Earlier this year, a friend of mine (Bobby) told me a story of a game of Muck I played with him. It was at an ice cream shop, when we were five. We played this game you see in the picture, where you throw a ball from one side of the shop to the other and try to hit the doll in the middle with it. It’s not very hard, but when you’re five, it can be a lot of fun. I don’t know if it’s because we’re both ten years old now, or because I’m maturing, or because he’s getting older than me, but this time he beat me. I mean, I told him to lose, but he won. ~~

When things go downhill, it takes time to get back on track. If you’re on the right path, making good decisions, then the correct path will be a matter of time. The same is true when it comes to a few million dollars. If you’re basing your entire life on a particular sport, a certain person, or the flip of a coin, then you’re not taking the best possible path to a lifetime of success and wealth.

Big Chunk is the first big boss that players can face in the survival game Muck. This giant stone golem is very dangerous, so you must be prepared to face it. In this guide you will find tips and tricks to beat Big Chunk in Muck.

This boss has a great booty. If you manage to beat him, you also play the David vs. Goliath achievement free, which was added in the last update 3.

How to beat Big Chunk in Muck

Preparing for battle

Big Chunk is a boss made entirely of stone, making him weak against blunt weapons, and especially against apickaxe. The stronger your deck, the more damage you deal to Big Chunk.

First of all, you need to make an adamantite deck, which is the strongest deck in the game:

  • 10x oak
  • 5x bark
  • 10x Adamantite rod

This weapon deals 40 points of damage with each hit, allowing even an upgraded version of Big Chunk to be killed quickly.

You must also protect yourself from the damage caused by his attack. The Adamantite armor is the best for this purpose because it provides the best protection.

The adamantite armor can be made with the following recipe on an anvil and with a pickaxe:

  • Headset: 5x Adamantite Rod
  • Front panel: 15x Adamantite rod
  • Pants: 15x Adamantite rod
  • Boots: 5x Adamantite Rod

Once your equipment and weapons are ready, you need to collect some important upgrades that will help you to z. B. Big Chunk:

  • Blue tablets
  • Red Pills
  • Halters
  • Jetpacks
  • Crimson Dagger
  • Horseshoe
  • sniper sight
  • Knuts Hammer
  • Wings of Glory
  • Berserker

You may not find all of these items in your loot boxes, but you can put a sniper scope to good use. Although it was lowered in the last update, it is still quite powerful. Every third shot does the same amount of damage.

You also need to find as many jetpacks as possible. The higher you can jump, the less damage Big Chunk can do to you, since all of his attacks are aimed at the ground.

Fighting with a large company

Big Chunk is rather slow, which can work to your advantage in combat, but his attacks are heavy, so learn all his tricks before you start the fight. As usual, the fight with Big Chunk can be started after interacting with his statue.

This boss has three main attack phases:

  1. Grand Slam
  2. Cleaning
  3. Jump Bang

The first attack can be fatal, but can be easily avoided. He strikes the ground with his stone club, sending numerous stone projectiles in the direction of the base. As soon as he swings his mace, moves aside and stands behind him to hit his legs and feet with the pickaxe.

The second attack is very similar to Bob’s dragon attack, hitting in a semicircle. This time you have to either jump back, or quickly move into his back , using the jetpacks. The last option is more useful, as you can use this position to inflict more damage.

The third attack is the most dangerous, especially since you can’t dodge it. Big Chunk leaps into the air and lands on his feet, scattering stone projectiles in all directions. The best way to avoid this attack is to find a cover such as. B. a hiding place behind dense trees or hills.

This also means that the choice of area. Where you fight Big Chunk can play a role in your victory, so try to find hilly terrain. Finally, you can carry a bow and arrow to hit him from cover.


After defeating the Big Chunk, it will bring you the following items depending on your luck:

  • Corner (50-100) : 100%
  • Rock (25-50): 100%
  • Iron ore (10-25) : 80%
  • Chunkiumerts (5-20) : 50%
  • Antique Core: 33%
  • Mithrilerz (10-25) : 30%
  • Hameras: 10%

That’s all you need to know to beat Big Chunk in the game Muck. For more tips and advice on Muck , visit our hub page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you beat the big chunks?

The big chunks are the ones that are too big to be eaten by a bird. They can be broken up into smaller pieces with your hands or a stick.

Is there a way to beat muck?

Yes, there is a way to beat muck. It’s called “mucking out.”

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