Baltimore will pay annual installments ranging from $9.16 million to $1.4 million until Davis reaches the age of 51, according to The entire amount owing to Davis is estimated to be around $59 million. His retirement gives the Orioles and their supporters a false sense of “freedom,” but the truth is that their obligation to Davis has just just begun.

The Orioles will have to get used to slipping a few million dollars Davis’ way once a year, similar to how the New York Mets are required to make yearly payments to Bobby Banilla.

Chris Davis had a number of outstanding years to his credit.

Davis will be known largely for this terrible contract and his poor last years with Baltimore (he even had a 54-game hitless stretch in 2019), but the power-hitting first baseman did have some notable seasons.

Davis finished third in the AL MVP voting in 2013 with a 1.004 OPS, and he finished 14th in 2015 with a.923 OPS. Davis’ main flaw was his unreliability. He was one of the best sluggers on the globe when he was firing on all cylinders. However, he had a habit of following up MVP-caliber seasons with seasons in which his OPS dropped into the.700s.

Davis’ final three seasons with the Orioles were particularly dismal, with hitting averages below.200 in 2018, 2019, and 2020. That doesn’t change the fact that he finished his MLB career with 295 home runs. Regardless of how terrible he was at times, that was an incredible total.

The Orioles, on the other hand, are unlikely to be concerned about Davis’ glory days. They’re obligated to pay him for the next 16 years, severely limiting an already cash-strapped front office.

Baseball Reference provided all stats.

Trea Turner chastised the Nationals for not offering him a contract extension prior to his trade to the Dodgers: ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words,’ as the saying goes.

According to , the Orioles just signed Chris Davis to a 5-year contract worth $161,000,000. On the surface, this might appear to be a major coup for the team. But upon close inspection, it’s not.. Read more about when did chris davis sign his contract and let us know what you think.

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