The Tales of Arise Owl Locations Guide will help you find all the Owls in the game. There are a total of ten different locations that can be found throughout the world.

The tales of arise release date is a game for the Nintendo Switch. It was released on November 16, 2018.

The locations of Tales of Arise owls may seem frivolous at first, but finding them is your key to new outfits and an unique Rinwell title.

Before Rinwell arrives, you’ll come across a few owls, and although their exaggerated hooting noises warn you to their existence, they may be tough to detect in certain instances. If you approach a location where an owl is present, Hootle appears and makes noises, and he flies about your head as you go closer.

Finding these animals is worthwhile since each one rewards you with a new accessory, such as spectacles, fox tails, or flower decorations. The king of the owls rewards you with alternative colors for each character’s armor at key milestones, including a copper version of Alphen’s Sincleaver outfit.

It’s still worth the trip if you don’t mind converting Dahna’s heroes into bespectacled cats and bunnies. In Arise, titles provide characters additional powers and passive boosts, and boosting Rinwell’s strength is always a good thing.

Owls of Calaglia

Sandinus Ravine Owl is a species of owl that lives in the Sand



This will most likely be the first one you come across. Outside of Ulzebek, it’s right off the train lines.

Ulzebek Owl Ulzebek Owl Ulzebek Owl Ulze



This one is on the top of Zephyr’s gathering spot in Ulzebek.

Iglia Wastes Owl is a fictional character created by Iglia.



To get to this one, you’ll have to put in some effort. There’s only one way to get there, and it’s clogged with Zeugles. Nonetheless, the bosses in Arise offer a considerable increase in toughness, so a little leveling up before your first major encounter won’t hurt.

Mosgul Owl is a kind of owl found in



After encountering Shionne, you’ll return to Mosgul. When you’re ready, go up the stairs across from Doc and look for this owl.

Owl from the Trench of Flames



This one may be found inside the destroyed home close to where the Crimson Crows are keeping the Renans back.

The Owl of Balseph’s Castle


It’s difficult to overlook this one. A flock of hens may be found beneath some clotheslines on the third level of Balseph’s castle. The impostor among them is an owl.

Owl of the Larceda Cliffs



Don’t get too excited about leaving Calaglia yet. One may be found across from the campground, near the grotto, in a little nook.

Owls of the Cyslodia genus

Plains Owl, White Silver



For this one, Hootle sounds the alarm early, but you won’t see it until you reach the far end of the field outside of town.

Owl Messia 224



This one may be found next to Messia’s task giver. Look find the feathery skulker in the basket behind some packages and a wagon. 

Owls of the Nevira Snowplains


This one is in the rocky lane to the right of the Nevira campground. Finding it is what unlocks the Owl Forest, thus it’s more of a narrative mission than an optional owl.

A second owl may be seen on the plains.



On the tiny island across from the treasure box, this one is seeking refuge. It’s surrounded by zeugles, so either flee quickly or prepare your group for battle.

Owl of Cysloden



Cysloden’s bird may be found at the alley bazaar. Examine the area beyond the stall, next to the little lake.

Owl at the Riville Prison Tower


The only difficulty in locating this one is getting to the room where it resides. It’s on the second floor’s far end, beyond all the guards.

Owl of the Frozen Valley



This one is similarly difficult to overlook. A repeating mission with a fake gourmet and the Frozen Valley owl may be found just before the bridge near the campground. Make sure to begin the quest as well, since you’ll be rewarded with a useful recipe for your effort.

Owls of Elde Menancia

Highway Owl Traslida



Instead of going into the Traslida road, explore a bit farther ahead of the campground. At the end of the trail, you’ll find your hibiscus-wearing owl pal.



It’s easy to overlook this little fella on Traslida Highway since there’s so much to see. When you’re ready, go to the wheat fields near the Dahnan village and gaze down. It’s indistinguishable from the surrounding vegetation. 

Plain Owl Tietal



The Tietal Plain is located next to the Traslida Highway campground. You don’t have to stay here for long, but you may as well look for the bird while you’re here.

Owl Viscint



Because it’s hidden behind the stall counter, it’s a little difficult to locate at first.

Owl on Talka Pond Road



This is a simple one. After leaving Viscint, turn right and gaze up at the wall.

Owls of Mahag Saar

Niez Owl



This one is right outside the plaza’s northern gate, but you’ll have to wait for several cutscenes before you can go exploring.

Owl of Aqfotle Hills



Adan Lake Owl is a kind of owl that lives in



This one is a little more difficult to find. The owl will initially be seen and heard beneath the archway to the right of the Lake area entry. To get near enough to interact, you’ll have to climb the hill, turn left in front of the tower, then leap onto the rooftops in front of you.

For the time being, our Tales of Arise owl locations guide is complete, but we’re working on finding the remainder of the feathery people and will update with additional information shortly. Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, read our Tales of Arise review.

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