Minecraft: Mud Brick Crafting Guide

Anyone who has played Minecraft knows the importance of building their own home. However, crafting can be a time-consuming process and is typically completed by hand or with some sort of tool that may break easily when used too much. Thanks to 3D printing technology, anyone with access to a printer can craft mud bricks quicker than ever before!

The “minecraft mud brick recipe” is a guide on how to craft mud bricks in Minecraft. It includes the materials and the steps needed for crafting these bricks.



One of the less noticeable additions to the new Mangrove Swamp biome in Minecraft 1.19 is the availability of Mud Blocks that may be utilized to create Mud Bricks for buildings.

Mud Bricks may presently be used to make three different things: Mud Brick Walls, Mud Brick Stairs, and Mid Brick Slabs. The bricks themselves must first be made, and we’ll show you how to accomplish so in this article.

Before you can create the bricks, you need to get your hands muddy and acquire Mud Blocks, but fortunately there are two methods to accomplish so.

Getting Mud Blocks

If you can discover a mangrove swamp, there is a ton of muck there. You can locate enough of it, and it’s simple enough to dig up with or without tools. However, if a mangrove swamp and the muddy soil it contains are not available, you may still utilize certain common dirt blocks.

A Water Bottle may be used to add water to a Dirt Block to transform it into a Mud Block. Although it may not be the most effective choice, this will work in a pinch.

Create a mudpack

The next step on this crafting journey is to Create a mudpack. You can Create a mudpack by combining one Mud with one Wheat.

To make four Mud Bricks, you need four Packed Mud at once.

Finally, one of the three Mud constructions may be created at this point. These don’t produce as evenly as the recipe for the bricks itself do. According to Minecraft 1.19, you may create the following three objects with mud bricks:

  • 3 packed mud is required for 6 mud brick slabs.
  • 6 Packs of Mud are needed for 4 Mud Brick Stairs.
  • For each brick wall, 6 packed mud is needed.

An alternative is to utilize a Stonecutter to only use one brick per wall, stair, or slab. Either approach will work since the difference is only noticeable for the stairs.

That is all there is to know about creating and using mud bricks in version 1.19 of Minecraft. Check out our Minecraft seed lists and Minecraft instructions for some of the other Minecraft stuff we have available on GameSkinny.

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