Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley Laughed off Kobe Bryant’s Suggestion the 2012 Team USA Would Beat the Original Dream Team

Given Kobe Bryant’s success in the past few years, you’d think he’d be more confident about his ability to lead the U.S. men’s basketball team to the gold medal in London. However, Kobe recently questioned whether the 2012 U.S. squad would be able to match the original Dream Team, which won the summer Olympics in 1992. “We’ll see how the old guys look,” Bryant said in a recent interview. “I can’t wait to see the old guys on the floor and see how they do against this young team. The old guys are going to be like, ‘Man, we can’t compete with these guys.’ I think there’s a lot of pressure on us to come out and do well. We

In an article published by USA Today, Kobe Bryant said that he believes that the Team USA would beat the ‘Dream Team’ in a match up.  At the time, the article noted that the original Dream Team was considered one of the greatest teams ever assembled. Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, once considered the best players in the NBA, laughed off the idea.

Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley Laughed off Kobe Bryant’s Suggestion the 2012 Team USA Would Beat the Original Dream Team

There will never be a definitive solution to an ongoing issue without access to a time machine. Even as the 2020 (or 2021) edition of Team USA participates in the Tokyo Olympics, controversy rages over two of the team’s most illustrious incarnations. Two players on the 2012 London team, Bryant, Kobe and LeBron James, said they could defeat the most famous team in American basketball history. Michael Jordan is a basketball player who was born in and Charles Barkley is a professional basketball player., on the other hand, were not persuaded.

The 1992 Dream Team is still considered the pinnacle of American basketball. That squad didn’t simply defeat opponents; they annihilated them. After that, they signed autographs for their opponents. But, given we’re in the middle of another Olympic cycle, it’s interesting revisiting the story of the tape in what would be a truly titanic battle.

For all they accomplished, Michael Jordan and the Dream Team are inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame inducted the 1992 USA Basketball Olympic squad in 2009. The whole group. One of two Olympic teams enshrined in Springfield, Massachusetts is the Dream Team. With the Dream Team, the 1960 U.S. Olympic team, which included future Hall of Famers Walt Bellamy, Jerry Lucas, Oscar Robertson, and Jerry West, was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2010.

In 1992, how successful was Team USA? The Dream Team’s main concern heading into the Barcelona Games was “by how much?” There was no doubt in my mind that USA Basketball would win the gold medal. 11 of the team’s 12 players have been inducted into the Hall of Fame as individual players. In 1996, ten of them were included to the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players list.

Team USA averaged 43.8 points per game in its eight games. Their closest match for the gold medal came against Croatia, which they blew away by 32 points. What about Michael Jordan? He wasn’t even the top scorer for Team USA.

In the competition semifinals, Squad USA defeated Lithuania by 51 points, including four players from the former Soviet Union team that won the gold medal in 1988.

Even for an all-time great like Kobe Bryant, that’s a formidable resume to overcome.

In his matchup against the Dream Team in 2012, Kobe Bryant made a big assertion.

In 2012, USA Basketball’s London roster included some of the top players in the NBA. With an 8–0 record and an average of 115.5 points per game, they won the gold medal. In group play, Nigeria was defeated by a score of 156–63, the biggest margin of victory in Olympic history. However, Team USA lost two games by single digits.

At a press conference, Kobe Bryant likened the 2012 club to the 1992 team, and his response drew considerable attention.

“It would be difficult, but I believe we could pull it off. People who believe we can’t defeat that squad in a single game are insane. It’s ridiculous to sit there and say we can’t. We’ll be able to defeat them once.”

Kobe Bryant

Later, he modified his position, clarifying that he did not claim the 2012 team was better than the 1992 squad.

When Charles Barkley heard Bryant’s remarks, he confessed to laughing. Michael Jordan felt the same way.

“Comparing those two squads is not one of the wiser decisions he could have made.”

Charles Barkley

From the 2012 USA Basketball roster, only Bryant is a member of the Hall of Fame. Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, James Harden, LeBron James, Chris Paul, and Russell Westbrook have all but punched their tickets to the NBA Finals. Others already have or will have impressive resumes.

However, the 1992 Dream Team had certain benefits over its 20-year-later counterpart.

Basketball’s global expansion was sparked by the Dream Team.

Kobe Bryant thought the 2012 USA Basketball team could have beaten the original 1992 Dream Team. Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan begged to differ.

Kobe Bryant thought the 2012 USA Basketball team could have beaten the original 1992 Dream Team. Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan begged to differ. On Sunday, August 12, 2012, Kobe Bryant (10) of the United States of America slam dunks against Spain during their Gold Medal game at the North Greenwich Arena at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, England. On-court during the men’s basketball tournament at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, Michael Jordan (L) and teammate Charles Barkley (R) of the Dream Team chat. | Harry E. Walker/Tribune News Service via Getty Images | Sportswire Icon

There were 23 foreign players on the rosters of the NBA’s 27 teams prior to the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. At the start of the 2011–12 season, there were 103, an almost five-fold increase. That expansion was driven by the original Dream Team.

The rest of the world has a generation to catch up with for the 2012 London Olympics. International players were All-Stars, NBA MVPs, and had long ago lost their novelty status.

Kobe Bryant’s allegation wasn’t as ridiculous as it seemed. Given his competitive mentality, he would never acknowledge in advance that he was a member of a squad that had little chance of winning. In a 2012 interview, Barkley, like Michael Jordan, stated it simply.

“I don’t believe anybody else on their squad makes our team except Kobe, LeBron, and Kevin Durant.”

Michael Jordan

That isn’t too far-fetched to contemplate. Given the required technology to get the two teams together at the same time, it would be an entertaining game to witness.

At the very least, we’d know this. Team USA is the team to bet on.

USA Basketball provided the statistics.

Kevin Durant, the Olympic basketball star, has 5 little-known facts about him.

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