NFL’s Top 30 Soul-Crushing Defeats Of The Past Decade

The NFL has been around for about 110 years, so it’s safe to say that the past decade was a pretty rough bunch of games. With players as gifted and talented as Tom Brady and Le’Veon Bell, you’d think these blowouts would be impossible to find. And yet we’ve uncovered this collection of top 30 soul-crushing defeats from over the last 10 years in one place!.

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In the United States, football is the most popular and entertaining sport. Because it generates so much drama, the NFL is incredible. However, if there is a winner, there must also be a loser. Every sports fan understands what it’s like to lose a game. Some, on the other hand, are more soul-crushing than others.

Let’s take a look at some of the most heartbreaking losses in NFL history. This list will drive fans to tears, with near-misses in the playoffs and terrifying Super Bowl comebacks. Yardbreaker has it right now.

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30. Minnesota Vikings vs. Detroit Lions (2021)

In 2021, the Lions were a shambles, but at least they had heart. With his battling attitude, rookie coach Dan Campbell gave the franchise a new feeling of hope. However, they had a rough start to the season, with many close calls. They took an early lead over the Packers before succumbing to Aaron Rodgers’ squad.

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The Vikings also suffered a soul-crushing defeat. As the game neared its conclusion, it seemed like Detroit was on the verge of claiming their first victory of the season. With three minutes remaining, they recovered from a 10-point deficit (via MPR News). Minnesota, on the other hand, shattered their hearts with a Greg Joseph field goal.

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New England Patriots vs. Jacksonville Jaguars, Week 29 (2018)

In 2017, the Jaguars had a strong season and advanced to the NFC Championship game. It’s amazing how teams rise and fall, but they squandered a fantastic opportunity to play in the Super Bowl. They had a 20-10 lead against the Patriots and had Tom Brady out for significant periods of the game (via The Guardian).

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However, with 10 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, everything started to fall apart. The Jaguars possessed a strong defense, but a slip in focus cost them the game. They allowed the Patriots to gain 21 yards, and the outcome was predetermined. Everyone suffers from the Patriots’ soul-crushing defeats.

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The Denver Broncos take on the Baltimore Ravens in Week 28. (2012)

One of the greatest games in NFL history was the Mile High Miracle. Denver, on the other hand, suffered a heartbreaking defeat because they deserved to win. Justin Tucker’s field goal made the difference in the second overtime period. As he led his side to victory, the youngster was clinical and composed.

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The Ravens were given a lifeline after Peyton Manning’s last interception. Then they took full advantage of it, sabotaging the Broncos’ Super Bowl hopes. The Broncos had a superior squad on paper, but outcomes don’t often reflect that (via NBC Sports).

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Tennessee Titans vs. New England Patriots (27. Tennessee Titans vs. New England Patriots) (2020)

For the Patriots, this was a heartbreaking moment since it marked the end of an era. With starters, it was Tom Brady’s farewell game for the Patriots. He retired after 20 seasons to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. New England was likewise left in a state of uncertainty after losing in the wild-card round.

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By any measure of the imagination, the 20-13 loss was hardly a disgrace. However, it demonstrated that the franchise needed to be rebuilt. Was this feasible without the all-time winningest quarterback? With the exception of Matt Cassel, many of their supporters had never seen another starting quarterback, therefore this was a watershed moment (via Sports Illustrated).

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Green Bay Packers at. New York Giants, Week 26 (2012)

The Packers possessed the greatest record in the NFL and a top-notch quarterback. Does this ring a bell? This was the start of a Green Bay pattern that would last through the decade. They possessed the talent to compete, but lacked the mental toughness to go all the way in the playoffs. In a nutshell, that’s how they fell in the Divisional round of the 2011 season.

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The Giants’ defeat was extremely demoralizing. Eli Manning had a strong game, throwing three touchdown passes for 330 yards. By that moment, Rodgers had had his second-worst game of his career. He had a rough day at Lambeau Field, missing 20 passes (via Washington Post).

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Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (25). (2021)

Pittsburgh suffered a humiliating loss after a promising start to the season. They were undefeated in their first 11 games of 2021, but this proved deceptive. Analysts often said that they were fortunate to make it through games. They finally succumbed to the results, losing four of their last five games.

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Fortunately, they had performed well enough to reach the playoffs. They did, however, come up against a resurgent Cleveland Browns at the most inopportune moment. With four interceptions, Ben Roethlisberger suffered his worst game of his career. For the franchise, it was a humiliating and soul-crushing day at work (via Sporting News).

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Denver Broncos vs. Chicago Bears, Week 24 (2011)

The Broncos had a turbulent game since the Bears shut them out for the most of it. Their rookie quarterback, Tim Tebow, on the other hand, was capable of generating hysteria. Tebow Time was genuine, even if he wasn’t a great player. The Broncos had an opportunity to get back into the game when Marion Barber ran out of bounds.

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Tebow got Denver within striking distance of a 59-yard field goal attempt. Then, despite the distance, Curtis Prater hit it. Prater was the hero once again in overtime as he kicked a 51-yard field goal. The Bears were crushed because they were the superior team (via Denver Post).

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The New England Patriots take on the New York Jets in Week 23. (2019)

Another regular-season game that haunts the Gang Green’s sleep. They lost a heartbreaking shutout against their rivals at Foxborough. This was particularly disappointing considering the Jets had shown no indications of progress under head coach Adam Gase.

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The worst part was when QB Sam Darnold’s statements were picked up by a live mike. He lamented, “I’m seeing ghosts” (via Yahoo!). He became the NFL’s laughingstock almost immediately. On one of their most agonizing days in recent memory, the Jets were defeated 33-0.

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The Houston Texans take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 22. (2020)

In 2020, Kansas City won their first Super Bowl in 50 years. The Texans, on the other hand, came close to stopping them in their tracks in the wild-card round. After Patrick Mahomes’ outstanding regular-season performance, the Chiefs were considered favorites. Andy Reid, on the other hand, was a savvy and astute coach.

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The Chiefs, on the other hand, surprised everyone by storming out to a 24-point lead. It looked as though the Chiefs’ hopes were slipping quickly. But then they made an incredible comeback. They hammered Houston, winning 51-31. The Texans’ souls were crushed because they couldn’t halt the flood (via Penn Live).

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The Cincinnati Bengals take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 22. (2016)

The Bengals are no strangers to suffering. After all, it had been 31 years since the team had won a playoff game. By any measure, it is abhorrent. They corrected this in 2021, although they had previously made the playoffs on multiple occasions in the preceding decade. It’s simply a shame they weren’t able to secure a win.

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In 2016, it seemed that they had finally reached their limit. They overcame a 15-point deficit to take the lead over the Steelers. When Pittsburgh scored a field goal with seconds remaining on the clock, it put an end to their dream. This was also the Bengals’ sixth consecutive first-round defeat (via Clutchpoints).

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Dallas Cowboys at. Washington Football Team, Week 21 (2021)

In this devastating regular-season loss to the Cowboys in 2021, Washington was garbage. Because to Dan Snyder’s antics, the team had a lot of issues off the field. They did, however, gain goodwill on the field the previous season. In a sea of gloom, Alex Smith’s homecoming and Ron Rivera’s wisdom shone brightly.

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But this was a soul-crushing return to normality. Dallas crushed the Football Team at the AT&T Stadium. Meanwhile, a pair of Washington linemen had a scuffle on the sidelines. This was almost symbolic of the feelings of their long-suffering fans because it was such a shambles (via CNN).

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Green Bay Packers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, Week 20 (2011)

In Super Bowl XLV, the Steelers faced the Packers at Cowboys Stadium. It was a huge game with two of the finest quarterbacks in the league. The Steelers’ defense’s ability to handle Aaron Rodgers was questioned. Pittsburgh has the strongest defense in the NFL statistically, but it didn’t help them win (via Bleacher Report).

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They were unable to stop Rodgers from doing his thing. Meanwhile, Ben Roethlisberger had a bad performance that lost his team some points. For Steelers supporters, it was a heartbreaking day since the outcome should have been closer. The Packers had a terrific team, but the loss was disappointing at 31-25.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars will face the Miami Dolphins in Week 19 of the NFL season (2021)

The Dolphins put on a soul-crushing performance that destroyed their supporters. Before this game, the Jaguars were on a 20-game losing skid. In 2021, Urban Meyer was named head coach, and he guided the team to new lows. Despite this, he was able to pull off a win against the Dolphins.

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Tua Tagovailoa returned from rib fractures to play well against the Jaguars. On the day, though, it wasn’t enough. Jacksonville’s agony came to an end when Matthew Wright kicked the game-winning field goal. Meanwhile, Miami has become the NFL’s laughingstock (via Florida Times-Union).

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Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks, game number 18 (2014)

When their team isn’t involved, everyone enjoys a historic collapse. In the NFC Championship game versus Pittsburgh, the Packers lead 16-0 at halftime. Forbes estimated that they had a 94.4 percent probability of winning at this time. Green Bay, on the other hand, choked severely as a result of this.

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In the first half, Russell Wilson had a passer rating of 0.00. The Steelers, on the other hand, managed to fight back. With fewer than five minutes remaining, Green Bay enabled the Steelers to take the lead. The Packers then forced OT with a game-winning field goal. In the end, it didn’t matter since Seattle won the game and the overtime toss.

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New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills, Week 17 (2022)

The Bills had great hopes for 2022, but their performance dipped alarmingly late in the season. Meanwhile, the Patriots have signed rookie quarterback Mac Jones. They cheated their way into the playoffs in true New England manner.

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Pats supporters assumed they would win since they had previously defeated Buffalo in the regular season. The Bills, on the other hand, thrashed them 47-17, with Josh Allen throwing five touchdowns. The Patriots and Bill Belichick were completely humiliated. Buffalo enjoyed a near-perfect game, annihilating their opponents (via Sporting News).

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16. Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (2017)

Browns supporters were heartbroken after seeing their team lose 0-16 in this game. They are the first club to go winless in a season since 2008. Hue Jackson was unable to lead his club to a single win as the franchise imploded.

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Surprisingly, his time in Cleveland didn’t stop there. He was given another seven games by the front office to turn things around. The Browns were 2-5 before he was dismissed by the organization. In a 28-24 loss to the Steelers, Cleveland came close to erasing their names from history, but it wasn’t enough (via BBC).

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New England Patriots at. L.A. Chargers, Week 15 (2020)

The overall consequences weren’t as horrible as they were in some of the other games on this list, but they were still nasty. In 2020, the Patriots handed the Chargers their worst loss in franchise history, crushing them 45-0. The Chargers were shut out in a dreadful blowout (via SBNation).

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Anthony Lynn, for whatever reason, kept rookie quarterback Justin Herbert in the game the whole time. This had supporters crossing their fingers in anticipation of a needless injury to the star. In the City of Angels, it was a soul-crushing day that pushed the franchise backward.

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14. New England Patriots vs. Baltimore Ravens (2012)

The Ravens went into the NFC Championship game with great expectations of beating the Patriots. However, they were up against the ruthless Patriots, who are unrivaled in their ability to inflict sorrow. When Lee Evans dropped a Joe Flacco throw in the endzone late in the game, they trailed.

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For the wide receiver, it was a heartbreaking moment. He was only one reception away from taking his club to the Super Bowl. The Ravens then missed a field goal and were unable to force the game into overtime. It was devastating, but New England lucked out (via NBC Sports).

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13. San Francisco 49ers vs. Dallas Cowboys (2022)

Mike McCarthy’s first season as the Cowboys’ head coach was a disaster. In year two, they improved tremendously and advanced to the playoffs. Since their brilliant moment in the 1990s, ‘America’s Team’ has had a poor playoff record. They were the most marketable squad in the country, but they couldn’t deliver on the field.

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The Cowboys were favored over the 49ers, who were inconsistent. However, they were defeated in the wild-card round. This was devastating for their followers, who responded angrily. They tossed rubbish at the referees, severely tarnishing the game’s conclusion (via The Athletic).

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12. New Orleans Saints vs. Los Angeles Rams (2019)

Over the last several years, New England has seen its fair share of soul-crushing events. On the plus side, they almost always make the playoffs. It nearly always ends in tears, however. The NFC Championship game of the 2018 season is a case in point, as the Rams severely harmed them.

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Officials had a nightmare as well, but the Saints also mismanaged the clock. Finally, the game was decided in overtime, with the Saints winning the coin toss. However, for the first time since 2010, the loser of the coin toss won. Drew Brees’ ball was intercepted by the Rams, and the rest is history (via Washington Post).

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The San Francisco 49ers will face the Baltimore Ravens in Week 11 of the NFL season (2012)

Before 2012, the 49ers enjoyed an unbeaten Super Bowl record. The Ravens, on the other hand, put a stop to it in a soul-destroying manner. Baltimore had a 28-6 lead when the Niners were forced to take a break due to a power surge. Then San Francisco retaliated and clawed their way back into the game.

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Joe Flacco was having the game of his life, but it looked like San Francisco was gaining the upper hand. However, the Ravens’ great in-game coaching kept them alive and helped them win. The 49ers had a difficult break, but they put too much pressure on themselves (via New York Times).

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The New York Jets will face the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 10 of the NFL season (2011)

The Jets would kill for a result like this these days. That’s because it would indicate that they’re a fully functional team capable of reaching the playoffs. However, at the time, this was a soul-crushing outcome. Because the Jets fought back from a 24-0 deficit, it was especially harsh.

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They exhibited a tremendous amount of heart. It wasn’t enough in the end, as Pittsburgh advanced to their third Super Bowl appearance in six years. To add insult to injury, the Gang Green were the superior team. But it’s the end result that matters, and the Steelers came out on top (via Bleacher Report).

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9. Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans Saints (2011)

Another regular-season loss that made the list because it was such a rout. With Peyton Manning as quarterback, the Colts were used to winning. However, without him, the world was a completely different place. Drew Brees tossed five touchdown passes in this thrashing.

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Curtis Painter, on the other hand, was abysmal as the Colts went 0-7. Given the franchise’s reputation, this was a heartbreaking day for many followers. Manning sat in the stands above the game, watching the excruciating triumph develop. The Saints triumphed 62-7, setting new records for scores and margin of victory (via Fox Sports).

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8. Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints (2017)

The Miracle in Minneapolis was a two-edged sword. To begin with, it was an incredible moment for both the Vikings and Stefon Diggs. The wideout sealed the victory with a 61-yard touchdown. Marcus Williams, on the other hand, was crushed after missing his tackle.

image USA Today Sports is required credit.

All he could do was stand there in awe as Diggs bolted. As regular time expired, the receiver made history by scoring the game’s first touchdown. It was a crushing defeat for the Saints, who suffered a string of bad luck in the playoffs. Individual faults, on the other hand, are brutally exposed by teams in these games (via Sky Sports).

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The Carolina Panthers will face the Denver Broncos in Week 7 of the NFL season (2016)

The Panthers enjoyed a fantastic season in 2015, with Cam Newton having the best season of his career. With a 15-1 record, the rookie quarterback led his club to the Super Bowl. They were huge favorites against the Broncos, but in knockout football, form is irrelevant.

afp_7r096 USA Today Sports is required credit.

Carolina found out the hard way because the Broncos refused to lay down. With a great defensive effort, linebacker Von Miller received the game’s MVP award. Peyton Manning, meanwhile, became the first quarterback to earn rings with two different teams. For the Panthers, though, it was a squandered chance (via USA Today).

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6. San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers (2022)

The Packers suffered a humiliating loss despite being heavy favorites. For the most of the season, Aaron Rodgers was the villain, but he made up for it with his brilliance. He did, however, have a reputation for choking in the playoffs. He lived up to his reputation once again (via CBS Sports).

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In a close 13-10 win, San Francisco’s special teams led the way. Meanwhile, they sacked Rodgers five times and won the game on a field goal. Green Bay supporters were crushed since their team had a great opportunity to win the Super Bowl. It’s possible that this will be Rodgers’ last game with the team.

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5. Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions (2015)

After Aaron Rodgers’ incredible Hail Mary, this game was dubbed the ‘Miracle in Motown.’ The Lions, on the other hand, were crushed. That’s because they believed they’d done all they could to ensure success. In the NFL, unfortunately, anything can happen.

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Detroit was up 20-0 before collapsing and the Packers rallying. With seconds to go, they were still ahead. Then, on the game’s last play, Rodgers delivered a 61-yard touchdown throw to shatter the Lions’ hearts (via CBS Sports). It was also upsetting since it put an end to Detroit’s fragile playoff chances.

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4. New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons (2017)

In 2017, the Falcons squandered a Super Bowl victory. Dan Quinn’s team seemed to be on the verge of a historic triumph. They held a 28-3 advantage against the Patriots before they suffered a nervous breakdown. Perhaps they didn’t like Lady Gaga’s halftime performance because something went horribly wrong.

2016-new-england-patriots-2 USA Today Sports is required credit.

The Patriots were able to retain their momentum by forcing the game into overtime. Quinn and his team also made several dubious decisions, which didn’t help matters. Then, after winning the coin toss, New England won the game in overtime. The Falcons lost in a horrible manner, but it was their fault (via Sporting News).

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3. New England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs (2020)

In 2020, the Chiefs were on the losing end of a coin flip. This overtime loss sparked a discussion over whether the present system is fair. After all, Patrick Mahomes, the NFL’s most gifted young quarterback, was denied entry to the game.

1087036936 USA Today Sports is required credit.

It’s a compliment to Tom Brady that he stayed ice-cold throughout the game. On their first drive, he assisted his team in scoring a walk-off touchdown. But this was heartbreaking for the Chiefs’ long-suffering supporters. Following this defeat, Kansas City sought a rule change to the NFL, but it was not implemented (via Business Insider). 

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2. Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills (2022)

This was one of the best postseason games in NFL history. Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes battled it out in a quarterback duel for the ages. The Bills seemed to have done enough to secure a victory. But, in the last seconds, the Chiefs booted their way into overtime.

1345927258-1-scaled USA Today Sports is required credit.

The Chiefs also won the coin toss. Mahomes was ruthless, securing victory in only 13 seconds. He connected with Travis Kelce for the game-winning score. For the Bills, this was soul-crushing because they put their hearts and souls into this effort. It also sparked a discussion about whether or not the overtime coin toss is fair (via Sportsnet).

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1. New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks (2015)

Pete Carroll’s nightmares are haunted by this heartbreaking setback. In Super Bowl XLIX, the Seahawks came within inches of defeating the Patriots. Russell Wilson chose to attempt a ball from a yard away from the Patriots’ goalline. Marshawn Lynch, a five-time Pro Bowl running back, was the other choice.

russell-wilson-super-bow-interception-2 USA Today Sports is required credit.

Wilson’s ball was memorably intercepted by New England rookie Malcolm Butler. It was a tense moment, as many supporters slammed Carroll’s decision right away. Statistically, though, he made the correct decision (via Sports Illustrated). It was heartbreaking, too, since they were so close to finding another elusive ring.

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