The first known location of the crystal grains was found in a cave near the village of Arise. The villagers were able to mine and process these crystals for use as light sources and other materials.

The astral crystal tales of arise is a game that was released on the PlayStation 4. It’s an RPG that takes place in a world where mysterious crystals are present.

Arise’s Tales Astral Crystal Grain is a tiny, often overlooked item that you should seek for. You’ll need it early on in Alphen’s quest to make your first major boss battle simpler, and if you have to choose between upgrading Alphen’s weapon and Shionne’s, go with Alphen.

You won’t be able to get your hands on Astral Crystal Grain until you arrive to Balseph’s home, Glanymede Castle. Fight your way up to the fourth level, and if you’re playing on Moderate or higher difficulties, we suggest getting into as many fights as possible. Balseph is much more powerful than you.

Ignore the super-strong Zeugle circling the fourth-floor entrance, since it will kill you in one hit, and go to the location shown on the map picture below.

Glanymede Castle fourth-floor map with chest location marked.

There’s a chest hidden behind there with two pieces of Astral Crystal Grain within. Return to Ulzebek quickly and have the blacksmith improve Alphen’s sword.

Ideally, you’ll also improve Shionne’s weapon. If you’re short on funds or supplies, though, make sure Alphen is taken care of first. During the Balseph boss battle, we suggest playing as Alphen. Even at this level, he’s more nimble than Shionne and can put together stronger combinations.

Shionne’s Boost Break is useful at times throughout the battle, although it mostly serves to prevent Balseph from using his special strike. It doesn’t matter how much harm her Break causes. She should be on artes duty instead, casting offensive artes and keeping Alphen alive and well.

If you have a Warrior Emblem, equip it on Alphen, and purchase as many Apple Gels as you can afford. If Shionne runs out of CP during the battle, you’ll need them.

That’s all there is to know about Tales of Arise Astral Crystal Grain, but don’t miss out on our other Tales of Arise tips, such as where to locate all of the owls.

The celestial crystal beads are a new item in the game Tales of Arise. They can be found in the Astral Crystal Grain location.

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