Pros and Cons to the New York Giants Bringing Their Divisive Head Coach Back in 2022

The New York Giants are bringing back controversial head coach Ben McAdoo, who last led the team to a 6-10 record and an overall 29-57 win/loss record since 2016. His return will be met with mixed reactions from fans in attendance as well as analysts on television.

The “giants head coach” is a controversial topic. Some people seem to think that bringing back the divisive head coach in 2022 will be good for the team, while others believe it will not.

Pros and Cons to the New York Giants Bringing Their Divisive Head Coach Back in 2022

Highlights of the article:

  • Joe Judge, the head coach of the New York Giants, is expected to return in 2022.
  • Judge, a three-time Super Bowl winner with the New England Patriots, is 10-21 with the Giants in two seasons.
  • The faltering team must carefully assess the benefits and drawbacks of bringing the 39-year-old back for a third season.

The New York Giants can no longer claim to be dedicated to quality or delivering a successful product. Not when the once-proud organization has gone 22-57 since the start of 2017, and when head coach Joe Judge is expected to return in 2022.

Although Judge cannot be held responsible for all of the Giants’ problems (not that WFAN callers will ever alter their minds), he deserves to be fired following a second consecutive poor season. With just two weeks remaining in the 2021 season, the company must carefully consider the benefits and drawbacks of parting ways with the former New England Patriots assistant and starting over.

Pros: During Judge’s time with the Giants, the team has established a strong defensive core.

The Giants have a lot of skill up front on defense. On any given pass-rush play, Leonard Williams (99), Dexter Lawrence (97), and rookie Azeez Ojulari (51) can all cause mayhem.

Williams rushes from the 3T or the edge. Lawrence triumphs with a resounding victory. Ojulari has a natural bend and is a fast runner.

October 28, 2021 — Ron Kopp Jr. (@Ron Kopp)

By their own standards, the New York Giants are a catastrophe, at least by the ones that existed when Dave Gettleman took over as general manager after the 2017 season. Despite the frequent losses, they’ve created a promising young core, as is typically the case in the NFL.

Aside from receiver Kadarius Toney (39 receptions for 420 yards in 10 games this season) and offensive lineman Andrew Thomas, the Giants’ offense is best left unsaid. The Giants, on the other hand, have a number of defensive players who have excelled and are still on rookie contracts, including safety Xavier McKinney.

McKinney, a 2020 second-round selection out of Alabama, had five interceptions this season. Azeez Ojulari, a rookie linebacker with eight sacks, may easily find himself in Las Vegas on Feb. 6 depending on how many players opt out of the Pro Bowl.

Tae Crowder, the Giants’ last choice in the 2020 draft, leads the team with 112 tackles this season. Since joining the league, Dexter Lawrence, a third-year defensive lineman from Clemson, has nine sacks and 13 tackles for loss.

Leonard Williams, a seasoned defensive end, with 5.5 sacks and 70 total tackles on the other side of the ball. The Giants also have middle linebacker Blake Martinez under contract until the end of next season, after he missed much of this season due to a ruptured ACL.

Every player named above is under the age of 30, which should bode well for the squad in 2022. However, Giants fans believed the same thing heading into this season, and the 2021 defense has only allowed 24.3 points per game.

Cons: The Giants are still one of the poorest teams in the league, and Judge’s obstinacy is a big reason for that.

A 10-20 coach that replaced Mike Glennon with Jake Fromm after almost two games, 55 minutes, and 33 seconds….

Do you want to swap Mike Zimmer for Joe Judge?

December 21, 2021 — Doug Rush (@TheDougRush)

Joe Judge, as head coach, is entitled to make whatever moves he believes will offer his team the greatest opportunity to win. The issue is that the 39-year-old either doesn’t know what the appropriate option is or is too obstinate to make it, as seen by his 10-21 record.

Throughout the 2021 season, fans and writers have chastised him for his cautious play-calling, particularly on third and fourth down. Judge rejected such allegations in September, according to the New York Post.

“Trust me, I don’t live in a fearful world.” I don’t, but I do need to make sure that every choice I make is planned to help the team succeed. There are moments when I want to scream and shout, ‘All right, here we go.’ This is the one we’re aiming for.’ That isn’t necessarily in the best interests of the team.”

Joe Judge

Judge’s daring choice to stick with struggling backup quarterback Mike Glennon throughout a key home game against the unreliable Dallas Cowboys in Week 15 may have paid off. In a 21-6 defeat to the Giants, the Cowboys’ defense restricted Glennon to 99 passing yards and three interceptions, virtually ending whatever postseason chances Judge and his club had at the time.

The Giants have placed 31st and 30th in points scored in Judge’s two seasons as head coach. Part of the responsibility falls on former offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, who was dismissed by Judge earlier this year. However, the head coach must share some of the guilt, particularly when it comes to evaluating his employment status.

Is it time for the Giants to bring back Judge in 2022, or is it time to let him go?

New York Giants head coach Joe Judge in 2022.

New York Giants head coach Joe Judge in 2022. Is bringing Joe Judge back to the New York Giants in 2022 the smart move? | Getty Images/Sarah Stier

When contemplating terminating a head coach for poor performance, organizations must examine if things will be any better with the present coach a year from now. If Judge stays the head coach, there is no reason to expect the 2022 New York Giants will be in better position than the 2021 Giants.

Yes, the Giants have a strong defensive core, and Judge has spent the last two seasons playing in the midst of a worldwide epidemic. In the previous two years, though, eight of the Giants’ 21 defeats have been by eight points or less.

Remember, the New York Yankees finished one game behind the Washington Redskins in the NFC East last season. That’s when one of those one-score defeats from early in the season really hurts a club in the rear. If the Giants had won the division, even a poor one, in 2020, the scenario would be quite different.

In the coming weeks, the Giants are anticipated to split ways with Gettleman, either by termination or forced retirement. A similar circumstance might arise in East Rutherford, N.J., around this time next year, only this time Judge will be issued with his walking papers.

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