Sniper Elite 5: Spy Academy Collectibles and Starting Locations Guide

If you are looking for the recommended level to play, or just want a general overview of all the collectibles in Sniper Elite 5: Spy Academy, then this guide is for you. It includes locations and screenshots with short descriptions of each item so that you can identify them easier.

The “sniper elite 5 spy academy walkthrough” is a guide for the game “Sniper Elite 5: Spy Academy”. The guide includes information about all of the collectibles, starting locations, and how to do them. This will help players on their journey through the game.

The most complicated and perplexing level in Sniper Elite 5 is probably Spy Academy. It may be a challenge to find anything in the Nazi-infested maze—classified papers, personal belongings, letters, workbenches, etc. Fortunately, there are only two beginning spots to find—one on each side of the island—and the stone eagles are rather simple to locate. 

We’ll be moving counterclockwise, from right to left, since it’s the simpler direction to go, much as in our previous instructions for The Atlantic Wall and Occupied Residence. Although, of course, you are free to choose your own path! 

Collectibles from the Spy Academy and the Starting Places


One Stone Eagle


Follow the trail until it opens up to expose the cathedral and Spy Academy island from the Beaumont Marshland starting location. This stone eagle may be shot from this location, which is on the roof of a home along the shoreline on the left side of the island.

Do Not Break; Fragile (Personal Letter 1)


From there, take the right lane that leads to the bridge. Just before the bridge, a truck and numerous containers can be seen, along with this private note on the neighboring stack of crates.

Armory Exposed and Won’t Be Attending (Classified Documents 1+2)


Continue moving toward the island along the sand on the right side of the bridge. A spherical castle tower and a castle gate may be seen on the right side as you go closer to the rocky shore. Pass through the gatehouse, the entrance to the left of the gate, and then go along the road in the direction of a parked truck (Karl will remark that it will make a hell of a distraction).

To the left of the truck is another castle tower. Both of these papers are located on a sofa and a desk, one on each side, when you climb to the top of it.

Starting Point for the Town Wall


Pick up those top-secret papers, descend two more stories, and exit the tower from the left side. Follow the trail down and to the left after crossing the tiny bridge over the road below. A low wall with white paint will be in front of you when you reach the bottom of the steps. Open the gate by descending to the bottom.

Workbench SMG


From there, use the left-hand trail to return to the road. A hotel will be seen in front of you (and the truck Karl spoke about further down on your left). The wall with the white paint is to the right of a red automobile in the roadway; turn right and climb up it. Turn left into a chamber within the castle wall after ascending. This workbench can be found immediately inside the armory’s entrance if you follow the trail down there.

Simply attend one and request resources (Personal Letter 2 and Classified Document 3)


Return to the outside and climb the wall using the pipe on your left as you leave. Follow the road ahead and up to the right after reaching the summit. At the top of the steps, pass through the iron gates to enter a tiny courtyard with a statue in the center. As you approach the chapel in front of you with a black X on the exterior, go forward and slightly to the left.

Turn right after passing past a window and a tiny cemetery. Turn right through a door and then left at the wooden lectern. To find Just Attend One, up the steps to the top, kill the cop, and then look on the desk for Resource Request.

It’s Simple Money (Personal Letter 3)


To descend from the tower, use the zipline. When you land, turn left and down the steps to the right. Follow the way outside and to the right after ascending the next flight of steps in front of you. Continue upward, then turn around and enter the seawall tower. Kill the sniper, then take this paper from the table on your left that is tan in color.

2 Stone Eagle


Go to the gap in the tower wall and turn to the west or slightly to the northwest to gaze at the Cathedral. A tower with a blue roof is hidden behind a tree with green leaves that you can see. From where you stand, the eagle is perched over the tower’s main window.

Priority Mail! (Classified Document 4)


Take the zipline back to the chapel from the tower. Re-enter the chapel via the door in the tiny courtyard with the statue from which you entered. Take the narrow trail that passes through the cemetery and low walls on the area’s southwest side.

A blue automobile and a red car may be seen beyond an open iron fence if you turn right, then left. Turning right will reveal that you are now behind an MG42 emplacement that is a short distance ahead on the left. Pass through the home to your left (the one with the visible bookshelf and the open rear door), and then down some steps.

A warning alarm will be seen ahead of you; at the alert, turn right (you’ll notice a striped guardhouse alongside the road), then quickly turn right again through a doorway. This top-secret paper is located inside on a pair of drawers beside the window.

Never be late (Personal Letter 4)


After passing the home with the red shutters on the right and continuing west along the main road, cross the bridge. You’ll find a bar/cafe on the opposite side of the bridge, on your right. This is Fregattenkapitan Seidl’s driver; there ought to be a soldier here with a fieldcap. Murder him to get the letter.

The driver may meet you on the bridge, next to the home with the red shutters, or by the state vehicle if troops in the vicinity are informed (more below).

Spielkarten der Kriegsmarine (Personal Item 1)


These cards are located on a table to the left of the bar in the same building/cafe.

Parking Issues (Personal Letter 5)


The state vehicle is parked below the bar/cafe, and there is a trash can there with this private note in it. The garbage can is situated between two seats along a short wall to the left of the state vehicle. The benches are next to a lightpost and a barrel.

Starting Point for Smugglers’ Landing


Ascend back toward the cafe/bar. Go through the archway to the left of the tower (just west of the bar/cafe) at the top of the slope coming up from the parking lot. Down four flights of steps, continue on the route. A gate will be on your left at the bottom. Secure this starting place by opening the gate.

Gun Workbench


For the remaining valuables, we will now go to the island’s highest level. Follow the road up past a second MG42 position and return to the MG42 emplacement next to the alarm (where you discovered Priority Package!).

Follow the way left and up three further sets of steps after taking the wide set of stairs on the left. Turn right to see a steel door with a Waffenkammer sign above it at the top of the third. Inside, to the right, is the workbench.

The Covert Ops Field Guide (Personal Item 2)


From the Gun Workbench, you’re headed to the rectangular building north of the cathedral, against the northern cliffs. Instead of going through the cathedral, go around the back, western side of it. Pass through the area with the alarm, then continue down the stairs.

Through the right-side entrance, pass through the garden area with the tree in the center. As you pass the monument, descend the stairs and turn left at the boxes. Right after going down a flight of steps, turn left and go through another door.

As you reach the top of a short flight of steps, turn right. This will be on one of the three tables that are stacked up in front of you.

Training Exercises and an Ornate Compass (Personal Item 3 and Classified Document 5)


Turn around and return the way you came outside after receiving the prior intelligence. In the section with all the columns, turn left. Then, descend some steps to a little garden area with statues and benches. Finally, turn left again and ascend some stairs.

Enter the spymaster’s office by going straight ahead. The beautiful compass can be found in the safe in the chamber next to the entryway. Go upstairs and acquire Training Scenarios from the desk under the stained glass windows.

3 Stone Eagle


You may view this stone eagle from the bell tower above the gathering if you continue with the task. It is located on stone ruins to the left of the extraction point on the island’s far northernmost edge. You might also grab it just before escaping.

Bench For Rifles


The building where you discovered the Covert Ops Manual has a workbench on the northern side, however it can only be accessed from the outside. Go to the building’s northern side and climb the western-facing vines to get to the extraction point. then go to the workbench by using the top left-hand lane.

And it is where you can locate all of the treasures, workstations, and starting points in Spy Academy, the third task of Sniper Elite 5. Visit our dedicated tips page or use the links at the top of this guide for further information.

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