Sniper Elite 5 Liberation: Mission 6 Collectibles and Starting Locations

In the final mission of Sniper Elite 5, we finally get to see what is going on in this location and who we’re fighting. There’s a lot of collectibles for you to find so make sure your sniping skills are up to par before moving into this last leg.

The “sniper elite 5” is a video game that was released in 2017. The “sniper elite 5” has missions with collectibles and starting locations.

There are 19 treasures to locate in each level in Sniper Elite 5, including stone eagles, workbenches, confidential papers, hidden goods, and personal letters. Liberation, the sixth mission, is no exception. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for all of them, as well as the two more beginning positions in the level. 

This guide differs somewhat from those for the other missions, such as The Atlantic Wall and Spy Academy. Because of the location of treasures in Liberation, we’ve divided the map into two halves, one heading counterclockwise and the other going (largely) counterclockwise, to minimize as much retracing as possible. 

Collectibles from the Liberation War and the Starting Points


They’re All Around Us (Personal Letter 1)


At the start of the assignment, go to the main road and let the freight truck pass. It will park across the road from the downed glider at the abandoned farm on your right (northeast). The soldier who is holding this personal letter exits the vehicle and walks up to the tractor at the shelter to the right of the house.

Unfit for Service (Classified Document 1)


From there, follow the route west to the Bridge Farmhouse. Go up the steps by the truck and turn right at the blue french doors to enter. To enter a bedroom, turn right again, then right again via the inner stairs. This paper is located in the left corner of a pair of drawers.

Keep the Line in Place (Classified Document 2)


Exit the Farmhouse and go to the bridge on the left (north). On the other side, on the left, you’ll see a home with white shutters and Nazi banners. On the second storey, go to the radio objective, and this secret paper is on a desk on the right side of the room, across from the radio.

1 Stone Eagle


A U-shaped collection of structures used as stables is located just northeast of the house (across the street). It’s currently a weapons depot with small cranes, engine blocks, and other equipment.

Proceed to the northeastern portion of the area, where there is wood scaffolding and a Nazi flag. Ascend the staircase to the top. Turn left toward the AA cannon and stone windmill after passing through the breach in the wall. Above the dangling pallet and crates, a stone eagle perches on the eave.

Workbench for Pistols


Turn around and descend through the roof on the right side, following the scaffolding. For the workbench below, descend one more level.

A Bridge in Excess (Classified Document 3)


Destroy the AA cannon at the windmill, then go north to the white brick home where the zipline from the windmill comes to an end. On the northern side of the road, between it and a red brick home, there is a beige crate and a green crate leaning against each other. On the beige container, you’ll find this paper.

The Foot of the Lucky Rabbit (Hidden Item 1)


From there, go northwest to the field with the flaming glider across the road. Kill the bald soldier on the glider’s left side and look for his corpse (screenshot shows him in the wreckage because I alerted him).

The time for vengeance has arrived (Personal Letter 2)


Continue west and take down the AA cannon in the next field. Climb the ladder inside the farmhouse immediately west of the AA cannon. This personal letter lies near the roof entrance, on the ground to the right of the sniper weapon.

Starting Point: Riverside House


Head northwest of Le Grande Mansion, little southwest across the road (Jaan Trautmann is). Climb the slope behind the tranch and build a campfire next to the fallen tree trunk.

Keep an eye on your surroundings (Personal Letter 3)


Kill the Nazi patrolling in the drive near the red vehicle on the southern side of Le Grande Mansion.

Fan of Resistance based in (Classified Document 4)


Return to the farmhouse where you discovered the treasure. Just west of the third AA gun position, Vengeance is Nigh. From here, go north, crossing the river on the wrecked glider. Enter the shelled stone house in front of you, behind the alarm; on your left will be a structure with Huiles De Moteur printed on it.

Go upstairs and inside. At the top of the stairs, turn around and unlock or break open the right-hand door. This paper is on a dresser next to the bed, to the right.

Stolen Medals and the SMG Workbench (Hidden Item 2)


Leave the home in the same direction you came in and enter the stone structure (watermill) across the street, close to the southeast, with the stone wall and generator in front. Turn left in the next room with the cogs and stairway after passing past the kitchen. Look for the workbench and the secret object on a table in the middle of the room via the hole in the floor.

Give me courage (Personal Letter 4)


Continue east to the Field Camp and the Eastern Bridge objective. Go into the green structure nearest to the checkpoint and the northern tower on the camp’s northwest side. This intimate message is stashed inside the entryway atop a box.

Barely Getting Away (Personal Letter 5)


From the Field Camp, go north on the road and turn northwest shortly before the map border. Continue north into the trenches, and on the right side, search for the artillery cannon. This personal message may be found on the right side of an ammunition container.

Arrival of Armour (Classified Document 5)


Follow the trenches northwest from the artillery piece. Go up a few stairs, then left, then right. On your left, there is a small open room with a circular grindstone and generator, and on your right, there are some steel doors that can be opened with a satchel charge. At the barrel fire, take the next right and continue the trench to the next pillbox on the left. A satchel charge is attached to this paperwork on a box.

Stone Eagle 2 is a sequel to Stone Eagle.


To depart the trenches and proceed toward the northern settlement, continue along the same road. Turn left when you reach the road and return your gaze to the southern town. In the distance, you’ll see a shelled church. This stone eagle may be seen on the roof on the far right side, just above the front end of the cargo truck on the road and a bit to the right of the third telephone pole.

Starting Point for Charlie on the Bridge


Turn around and go up the road to your next goal (connect the barricade explosive). Instead, make your way beyond the bridge to the home with the purple flowers and roses on the wall. To get access to this place, open the door on the southeastern side.

Workbench for Rifles


Blow the explosives on the bridge, then climb the vines on the southeastern wall of the building where the explosive trigger is to find the Workbench for Rifles.

Lighter with Engraving (Hidden Item 3)


Cross the bridge after destroying the Tiger tank. Turn right on the opposite side, immediately beyond the burning automobile, and take the first left inside the building. Go upstairs, then turn around and enter the right-hand chamber. This object is concealed in a pair of drawers beside the bed that has a briefcase on it.

Stone Eagle 3 is the third installment of Stone Eagle.


Just in the northeastern end of the map, look behind the Tiger tank for the wrecked structure with the Nazi flag out front. In the middle, there stands a stone eagle.

That concludes the collectibles in Sniper Elite 5’s Liberation mission. Click the links or go to our SE5 guides center for additional stone eagles, personal letters, papers, workbenches, and objects in other levels like Festung Guernsey and War Factory.

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