NBA Refs Scott Foster, Ed Malloy Didn’t Get the Jack Harlow Hype at the Boston Celtics Game

Boston Celtics Game
Scott Foster, Ed Malloy Didn’t Get the Jack Harlow Hype at the Boston Celtics Game. The NBA refs who made a game-saving decision during tonight’s Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia 76ers contest were introduced to thousands of people watching in person and on TV. Scott Foster and Ed Malloy had just finished their first official regular season match when they got an assignment for this evening’s game-changing sequence with less than 5 minutes left in regulation time. They went from being anonymous faces off the court to getting cheered by every single fan inside TD Garden as soon as they walked onto it, but did not get any attention or recognition until after play was over. What makes things even more interesting is that neither man has ever refereed a professional basketball game before and have only been doing so since September 29th this year, meaning both referees are rookies themselves!
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Introduction: We all know about how important sports can impact society through positive outlets such as inspiring young athletes while motivating people to be better versions of themselves without violence; however, there can also be negative impacts like encouraging bullying within schools through team rivalries among students which may lead them down different paths later in life because of these experiences where some decide to take up athletics professionally whereas others might become coaches or teachers due to having developed certain qualities needed for leadership roles based on what happened early on in their childhoods – Sports Forever

All eyes are usually on NBA referee Scott Foster. Throughout the years, many people, particularly Chris Paul supporters, have attacked the experienced official.

On Sunday, all eyes were on Foster, who seemed perplexed during a timeout while working Game 1 of the Boston Celtics vs. Milwaukee Bucks in Boston. The arena’s jumbotron panned the audience during a lull in the action, revealing the celebs. When the big screen focused on rapper Jack Harlow, Foster and referee Ed Malloy, who were both mic’d up for the game, had an unusual chat.

Tonight’s Warriors vs. Grizzlies game will be officiated by Scott Foster.


Scott-Foster-ref-1024x682 On March 27, 2022, in Phoenix, Arizona, referee Scott Foster listens to Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns during the second half of an NBA game at Footprint Center. Getty Images/Christian Petersen

Foster might be a welcome sight in Memphis tonight for the Golden State Warriors. Draymond Green was dismissed from the Warriors after a controversial flagrant 2 penalty was called during Game 1 against the Grizzlies on Sunday, resulting in Green’s dismissal.

Foster is a controversial NBA referee who has been in charge of games for the past 25 years. He’s well recognized for a peculiar statistic he has in the games Paul plays.

When Paul’s Phoenix Suns faced the New Orleans Pelicans in Round 1, he created headlines. The Suns lost the one game Foster reffed in that series. With Foster working, Paul has now lost 14 consecutive playoff games.

Paul’s winning run started in 2008, when the San Antonio Spurs upset Paul’s New Orleans Hornets in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, and it is still continuing. Paul was a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2020, and the Rockets defeated them in a dramatic Game 7 with Foster as the referee. Paul’s playoff defeat was his 11th in a row as a result of a Foster-refused game.

Following that game, Paul made his sentiments towards Foster known.

According to NBA on ESPN, an emotional Paul stated after the playoff defeat, “They’re shooting a lot of free throws, last night, today.” “If I had to bet, I’d say 11 in a row.” In a row, we’ve won eleven games in a row. “It’s been eleven games in a row.”

On Sunday, Scott Foster and Ed Malloy had a hilarious conversation about Jack Harlow.

During a timeout in Sunday’s Celtics vs. Bucks game, the Celtics attempted to energize the crowd by projecting some local favorites onto the big screen above mid-court. They showed Patriots owner Robert Kraft and actor Donnie Wahlberg, who both received a standing ovation. Harlow was then seen sitting courtside.

Over the weekend, Harlow was in town for a performance and received a standing ovation. The mic’d up referees had a fantastic talk as a result of this.

“Who is Jack Harlow?” you may wonder. Malloy was questioned by Foster.

Malloy said, “I have no clue.”

“This person over here with the white shirt,” says the narrator.

“Can you tell me who he is?”

“I’m not sure.” Go ahead and ask him.”

Harlow is a rapper from Kentucky who is 24 years old. His track “First Class,” released in 2022, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

Harlow replies to the conversation between Foster and Malloy.

SportsCenter broadcasted a video of the discussion, and Harlow was quick to reply. The musician demonstrated that he has a good sense of humour.

Harlow tweeted, “Clearly these mfs have never visited Narnia.”

Harlow’s retort was in reaction to a joke about his resemblance to Mr. Tumnus, a male deer from Narnia’s The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

With a 101-89 win, the Bucks snatched homecourt advantage from the Celtics. The clubs will meet again for Game 2 on Tuesday.

If we’re being really honest, Foster and Malloy weren’t the only ones who didn’t recognize Harlow. When he appeared on the big screen, I had to bend over to my adolescent daughter and inquire who he was.

Because of Brook Lopez, Charles Barkley believes the Boston Celtics’ winning streak will come to an end against the Milwaukee Bucks.

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