Salt and Sacrifice: How to Play Co-Op Multiplayer

In Salt and Sacrifice, players take on the role of God as they control their character’s movement across a 2D plane while also fighting off waves of enemies. The game offers an unique experience that is not typically found in traditional multiplayer games with new twists such as multiple endings depending on how well you perform. This may be one to watch for those who enjoy co-op play but need something different from other genres.

The “salt and sacrifice how to play multiplayer” is a game that has two players, one playing as the salt and the other as the sacrifice. The game starts with salt in a boat, and the goal is for them to get to land before they are sacrificed.

If you’re experiencing problems with any of the tasks in Salt and Sacrifice, enlisting the help of friends or other players may help you get through them. With a few exceptions, co-op multiplayer follows the same fundamental mechanics as most Souls-likes. Before you may join up with random gamers wishing to play together, there are a few advancement criteria.

This tutorial will go over every aspect concerning co-op multiplayer in Salt and Sacrifice.

Salt & Sacrifice: How to Play Co-Op

The best way to get started with cooperative play is to utilize the Pardoner’s Vale cooperation board. It’s to the right of the doorway that leads to the other floors. When asked, open the menu to choose between hosting a session and using runes to establish a password or joining a session and using the host’s password.

This kind of co-op will almost entirely be between you and your pals, other players in a community Discord, or another venue for getting together. Joining a random host’s game or hosting one yourself is a bit more difficult.

Where Can I Get a Golden Candle?


You’ll need the Golden Candle in order to join random hosts. Through Greymoss Mire, descend to the grappling hook. Rather of walking all the way to the bottom, travel halfway down and enter by a doorway on a platform. You’ll eventually find yourself on a little ledge with a treasure box. It’s time to open it up for the Golden Candle.

Where Can I Get a Pale Candle?

You’ll need the Pale Candle to host your own game. Make your way through Ashbourne Village, up into Craterstone Mine, and back to the left until you reach the gatehouse to the right of the spawn spot.

A lever within the gatehouse unlocks the one-way entrance. A pair of platforms leads down just to the right of it.


Continue down after passing through them. Continue to the left until you come to a dead end with grappling points on the other side of a gap. At this moment, there will be a treasure box directly above you.


Cross the abyss and speak with the NPC you encounter there. After they’ve exhausted their dialogue, they’ll claim they’re heading back to Pardoner’s Vale, where they’ll want to see you.

Return to Pardoner’s Vale whenever you like and go to the lowest level. Don’t follow the path to the portal all the way. Instead, the door on the lowest level’s far left should now be open. Return inside and chat with the NPC once again.


They’ll offer you a Pale Candle to use as a host for a group of random cooperators. You must be “Guiltless” to host, which means you must have a full health bar and utilize a Guiltless Shard.

A runic password is not required for either the Golden Candle or the Pale Candle. The game will try to find you, but there are certain restrictions.

Because you must be looking in the same environment as other players, Pardoner’s Vale does not provide game-wide matching. You must also have the same upgrades as the person with whom you want to collaborate, which means you must both have the grappling hook and any additional things you’ve discovered up to that point.

If you fit all of the above criteria, you should team up with another player and tackle the difficulties that await you.

Aside from that, there doesn’t seem to be a level cap in Salt and Sacrifice co-op multiplayer, so if you’ve leveled up significantly more than your partner, you’ll certainly make their experience much simpler, as will possessing some of the strongest weaponry in the game. For additional information, see our Salt and Sacrifice guidelines site.

“Salt and Sacrifice: How to Play Co-Op Multiplayer” is a game that is designed for co-op play. The game has a single player campaign, but it also supports split screen multiplayer. Reference: is astroneer split screen.

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