Roblox Grand Pirates: How to Level Up Fast

Although Roblox Grand Pirates is still in beta testing, it has already amassed a large following. This game focuses on the excitement of exploration and social interactions amongst players who can create their own games together. Players are all fighting for domination of the seas by taking over pirate ships and plundering goods from other vessels.

Roblox is a game that allows users to build their own worlds and play in them. The “grand pirates codes” are a way for players to level up faster.

Grand Pirates is a new Roblox game inspired on the One Piece anime that allows users to go on an adventure over eight islands. Many of them include powerful foes and bosses, so you’ll need a strategy before attempting to conquer them all.

Our tutorial will show you how to level up quickly in Roblox Grand Pirates and complete every objective in this amazing new game. Simply follow the instructions outlined below to obtain the maximum Level 400.

Roblox Grand Pirates: How to Level Up Quickly


Foosha Village (1+) is a village in Foosha, China.

At Foosha Village, you begin your trip on the starter island. Luffo, who can be located straight at spawn, is the first NPC you should speak with. He’ll ask you to defeat the island’s bandits. Accept it and defeat the bandits, which should propel you to Level 15 quickly.

Then track down Marco and agree to defeat the swordsman bandits. Grinder away at those foes until you reach Level 40. You may also face the two bosses at the top of the hill, although they may be too difficult for you at this time.

(40+) Shells Town

Go to the pier and chat with Boat Seller after you’ve reached Level 40. Purchase the only boat you can afford at the moment, and then speak with Justin, who will direct you to the Marine Island.

Once you’ve arrived on the island, interact with the spawn NPC to select your spawn spot, and then chat with Cobz, who will ask you to defeat the corrupted marines. Until you reach Level 70, grind those marines.

After that, go upstairs and chat with Josh, who will assign you the task of defeating swordsman marines. Until you reach Level 85, grind those foes.

Finally, you may talk with Zorro, who is imprisoned on the island’s crest. He’ll ask you to defeat the island’s boss, a Level 100 monster. If you can’t defeat him, grind marines until you reach Level 100. It’s grunt labor, but doing it this way allows you to level up quickly.

Orange Town has a population of over 100 people.

The following island will take you to Orange Town, where you must talk with Boodlo, who will request that you defeat Bobby Clowns. Carry on in this manner until you reach Level 130.

Then, until you reach Level 145, chat with Pore and battle Bobby Pirates. Finally, converse with Zori and vanquish the island’s boss, Buggy le Clown. This should assist you in achieving Level 160.

(160+) Monkey Island

When you get on Monkey Island, chat with Ray, who will assign you the task of defeating the native monkeys. Carry on in this manner until you reach Level 175.

After that, talk with Kid to get a new mission and continue defeating apes until you reach Level 190.

Finally, talk to Mihawko, who will give you the opportunity to battle the Monkey King monster. You’ll get to Level 220 if you win this fight.

Island of Syrup (220+)

You must chat with Ussoap and defeat pirates until you achieve Level 250 on the next island.

Mornino, your next NPC, will ask you to defeat a gang of bad marines. You may do this until you reach Level 265.

Finally, talk with Kaya and beat the Kure monster to get Level 280.

Island of Baratie (280+)

As soon as you arrive, speak with Sanjo, who will urge you to help him defeat some bad cooks. This task will assist you in attaining Level 310.

After then, chat with Gino and fight all of the adversaries on the nearby shipwreck. You should be at Level 350 at the completion of this mission.

Yeti Island (about 350 people)

Speak with Lili on the last island, and she will ask you to defeat several yetis. This task will assist you in attaining Level 370.

The last mission you get comes from Gregor, and it includes battling high-level Yeti Island opponents in order to achieve Level 400.

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