Stephen Curry Is Once Again Proving His Golden State Warriors Are On Par With Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls

Stephen Curry is once again proving his Golden State Warriors are on par with Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls. This time, however, the comparisons will not be about wins and losses; rather they will be based on performance numbers.

The “who does steph curry play for” is a question that has been asked many times. Stephen Curry has proven his Golden State Warriors are on par with Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls.

Michael Jordan’s six championship teams with the Chicago Bulls have become the benchmark by which NBA teams are judged. Stephen Curry, on the other hand, is placing another of his Golden State Warriors teams beside MJ’s Bulls.

Most people believe the Bulls’ 1995-96 squad to be the best in league history. On its path to 72 victories and an NBA title, it dominated practically every statistical category.

Curry’s Warriors, on the other hand, have equaled or even exceeded Jordan’s teams in several of those categories. And, once again, the two-time MVP has his Golden State Warriors on level with The GOAT’s Bulls in 2021-22.

The Warriors, led by Stephen Curry, are off to the greatest start in the NBA.

Stephen Curry celebrates the Golden State Warriors 2017 NBA Championship.

Stephen Curry celebrates the Golden State Warriors 2017 NBA Championship. The Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry carries the Larry O’ Brien Trophy as he celebrates the team’s 2017 NBA Championship. | Getty Images/Thearon W. Henderson

On Nov. 14, Golden State lost a shocking game against Lamelo Ball and the Charlotte Hornets. It was the team’s second loss of the season.

The Warriors bounced back two nights later, defeating Kevin Durant, James Harden, and the Brooklyn Nets 117-99.

Golden State has now scored more than 115 points in nine of its last 14 games, and has kept a team to less than 100 for the sixth time.

Through the first month of the season, the Warriors are 12-2, one game ahead of the Phoenix Suns in the Western Conference standings.

With a 10-4 record, the Washington Wizards are in first place in the Eastern Conference.

In practically every numerical measure, Golden State is at or near the top of the league. The team’s start is similar to that of Chicago in 1995-96.

Only three NBA teams have ever been as statistically dominating as Steph’s club has been so far in 2021-22.

All three of those games went on to win a championship.

The Golden State Warriors are on course to repeat what Jordan’s Bulls accomplished just once.

This season, the Warriors rank first in defense and second in offense.

Only three previous teams have placed second in both offensive and defensive rating during the three-point era (1980). They were all winners of the chip.

— 1996 Bulls — 2017 Warriors — 2015 Warriors

November 17, 2021 — StatMuse (@statmuse)

Golden State is presently ranked in the top two in both offense and defense in the NBA. The Warriors are averaging 115.2 points per game (first in the league) while allowing just 101.6 points per game (tied for second with Cleveland).

The team’s defensive rating of 98.9 is the best in the league, while their offensive rating of 112.0 is second only to Philadelphia’s 112.2.

The Warriors’ rating of 13.1 is just 0.3 points below the Bulls from 1995-96. That Chicago club led the NBA in scoring with 105.2 points per game while allowing just 92.9 points per game, which was third in the league at the time.

The Bulls had the best offensive and defensive ratings in the NBA (115.2 and 101.8, respectively).

Curry, on the other hand, has twice guided his club to the top of the league in both offense and defense. The Warriors lead the NBA in scoring (110.0) and defensive rating in 2014-15. (100.4).

Golden State led the NBA in scoring with an average of 115.9 points per game in 2016-17. It was also ranked second in terms of defensive rating (102.9).

What do the Bulls of 1995-96, the Warriors of 2014-15, and the Warriors of 2016-17 have in common? They were crowned NBA champions.

Curry’s squad is on the verge of winning their fourth championship.

This year’s Golden State Warriors are on another championship path thanks to Steph.

In this particular area, he’s already surpassed Jordan. Curry would win his third title in 2022, while MJ would win his first.

Do Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson (when he returns), and the rest of their team have a chance to surpass Jordan’s greatest Bulls team as the best of all time? Possibly not.

Curry, on the other hand, is demonstrating once again that he can lead a bunch of players into historic territory and place himself on par with His Airness. provided all data.

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