The NFL is a multi-billion dollar industry. It’s not surprising that the league needed to make some changes after its players started kneeling during the National Anthem.

The league of nations purpose is a quote from the movie The League Needed the Money. It was said by Chris Rock.

Sports have provided us with some of history’s most inspiring moments. They’ve also been the scene of a number of high-profile controversies. The 1984 NBA Finals, according to basketball legend Larry Bird, may have been one of the latter. 

The legendary game between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers took place almost 40 years ago. With David Stern just assuming the position of commissioner, the league was in turmoil. Fans will be enthralled by the drama and excitement of a close Game 7. Would Stern, on the other hand, go so far as to order authorities to make it happen? 

In the 1984 NBA finals, the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers faced off.

When the Celtics and Lakers met in the 1984 NBA Finals, both teams’ legacy was on the line. Boston had won the championship in 1981, and LA had responded in 1982 with a victory of their own. 

The Celtics were granted home-court advantage because of their superior record, but it didn’t appear to help. The Lakers were in command of the series. In Game 2, the Celtics won by a single point after a steal forced overtime. The Lakers, on the other hand, responded with a decisive victory the very following game.

Larry Bird, one of the Celtics’ most recognized faces and one of the club’s driving powers, called his own squad “soft.” Game 4 had a lot riding on it for Boston, that’s fair to say. The series would be over quickly if they didn’t recover some momentum. They were victorious, and Game 5 began with a 2-2 draw in the series.

Game 5 was held in Boston once again. Some of the players struggled in the scorching heat, but Bird seemed unaffected. The Celtics were forced to return to the road after winning Game 5, giving them a series lead and sending them to Game 6. This is when, according to Bird, things took an intriguing turn. 

Game 6 was allegedly fixed, according to Larry Bird.

Boston Celtics forward Larry Bird shoots a free throw during a game

Boston Celtics forward Larry Bird shoots a free throw during a game Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics makes a free shot in 1984 | Bettmann/Contributor

“For pure prolonged thrills, suspense, excellent play, and drama, no championship series that I have seen can equal the 1984 title series, which really surpassed the anticipation and build-up, a rarity in championship round sports,” writes the Celtics Blog in hindsight. It’s conceivable, though, that it received some malicious assistance in achieving such theatrical flair. 

Basketbawful dug through journalistic archives to look into claims that Bird believed Game 6 was manipulated to assist the Lakers win. An old Boston Globe newspaper footage eventually surfaced, and it did make such a recommendation. “Stern informed a fan that the NBA required a seven-game series because it was short on cash. “You know it’s going to be difficult when the commissioner makes a remark like that to a fan,” the publication cites Bird as saying. 

Of course, the inference was that Stern pushed his weight about to guarantee the Lakers won and the series went to a nail-biting, money-making Game 7. In the end, the Lakers triumphed. It occurred in a dramatic shift late in the game that some believe was aided by referees who seemed to be favoring the Lakers.

Game 7 was a thrilling experience for Celtics and Lakers fans alike.

Bird’s allegations elicited no response from Stern. Regardless of whether he had a role in the result, he had to be thrilled to see the series continue to Game 7. Furthermore, the last game was very exciting. 

The back-and-forth kept both teams within striking distance until the final seconds, but when the Celtics triumphed, Bird was ready to celebrate. He hitchhiked to a pub to celebrate his victory against Magic Johnson before heading out for a run to begin training for the upcoming season. 

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