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In the past year, we’ve seen a number of players take a knee during the national anthem, most notably the NFL players Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid. Most recently, Houston Texans star JJ Watt made headlines for his decision to donate all of his endorsement money to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in his home state of Texas.

The best athletes are often introverts, and we all know how hard it is to strike up a conversation with someone you have never met before, let alone with someone you know is pretty competitive. There’s a great line in the movie “American Beauty” when Kevin Spacey’s character is talking to the two people he met at the mall (the ones who say “Hi” when they walk out of the elevator), and he says “That’s always the way with the shy ones: they talk to themselves.”

We always see two GOATs playing at a high level in their respective sports: Tom Brady and LeBron James. Of course, the title of greatest of all time is debatable. Is Brady really the best player to ever play in the NFL? Is James really better than Michael Jordan? Whether we know these answers or not, they are probably two of the greatest rivalries in history.

But what about the greatest athlete in all of sports? James once said he couldn’t give Brady that title, and TB12 has since responded.

LeBron James says Tom Brady is not a GOATathlete

(L-R) Tom Brady and LeBron James. | Chris Graythen/Getty Images; Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

James has a great admiration for Brady. But on The Shop in 2017, he said he had a hard time saying that a football player was the GOAT of all athletes.

My only argument for a football player being the greatest athlete of all time is that he only has to play on one side of the field, James said according to CBS Sports. Yeah, Brady’s great. Brady is the best quarterback I’ve ever seen, but he affects the game in some ways.

James went on to explain that basketball players must constantly think about playing offense, coming back on defense, and then switching back to offense during the game. However, players usually have only one responsibility for their team.

As physical as football is – and for the body, I know it’s crazy – but for the quarterback, [Patriots coach Bill] Belichick did a great job of getting those five guys forward to protect his assets, James added, per CBS Sports.

He continued: For us [as basketball players], you have to know both sides every night. … When I played football, on offense, I didn’t even talk to the defenders. I wasn’t even talking to you. There’s nothing to say.

Finally, however, James said that Brady is still a safe bet among football players.

I’m not saying it’s not great. He is the greatest footballer of all time, he said.


In a kind of circle, the loop is closed: Brady also recently appeared on The Shop , and James’ business partner Maverick Carter asked him about his thoughts on King’s 2017 comments.

Although James made them about four years ago, Brady said: Of course, I remember him saying that.

It depends on what style you like, says Brady. You can say it: Well, maybe you’re the most successful. I’d say so: Yeah, I won a lot of games, Super Bowls and stuff. But my style of play may not fit into everyone’s idea of what the position should be.

Brady then admitted that he knows he can’t do the same thing on the football field as running backs or offensive linemen.

I can only get better with the body I’ve been given, Brady said. There are things I absolutely cannot do. And I have the consciousness to understand Ok, I can’t do these things. You can’t do everybody’s job. I can’t block, I can’t intercept, I can’t run, I can’t catch – I absolutely can’t run – but I can throw the ball. So let me handle this. And let me do it very well.

So Brady didn’t answer the question of whether he considers himself a big-name athlete, but we do know that he follows what other big-name athletes say about him.

Is Tom Brady a top athlete?

Brady did not answer the question of whether he is the greatest athlete in history because it is a very difficult subject to discuss.

If you think the GOAT title should be based on the number of championships, then Bill Russell with his 11 championships in 13 years should get that title. But if you take into account consistent superiority over a long period of time, Brady has to be the bigger man.

Brady has played 21 seasons in the NFL and right now, in 2020, he has scored the second most touchdowns in a season in his career. He also scored the most yards with 43 since the 2015 season, when he was 38. Oh, and TB12 left the New England Patriots last season to win their seventh Super Bowl.

So if you are debating who is a top athlete, it all depends on your criteria for that title. But regardless, Brady has proven himself to be the best athlete to ever play football, and he’s not done yet.

statistics provided by Pro Football Reference

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