As the season comes to an end and the NFL playoffs continue, there is a lot of talk about who the best teams are in the league. While the argument over who the best team is will continue to go on for a long time, we can all agree that the NFL is the best league in the world. I am going to go out on a limb and say that the best thing about the NFL is how much more intense and competitive these games are compared to the NBA or the MLB. Both the NFL and the NBA are so much more popular because of the fans and the culture that surrounds them, but the NFL is truly the best in the world.

Over the past few months we have seen some of the top quarterbacks in the NFL (such as Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan) put up some absolutely amazing numbers. While this is great for the league, it isn’t that impressive since most of these guys are very good already. However, there are a select few that are showing absurd numbers that are completely out of the norm.

There have been many great players in the NFL, but the best of the best are on a completely different level from the rest. There are some that are considered to be great, but never reach the pinnacle of greatness, and some that are considered good, but never become exceptional. And then there are the ones that are “great” and “exceptional”, but also totally different levels of greatness.. Read more about average size of nfl player over the years and let us know what you think.

The “best in the NFL” is notoriously tough to identify in an industry that often depends on talks of the greatest to ever do it. Every NFL fan and commentator searches for something different when it comes to the NFL’s finest, from the top coaching to Cinderella Super Bowl runs.

As a result, it’s less about proving who’s the best and more about breaking down the barriers to success on football’s biggest stages.


Ironically, the greatest Super Bowl squad in history may have dropped the ball when it counted the most. With an 18-0 record coming into Super Bowl XLII, the New England Patriots were pursuing history. It took a courageous effort by Eli Manning and company to demonstrate how harsh the NFL can be with Tom Brady passing the ball and Randy Moss running it. 

It’s difficult to place a premium on teams who have had the greatest season success in addition to Super Bowl victories. But it seems unjust to take the championship away from the 1972 Dolphins, who went 14-0 and didn’t have the same problems as Brady’s Patriots. Others may point to dynasties like the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys of the 1980s and 1990s, who alternated pummeling opponents on way to many victories. 

The greatest Super Bowl teams are as endless as the number of wins, from Cinderella teams like Mahomes’ Chiefs to the Patriots, Steelers, 49ers, and Cowboys, whose depth of experience over multiple eras makes them perennial favorites to return. When it comes to determining a game’s supremacy, it’s sometimes better to look at the game itself. 


Finding the greatest Super Bowl performance, as the NFL attempted, may be the most subjective aspect of the search for excellence. If you ask a 49ers fan, their 55-10 thrashing of the Broncos in Super Bowl XXIV may not have been the most exciting game in history, but the way they humiliated John Elway and the rest of the team is evidence enough of Montana and his teammates’ goodness.  

Others may consider the greatest Super Bowl to be teams who were not heavily expected to win but prevailed in the face of adversity. Sure, Eli Manning’s Giants were never all-time greats in the NFL, but beating an unbeaten juggernaut and then defeating them again a few years later is one of the most remarkable underdog accomplishments in the league’s history. It’s possible that Mahomes’ Chiefs will accomplish the same thing against the 49ers in 2020. 

The Super Bowl XIII matchup between the Steelers and the championship-regular Cowboys, as well as the St. Louis Rams making Kurt Warner a household name by winning by inches, are both classic games. Year after year, Super Bowl victory is fantastic, but the criteria for excellence are as varied as the methods to win. All it takes from time to time is a leader who can make the most of a bad situation from the sidelines. 

The most successful NFL coaches 

January 13, 1974: One of my favorite Super Bowl scenes. The Super Bowl VIII teams lining up — the Dolphins (coach Don Shula in the suit) & Vikings ready to get on the Rice Stadium field in Houston.

January 13, 2018 Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell)

Coaches in the NFL have taken many routes to success. Bill Belichick makes up for his lack of people skills and connections with other coaches by his ability to get the most out of any squad, regardless of age or talent. Tom Landry guided the Cowboys through good times and bad on their way to become America’s Team, while Vince Lombardi’s accomplishments before the Super Bowl etched his name into the trophy for all time. 

Don Shula of the Dolphins and Bill Walsh of the 49ers not only coached dynasties that lasted many years, but they also did it with a constantly shifting roster of players. Tony Dungy, on the other hand, had tremendous success with a variety of clubs and is generally credited with helping Jon Gruden win the Super Bowl the year after he left Tampa Bay. He went on to win with the Indianapolis Colts. 

Hundreds of teams, coaches, and players may be the greatest at different things, but determining an objective method to evaluate them can be difficult. It simply goes to show how important it is to be a part of the discussion, but the criteria for getting there is a difficult jigsaw to solve; many parts fit in many different ways. 

No. 1 selections in the NFL

According to Sporting News, it’s simple to select the greatest based on what occurs throughout an NFL career. It’s more difficult to recall how they began. While No. 1 choices who go on to be failures are often remembered in NFL history, picks who live up to the anticipation are typically overlooked due to their ability to live up to the promise.

Frequently, the No. 1 selection is the best quarterback available. As a result, when Peyton Manning was chosen by the Indianapolis Colts in 1998, all he had to do was throw the ball to his receivers to cement his reputation as a good choice. Instead, he turned the Colts into one of the league’s top teams. When the club moved on to Andrew Luck, he repeated the feat with the Denver Broncos, earning him a place in’s Top 100 quarterbacks.

John Elway moved from the Colts to the Broncos as well, but only after the latter had chosen him. If they didn’t move him, the quarterback threatened not to play. As a result, the Broncos have been one of the NFL’s most consistent competitors for well over a decade. Terry Bradshaw was a collegiate football great who became much larger with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Meanwhile, Troy Aikman demonstrated that winning and individual statistics do not necessarily equate to Super Bowl triumph. 

Bruce Smith took a different approach. Smith, a defensive standout in college, was never going to receive the same attention as Peyton. But it didn’t stop him from proving his value by becoming the Bills’ all-time sack leader while also boosting the team’s historic defense. Orlando Pace proved his value as the uncommon No. 1 offensive guard to be selected first overall and still perform as expected.

The first round selections in the NFL draft

If early draft selections are held to a higher standard than the typical player, late-round picks have unique challenges. Late-round selections are fortunate to get into the NFL since they sometimes have a shady reputation or a collegiate record that did not impress NFL scouts. Many of the best selections in history, on the other hand, didn’t even come in the first half of the draft. 

Tom Brady’s illustrious career began when his unremarkable undergraduate career was followed by a surprising sixth-round selection following a disappointing Draft Combine. Brady, on the other hand, was the latest in a long series of draft choices — from Jim Brown to Jerry Rice and Joe Montana — who established their value not because of where they were selected, but because of it. Bart Starr, a five-time Super Bowl champion, waited an incredible 17 rounds before hearing his name, for example.

It is more essential to pick properly than to draft first. Many of history’s most famous figures are proof of this. However, the loaded draft classes they choose may occasionally assist the clubs in locating these gems in the rough. 

The best draft classes in the NFL

There are several drafts that are completely loaded. Aside from Elway, the 1983 NFL Draft demonstrates the importance of understanding a player’s value beyond the first few selections. Fans were treated to eight Hall of Famers in this class, including Elway, Jim Kelly, and Dan Marino, as well as three dozen additional Pro Bowlers. Howie Long, Mike Singletary, and Lawrence Taylor shone with four other Hall of Famers and 33 Pro Bowlers only two years ago. 

The NFL Draft of 2004 was too recent to be measured in terms of Hall of Fame speeches. Even yet, with 30 Pro Bowlers and many certain Hall of Famers like as Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning, it should age nicely when the remaining players finish their careers. It’s not about one superstar or squad when it comes to creating a winning culture. As a result, understanding who is available at particular football positions is more essential than obtaining that first-round selection. Every round has NFL talent. Knowing who best matches one’s potential to make one’s future goals a reality is the greatest thing one can do. 

The best quarterbacks in the NFL

Leonard Fournette and Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers celebrate after a touchdown

Leonard Fournette and Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers celebrate after a touchdown Tom Brady of the Buccaneers with running back Leonard Fournette | Getty Images/Dylan Buell

Tom Brady is at the top of any ranking of the best NFL quarterbacks in recent memory. Other quarterbacks may be argued for, but none come close to the superstar’s two-decade domination. The 44-year-old has seven Super Bowl rings, five of which he won as MVP, and a record of brilliance that belies his age. But it doesn’t imply he’s the only one. 

Aaron Rodgers may only win one Super Bowl in his career. Despite his lack of rings, his individual supremacy at the position and ability to lead his team to the ultimate objective have given him a comparable amount of longevity. Of course, any discussion of Brady must also include Peyton Manning’s legacy, which may surpass Brady in terms of individual performances despite his lack of rings. 

The greatest quarterback in the NFL is in the eye of the beholder, from Brett Favre’s brief reign with the Packers to the newer crop of superstars like Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson. Meanwhile, despite playing in a different era, older fans will continue to support Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, Dan Marino, and Troy Aikman. 

Furthermore, the title of greatest-of-all-time may be skewed unjustly in a quarterback’s favor. Other football positions, such as center, may potentially have just as much effect without having the ball in their hands. 

NFL’s best centers

NFL quarterbacks are the public face of the offense and, in some cases, the whole club. A strong center, on the other hand, may help his team get to the top of the rankings despite a poor quarterback. This is why NFL scouts like Erik McCoy, Ben Jones, Jason Kelce, JC Tretter, Ryan Kelly, and Rodney Hudson. Although the offensive receives the glory, the defense is the one who wins. However, as Gil Brandt’s nostalgic look at the best centers of all time on reveals, many honors belong to previous periods. 

The increase in how leagues market its players, coupled with the development of social media, has rendered superstar centers like Jim Otto obsolete. Any list of all-time centers is likely to include players who were born before the current generation of talent. While Jim Ringo and Dermontti Dawson were products of their day, their influence should not be overlooked.

Being the defensive center comes with a lot of choices. While casual viewers may never see a player’s debut, it’s no surprise that NFL quarterbacks often compensate their defenders for enabling them to demonstrate such power with the ball. The unassuming MVP, the center, exemplifies the disparity in attitude between great quarterbacks and the rest of the team. It’s also why many of the NFL’s most famous players didn’t play quarterback.

The most famous players in the NFL

Brady, Manning, Starr, Joe Namath, Aiken, Elway, and many younger quarterbacks were featured in 247 Sports’ list of the best NFL players. But it doesn’t imply they were the most famous. On and off the field, Michael Vick’s career has become a complex combination of good and evil. For a while, he was unquestionably the face of the league for a generation of football fans who admired his approach to the position. 

Randy Moss and Terrell Owens, for example, may not have been universally adored. However, whatever they did on and off the field was met with a media frenzy. Bo Jackson’s brief career established him as one of the best athletes of all time, while Lawrence Taylor demonstrated that winning the MVP was not dependent on scoring. 

Younger players such as Mahomes and Jackson may one day achieve this kind of celebrity. However, the most important element in achieving an all-time position is typically time. Russell Wilson and Drew Brees, who aren’t yet superstars, have what it takes to win, but many see it as a race to the top.

Being the greatest of the best, whatever the case may be, is not an easy road to navigate. Every statistic and victory that goes your way demonstrates that someone else is also invested in the claim. 

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the NFL is a league that is dominated by the most productive players, and now it’s a league that’s dominated by the newest rookies, who are just as productive as the veterans.. Read more about average nfl wr weight and let us know what you think.

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