Patrick Mahomes Tells ‘Madden NFL 22’ Creator It’s Time to Get Up to Speed on Tyreek Hill’s Greatness

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback has spoken with developers at Electronic Arts, and he wants to see the Madden developers learn more about his great teammate Tyreek Hill, especially as a wide receiver. Mahomes gave EA Sports some great advice for showcasing Hill’s talents in upcoming installments of Madden.

Just about every year, for at least a week or two, there’s a story or two about Kansas City Chiefs rookie wide receiver Tyreek Hill breaking out with a big game. In the bitter cold and snow and rain of the 2014 NFL playoffs, he was covered by Pro Football Focus as the most explosive player on the field. Last year, he was a big part of a Chiefs offense that threw for nearly 5,000 yards and rushed for 2,300.

In addition to being the Chiefs’ franchise quarterback, Patrick Mahomes is a growing video game star of sorts. After winning the 2017 MUT Rookie of the Year award, Mahomes was featured in EA Sports’ Madden NFL 18, and the game’s cover athlete, in addition to his appearances in other forms of sports video games, like NBA 2K18 and NHL 18. However, some fans were unaware of Mahomes’ potential as a video game star, and that’s why the Chiefs signal-caller took to Twitter on Wednesday to ask “Madden NFL 22’s” creator, former NFL player John Madden, to start paying attention to Tyreek Hill.

Tyreek Hill accomplished everything possible to help the Kansas City Chiefs reach their second straight Super Bowl last season, according to Patrick Mahomes and others. Mahomes’ status as one of the greatest players in the NFL, on the other hand, provides him the bully pulpit when it comes to making his argument.

Some may view it as prejudice, but Mahomes is using social media to push for Hill to be given a little more respect. It’s a kind of gamesmanship targeted against a game publisher.

Tyreek Hill has made a name for himself as an exceptional athlete.

Hill has been selected to the Pro Bowl five times in his five NFL seasons, and the wideout from West Alabama has also been named to the first team All-Pro three times.

Hill broke into the starting lineup as a rookie with 61 receptions and six touchdowns, but it’s been the Chiefs’ last four seasons that they’ve truly let him free, using his speed to devastate secondaries around the league.

In that time, he has averaged 15.6 yards per catch and scored 41 touchdowns in 58 games. In 2020, he established or tied career highs in receptions (87) and touchdowns (15). Then, in three playoff games, he added 24 more receptions for 355 yards.

Hill, who is just 27 years old, has plenty of wear remaining on his tires, which must make Mahomes extremely pleased.

Patrick Mahomes reminds the developer of ‘Madden NFL 22’ that it’s time to catch up.

Tyreek Hill of the Kansas City Chiefs scrambles ahead of Sean Murphy-Bunting of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl 55. | Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Tyreek Hill of the Kansas City Chiefs scrambles ahead of Sean Murphy-Bunting of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl 55. | Patrick Smith/Getty Images In Super Bowl 55, Kansas City Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill scrambles ahead of Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Sean Murphy-Bunting. | Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The amount of Super Bowl rings they possess, the number of times they’ve received playoff accolades, and their Madden NFL rating, the popular home video game, are the three main sources of pride for NFL players.

Every summer, EA Sports publishes new versions of the game, improving the appearance and feel to make each edition more realistic than the one before it. The yearly adjustment of player ratings, though, is the move both gamers and real NFL players are most concerned about.

To build anticipation for the debut of the next version, the publisher begins teasing its Madden NFL ratings around the start of NFL training camps. To start off this week, they offered fans a peek at some receiver statistics, and Mahomes was unhappy by what he saw: Only Green Bay Packers standout Davante Adams snatched the coveted 99 score for receivers. With a 98, Hill just missed out on the top prize.

“Give the guy a perfect score!!!” The three exclamation points on Mahomes’ tweet clearly indicate the gravity of the situation.

Tyreek Hill just misses out on a perfect ‘Madden NFL 22′ rating.

The top three receiver ratings were given by EA Sports to Adams (99), Hill (98), and DeAndre Hopkins (98). Nitpicking is simple, and it’s probable that EA Sports encourages it as a way to market the game. However, distinguishing between three great receivers is difficult.

Hill received 99s for speed and acceleration, as well as a 98 for agility. He very likely would have received the total 99 score if not for somewhat poor strength and injury ratings.

Hill seemed to take it all in stride, much like a Mahomes strike to him over man coverage a year ago, and found the bright side after a 97 rating.

“That brings me one step closer to my goal!” Hill stated his opinion.

Expect Mahomes to make the passes that will enable his favorite deep threat reach where he wants to go this fall.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

Tyreek Hill of the Kansas City Chiefs just sent a scary message to the rest of the NFL: ‘We’ll Be Back.’

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