Sean Payton and the Saints Face an Impossible Decision

The New Orleans Saints’ season ended on a low note, as the team lost to the New England Patriots on Thursday night. The Saints fell to 6-2-1, with just two victories over teams with a winning record. The team has suffered through injuries to key players like their star running back, Mark Ingram. The loss to the Patriots proved to be a major setback, as the Saints are now 2-4 in the last six games, failing to make it to the playoffs for the third straight year.

The New Orleans Saints are on the verge of another Super Bowl appearance, and if they win next Sunday’s game, they may have another trip to the big game under their belts before long. The Saints have a (relatively) easy schedule the rest of the way, but that won’t be enough to ensure a victory. There is always the (extremely) remote possibility that both of the NFC’s top two teams (San Francisco and Green Bay) could get upset (or at least have one of the teams lose…or maybe both).

As the 2012 NFL season draws to a close, it is time to consider the future of New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton. After going 10-6 in 2011, the Saints were projected to be a top-5 team in the NFC with a playoff berth. Unfortunately, the Saints were not able to meet these expectations and finished the season without winning the NFC South. For the second straight year, the Saints fell short of reaching the playoffs after a strong start to the season.

Sean Payton, the head coach of the New Orleans Saints, will have to choose between Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill as Drew Brees’ replacement. It’s starting to seem like an impossible choice.

Hill and Winston are vying to replace Drew Brees as the starting quarterback in New Orleans. As the Saints move on from Brees, both guys have a big task ahead of them. One of those two will have to earn the job eventually, but early signs suggest it will be a difficult decision for Payton to make.

Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill are competing for the starting quarterback position.

As of yet, Payton and the Saints haven’t provided any indications as to whether Winston or Hill has an advantage over the other. It’s a true free-for-all battle.

In April 2020, the Saints made an unexpected move by signing Hill to a two-year, $21 million contract, which was subsequently converted to a four-year, $140 million deal. Because of the voidable years in the contract, Hill is unlikely to receive the entire $140 million. Still, the Saints cared enough about Hill to set up a framework and hash out a contract.

Hill’s deal, though, did not make him Brees’ heir apparent when the veteran quarterback announced his retirement earlier this spring. The Saints, on the other hand, were similarly smitten with Winston, who was signed to a one-year contract in the spring by the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback.

Hill and Winston are both someone Payton is acquainted with. The simple fact is that choosing which of those two will be the starting quarterback for the Saints is a difficult job for the head coach.

Sean Payton is in a precarious situation.

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton looks on during the team's 2021 preseason opener

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton looks on during the team's 2021 preseason opener Sean Payton’s decision on who will succeed Drew Brees has become more difficult | Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The Saints will have a difficult time replacing Drew Brees. His efficiency and understanding of the offensive provided a sense of calm and security.

However, Brees is no longer with the Saints, and they don’t have many alternatives to replace him as they attempt to retain their position as a top NFC contender.

Hill was a quarterback at BYU, but he began his career as a tight end and hybrid, and he remains a bit of a wild card as an NFL quarterback. Winston has great skill, but his tendency to turn the ball over has been a significant source of worry.

Payton wasn’t impressed with either quarterback’s performance against the Baltimore Ravens in the Saints’ preseason opener on Saturday. He was uninterested in discussing the quarterback battle, preferring instead to obsess on the mistakes his team had made.

According to ESPN’s Mike Triplett, Payton stated, “I’m not drawing parallels with quarterbacks right now.” “With six turnovers, it doesn’t really matter who [played better], right?”

The team’s turnovers were not fully accounted for by Hill and Winston. They did, however, both throw interceptions, and Payton and the Saints aren’t used to such a turnover-prone offense.

The two quarterbacks would almost certainly prefer to keep the spotlight on the field. However, the competition’s interest is palpable, and it’s sure to give Payton a great deal of anxiety.

Hill and Winston bring distinct skill sets to the table.

Jameis Winston may be New Orleans’ greatest option in terms of pure quarterbacking potential.

Winston has exceptional arm strength. He’s a dynamic passer who can make long passes or make throws in the seams. Plus, he’s just on a one-year deal, so the Saints may be enticed to see what he’s got. Simultaneously, the former Florida State standout is ineffective with the football and is prone to poor pocket decision-making.

Taysom Hill has a lot of potential as a quarterback. He’s tall and athletic, and he often makes plays with his feet. On 5.3 yards per carry, Hill ran for 457 yards and eight touchdowns.

Last season, the 30-year-old was also a very good passer. Hill was successful in almost 73 percent of his tries. He does not, however, have Winston’s game-breaking passing talent, averaging 6.23 net yards gained per pass attempt last season. In addition, he only threw four touchdown passes and two interceptions.

Regardless matter who gets the starting position, New Orleans confronts a lot of uncertainty. Sean Payton has a difficult decision in selecting a replacement quarterback because of the two quarterbacks’ polar opposite personalities and the reality that they must follow Brees.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics. Spotrac provided contract details.

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The New Orleans Saints have a decision to make. Quarterback Drew Brees, one of the most consistent players in the league, is 37 years old. He has won at least 13 games in every season, and is a six-time Pro Bowler. He will likely retire as a Saint, and the Saints have a massive decision to make. Should they keep him or move on?. Read more about sean payton movie cast and let us know what you think.

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