A new season occurs every year. All the hard work and preparation that goes into a football season is about to culminate in one final game – the Super Bowl, where all eyes will be on two teams fighting for their spot atop of an otherwise forgettable NFL Season. However, this isn’t just any pair of teams playing against each other; it’s Tom Brady vs Bill Belichick
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The “I knew I loved you then but you’ve never known” is an article about a woman who fell in love with her husband through his music. The story is told through the lyrics of one of his songs, which she was listening to when she first met him.

‘That’s When I Knew I Had Him’

Larry Bird is a basketball legend in Indiana. Instead of playing for the Indiana Hoosiers under Hall of Fame coach Bob Knight, Larry Legend wound up at Indiana State.

Of course, The Hick From French Lick has become associated with the Sycamores by this time. The rivalry between Larry Bird’s powder blues and Magic Johnson’s emerald greens is as legendary as any in collegiate basketball history.

But how did one of the greatest basketball players ever wind up in Terre Haut, Indiana?

Larry Bird started his undergraduate career at Indiana University, where he was teammates with Bob Knight.

The Legend was a member of the Springs Valley High School football team in French Lick. According to Biography.com, he was the school’s all-time top scorer by the time he graduated.

Bird, who attended in Bloomington, received a scholarship from Knight. He departed soon after, though, and returned home without a solid college basketball strategy.

According to IndyStar, at the age of 18, the future Hall of Famer was back in French Lick working as a trash truck driver and getting his basketball fix by playing against the kitchen workers of a neighboring resort.

A “down on his luck” college basketball coach named Bill Hodges happened to be observing the game from behind some bushes as Bird (supposedly) crushed a slew of cooks and waiters.

Hodges had an epiphany: he could transform his career if he could persuade Larry Bird to play college basketball for him. (Or, as Hodges put it, “rescue it”).

With one sentence, Bill Hodges convinced Bird to commit to Indiana State.

Larry Bird's stats at Indiana State will never be broken as he shakes hands with head coach Bill Hodges.

Larry Bird's stats at Indiana State will never be broken as he shakes hands with head coach Bill Hodges. After the Sycamores’ 75-64 loss to Michigan State in the NCAA Championship game, Indiana State player Larry Bird receives a handshake of sorrow from head coach Bill Hodges.

Hodges’ coaching career, according to The Star, was in risk. He was, however, from Zionsville, Indiana, a little town that is comparable to French Lick. So he returned home and approached then-Sycamores head coach Bob King with a plan to rescue his career with a huge swing.

Bird was the name of the swing.

Hodges, on the other hand, fell into difficulty very immediately. The residents of French Lick were fiercely protective of their basketball hero, making it difficult for the coach to approach Larry for a talk.

But finally, Hodges and Bird struck up a conversation, and the 6-foot-9 forward told his future coach about the “greatest player he had ever seen in high school,” who never went on to play college ball and was now forgotten.

According to The Star and director Patrick Wood, who is working on a film about the tale, that’s when the light bulb went out in Hodges’ mind.

“Bill looked Larry in the eyes,” Wood stated, repeating Hodges’ statement. ‘Larry, you don’t go to college? ‘That’s precisely what people will say about you,’ Bill added as Larry stared at him, and he thought to himself, ‘That’s when I knew I had him.’”

Hodges gave Bird time to consider what he’d said before returning two days later.

Yes, Bird confirmed. Yes, he’d be a part of the Indiana State football team.

The tale of how Larry Bird came to Indiana State University thanks to Bill Hodges.

As a result, the legend started.

Bird’s basketball career got off to a strong start at Indiana State.

With the Sycamores, the three-time NBA champion appeared in 94 games. Larry Bird’s undergraduate statistics were as impressive as his mustache: he averaged more than 30 points and 13 rebounds each game.

Bird and his teammates were unbeaten throughout the 1978-79 season under Hodges’ supervision, advancing to meet Magic and his Spartans.

Larry’s lone defeat that season came in the now-famous game, but he made up for it by scoring over 22,00 points in his career with the Boston Celtics. He was named to ten NBA All-Star teams, won three MVP awards, and even beat Lyndon Johnson for the Rookie of the Year award in 1979-80.

However, it all started in Terre Haute. It wouldn’t have even gotten that far if Hodges hadn’t played to Bird’s aggressiveness.

Basketball Reference provided all statistics.

Larry Bird’s Legendary Jump Shot Began With a Lesson From His Sixth-Grade Coach: ‘That, to Me, Changed Everything’ RELATED: Larry Bird’s Legendary Jump Shot Began With a Lesson From His Sixth-Grade Coach: ‘That, to Me, Changed Everything’



Morgan Stanley’s investment funds have extended their exposure to Bitcoin by purchasing shares in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust.

According to SEC documents released on Tuesday, the Morgan Stanley Insight Fund grew its holdings in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, or GBTC, by more than 63 percent, from 928,051 shares in the second quarter of 2021 to 1,520,549 shares as of Sept. 30. Furthermore, according to documents on the firm’s Growth Portfolio, it had 3,642,118 GBTC shares in the third quarter of 2021, up 71 percent from 2,130,153 shares in Q2. In three months, the Morgan Stanley Global Opportunity Portfolio owned 1,463,714 GBTC, up 59 percent from 919,805 shares.

The price of GBTC is $45.72 at the time of writing, giving the investment bank a total exposure to Bitcoin (BTC) of $303 million with 6,626,381 shares as of Sept. 30. For all of September, the BTC price remained below $50,000, but the crypto currency has since risen to an all-time high of $69,000 before falling down to the $56,000s.

Morgan Stanley may obtain exposure to Bitcoin (BTC) via the corresponding portfolios and funds without investing directly in the cryptocurrency. The firm’s Europe Opportunity Fund, which invests in established and rising firms throughout Europe, has more than quadrupled its shares of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust since April, according to Cointelegraph. However, at the time of publishing, the fund had not disclosed any further BTC exposure.

Grayscale teases intentions to turn Bitcoin trust into a BTC-settled exchange-traded fund

Morgan Stanley seems to be sinking its toes further into the crypto industry, whether via Grayscale or through financing blockchain platforms. The business said in September that it will establish a crypto-focused research section to investigate the “increasing importance of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets in global markets.”

This is an edited extract from Amanda Jordan’s free ‘How to Perform Local SEO Audits for Multi-location Businesses’ course in SagaReach Academy’s ‘Elements to Audit and Why’ lesson. 

A complete local SEO assessment is required to develop a solid SEO strategy for any multi-location firm. This audit will show you where your company is succeeding and where it is failing in local search. This will assist you in developing a successful plan that will enable your company to concentrate its efforts in all of the appropriate areas. 

You must first understand what to evaluate and why before you can execute a local SEO audit. Multiple aspects of my local SEO audits concentrate on the many concepts that influence rankings, as well as those that have the potential to convert searchers into buyers. 

The following are some of the sections: 

  • Review of a Google Business Profile
  • An evaluation of your internet reputation  
  • An examination of the landing pages for Google Business Profiles
  • Checking and keeping track of citations 
  • An examination of backlinks

While the importance of each of these acts is debatable, local SEO experts usually agree that they all have an influence on rankings.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Listing of Google Business Profiles

Google Business Profile (previously known as Google My Business) is the number one ranking factor for the Local Pack, according to a recent Whitespark poll. This implies that all ranking variables are built on the basis of a Google Business Profile (GBP) profile. After all, without a GBP listing, you can’t rank on Google Maps. 

Top Local ranking factors Survey 2020

Google Reviews, company categories, and business qualities are just a few of the features of a Google Business Profile that have an influence on your ability to rank or convert. For a local SEO audit, understanding how well a client’s GBP listing is doing is crucial.

Online Reputation Management

Reviews are the second most essential element for ranking in the Local Pack, according to the Whitespark poll. This implies that customer evaluations on Google that include keywords related to your client’s goods or services are crucial to their search ranking. 

Top local ranking factors survey

Conversions are highly dependent on your client’s total web reputation. This implies you should be aware of search results for your client’s reputation across all platforms. For instance, “reviews of business x,” “is x a good company,” and “reviews of firm x.”

Landing Page for Google’s Business Profile

A company may include a link to their website in its GBP entry. The material on this site has the potential to influence Google Maps and organic search results rankings. As a result, it’s critical to understand how effectively the site is optimized for your client’s most crucial items and services.

On this page, you should also have a clear distinct value proposition and conversion opportunity. Additionally, make certain that searchers have access to the information they want in order to persuade them to select your client over a competition. The page should respond to the following questions:

  • What is the nature of the product and/or service?
  • Why should I select this business above others?
  • What is the best way for me to get in touch with this company?
  • Can I put my faith in this company?
  • What resources can I use to learn more?


Citations are internet references of your client’s business name, address, and phone number, for those of you who are unfamiliar. This may be found in social media listings and directories, but it can also be found anyplace online where this information is displayed.

In Google Business Profile, third-party data is often used. When data on directory listings and third-party websites is erroneous, Google may retrieve false information about a company. As a result, it’s critical to double-check that your client’s information is valid everywhere in case a searcher comes across the company on a third-party website. 

The amount and quality of citations are regarded to have a substantial relationship with rankings. Citations often include connections to your client’s website, which may be incredibly beneficial to firms seeking link building assistance.

You’ll need to keep track of the company’s citations for your audit. This is so you can see where it’s mentioned and how accurate the information is there. You’ll also want to figure out which citations the top rivals have that this company doesn’t, so it can improve its ranking.  

Backlinks are links from other websites to a client’s website. While link building isn’t necessarily considered a local SEO’s responsibility, there are methods to leverage your local SEO knowledge to identify backlink chances.

Backlinks are incredibly significant and should be included in a local SEO audit since they aid enhance ranks in organic results as well as in Google Maps. 

To provide your customer backlink suggestions and assist them narrow the gap on their rivals, you’ll need to know what backlinks they currently have and what backlinks their competitors have. 

Do you want to know how to audit each of these factors for a multi-location company? Enroll in Amanda’s free ‘How to Perform Local SEO Audits for Multi-location Businesses’ course at SagaReach Academy.

Amanda Jordan

Amanda Jordan has worked in SEO for over 10 years, specializing in competitive markets for small businesses and large corporations. Her background is mostly in the agency world, where she has assisted firms in the legal, financial, and healthcare sectors. Amanda also appears on podcasts and speaks at online conferences on a regular basis.

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