Midnight Ghost Hunt: Best Hunter Gear

With the popularity of hunter-based games such as Monster Hunter, it’s no mystery that some people would like to try their hands at hunting. But finding yourself in a perfect spot for your first hunt can be difficult if you’re not sure what gear is best suited to get you through each encounter.

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a game where you are tasked with hunting down ghosts in the dark. It’s best to use protective gear such as night vision goggles and infrared flashlights.

Midnight Ghost Hunt: Best Hunter Gear



The greatest hunter gear in Midnight Ghost Hunt will change depending on the situation. Tracking gadgets, utility gadgets, support gadgets, trapping gadgets, mobility gadgets, and offensive gadgets are the six categories of gear currently available in the game.

Only the greatest hunter gear in Midnight Ghost Hunt will be included in this guide. You’ll know which gadgets to employ for your individual loadouts, which perks and guns to utilize for greater synergy, and how to use this gear against ghosts successfully.

Midnight Ghost Hunt’s Best Hunter Gear


In Midnight Ghost Hunt, there are a lot of distracting devices, but none of them compare to Traps. You may use them to slow down and capture ghosts, preventing them from fleeing, as well as to disable their ghost powers while they’re imprisoned.

Hunters may employ traps to block entrances to a large degree, and with the Extra Gear perk, you can prevent ghosts from congregating by placing a few of extra traps in ghost-infested locations.


Before midnight, ghost hunters must use one of their tracking equipment to locate spirits on the map. Radar is without a doubt the greatest of them all!

One of the most significant benefits of the Radar is that it detects ghost presence across a wide area, while the Spectrophone must be aimed in a certain direction to detect ghosts, and Pathfinder can only see new ghost footprints that vanish after 15 seconds. For this reason, radar is definitely among the greatest hunting gear available.

When it comes to finding ghosts and the things they hold, Radar is just unmatched and considerably more dependable.


In Midnight Ghost Hunt, finding and killing ghosts is just half of the task. because you have to hoover up their shards to make sure they’re gone You can easily vacuum them up and not have to worry about them again till midnight if you use Vacuum.

In fact, every hunting squad need at least one Vacuum player who is in charge of gathering ghostly remnants. It’s a disgusting task, but its need elevates it to the top of the hunter’s equipment list.


Grenades are ideal for hunters that want to go all-out offensive, chasing down and bombing ghosts as they flee.

The nicest thing about grenades is that if they are hit squarely, they cling to ghosts. In such circumstance, a single explosion may instantly kill a ghost, but it normally takes two to completely destroy them.

Grenades may also be used to demolish bigger things that are inhabited by ghosts and can’t be damaged with conventional weaponry.

Hunters can only carry two grenades by default, but with the Extra Gear perk, they may carry three. Grenades are among of the greatest hunting gear, whether used with or without Extra Gear.

Medic Kit

This is a self-explanatory example. You may either use it to immediately heal another hunter or put it on the ground at a certain spot so that your teammates know where to go if they need to heal.

The nicest thing about the Medic Kit is that it has three distinct heals that may be utilized by three different hunters. You may also carry two kits with a total of six heals if you have the Extra Gear perk.


Plastic explosives are used in a similar way as grenades, however C4 cannot be hurled. It must first be stuck to a prop, and then it must be detonated with a remote control.

One thing to keep in mind while using C4 is that you should back away before detonating it, since you might be caught in the blast.

C4 has a huge damage output, and with only two of these explosives, you can insta-kill a possessed prop of any size, no matter how large it is. This is a more difficult device to operate, but it is unquestionably one of the greatest pieces of hunting gear for experienced and aggressive hunters.

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Those gadgets are the Midnight Ghost Hunt’s Best Hunter Gear. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Midnight Ghost Hunt tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.

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