New World Territory Standing Explained

What is the difference between a territory and a country?

The new world territory standing guide is a good article that explains the new world territory standing system.

You’ll have to balance a few distinct leveling systems while playing New World, and one of them is called Territory Standing. 

Standing is a distinct system from your character’s level, and it may provide a number of benefits for each of New World’s regions. In Aeturnum, there are 14 distinct territories, each with its own Territory Standing gauge that you must increase. This is how you do it.

How to Improve Your Territory’s Position in the New World


Because a number of actions contribute to Territory Standing in New World, you’ve probably been increasing it without even recognizing it. Almost every activity you accomplish, including missions, fighting monsters, crafting, and completing Town Projects, awards you with a little amount of Territory Standing.

It’s essential to remember that the Standing experience you get only applies to the Territory you’re in right now, and each of the 14 Territories levels up on its own. 

When you reach a certain level, you’ll be notified that you have points to spend. To do so, press “M” to view your map, then choose the Territory Standing tab. Here are four options for you to select from, each with its own set of advantages. These will have the greatest impact on your development or gathering.

With each increase in Territory Standing, you will be able to choose a new advantage for that region. At the present, Territory Standing, also known as Reputation, has a limit of 300 for each region in New World, meaning you can only earn 300 Standing bonuses per area.

Bonuses for having the best territory standing


Standing in New World offers 10 distinct benefits, but you’ll only have four to select from at each level, as previously mentioned. Here’s a list of all the bonuses and what they do. 

  • Increases the number of Faction Tokens you get from PvE and PvP missions.
  • Gathering Pace – Increases the speed of your gathering by a modest amount.
  • Increases the amount of space available for housing things.
  • House Ownership — Unlocked at level 10, this ability allows you to purchase real estate in the area.
  • EXP Gain Increased – Increases your EXP gain by a modest amount.
  • Increased Standing Earn – Adds a tiny percentage to the amount of Standing you gain.
  • Property Tax Reduction – If you own a home in the Territory, you may get a weekly property tax reduction.
  • Cost Reduction at Refining and Crafting Stations – Lowers the fee at certain stations.
  • Increases the amount of storage you have available in the Territory.
  • Trading Levy Reduction – Lowers the tax on goods purchased and sold at the Trading Post.

Some of these Standing incentives may not even apply to you, since three of them may be skipped if you aren’t interested in buying a home. Increase Standing Earn is a good advantage to have in general since it helps you to gain standing quicker and therefore receive more bonuses. 

After then, it’s entirely up to you and your preferred playing style. Focus on Station Fee Reduction if you’re performing a lot of crafting, or the Faction Tokens perk if you’re completing a lot of Factions missions. 

That is all there is to know about Territory Standing in the New World. If you need more assistance, go over some of our other New World tutorials.

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