Salt and Sacrifice: How Runic Arts Work

Salt is a tool used in crafting and rituals of many cultures. Whether it’s to create an offering for the gods, or just as seasoning on your meal, salt has been a symbol of importance since ancient times. Salt can be found all around the world, but traditional wooden spoons are often employed when doing ceremonial sacrifices with salt. This article will explore how these tools work and what they represent through their use in Runic Arts.,

Salt and Sacrifice: How Runic Arts Work is a game that is available on the PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The game has been out for about three years now. It is an action-adventure game where you play as one of four characters who must escape from a dark castle by solving puzzles and fighting monsters along the way.



Rather of straightforward magic, Salt and Sacrifice includes Runic Arts, which are specific powers related to the weapons you acquire or make in the game. Magic isn’t only heretical in Salt and Sacrifice; it’s also why you’re on a mission to murder every Mage you can find.

Because using Runic Arts isn’t the most easy mechanic, this tutorial is here to help you understand all you need to know. 

In Salt and Sacrifice, How Runic Arts Work

Every craftable Mage weapon, as well as those found in the wild, features some kind of Runic Art. Select a weapon in your inventory or crafting menu, then tab over once with the right trigger to see whether it contains Runic Art. 

Two things stand out:

  • Some weapons feature two Runic Arts, with activation tied to both the X/ Square and the Y/ Triangle keys.
  • Rage is used by certain weapons, while Focus is used by others.

To use Runic Arts, hold down the Left Trigger / L2 and then hit X / Square to activate the Art. Because the animation cannot be halted once it starts, only use it when you have lots of room, time, or both.

Focus Runic Arts use Focus Points, which are one of the metrics that can be leveled up via the Tree of Skill grid. You can refresh your Focus Points by drinking Haze decoctions, thus you have three refills by default.

When you have a Rage weapon equipped, your Rage meter replaces your Focus meter. You gain Rage by fighting foes rather than using Focus points. Tougher foes create the same amount of Rage, therefore there’s no difference between them. You may activate the Rage the same way you activate a Focus Art after you’ve acquired enough.

One additional wrinkle: in order to perform Runic Arts, you must first acquire the appropriate Tier on the talent grid. The Forbidden Glyph improvement route is used by Focus Arts, whereas the Divine Glyph upgrade path is used by Rage.

These spread out from the bottom right corner of the grid’s center group of talents. If you began as a Paladin, for example, you’d have to spend more points to gain those talents and would forego the key components of a typical Paladin build.

Which Runic Art is suitable for your construction is determined by your goals. Elemental damage is crucial in this game since every Mage and boss adversary has an elemental affinity that determines their strengths and limitations. Fire damage is less effective against Fire bosses and other similar enemies.

You’ll want a Runic Art with no damage type or one that’s suitable for the Mage you’re after. Because bosses don’t always reveal their cards, learning how to combat them will need some trial and error. More than usual, in fact.

Check out our complete review for a detailed breakdown of our thoughts on Salt and Sacrifice and its Souls-like gameplay. In the following days, we’ll be delving further into the game, so keep an eye on our Salt and Sacrifice guides center.

Salt and Sacrifice is a game that features the player as a spirit of an ancient civilization, called Salt. The goal of the game is to kill monsters in order to collect salt crystals. The best weapons in the game are those that require sacrifices from other players. Reference: salt and sanctuary best weapon.

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