The Rams’ offense was a disaster last season, but the team has new hope in their quarterback, Matthew Stafford. With an improved offensive line and more weapons on the field, Stafford is ready to lead his team to victory this season.

Matthew Stafford led the charge for a new-look Rams team that was making things happen on Sunday. Read more in detail here: matthew stafford contract rams.

To take the next step, the Los Angeles Rams brought in experienced quarterback Matthew Stafford. The Rams have been excellent, but not good enough, only three years after reaching the Super Bowl. Stafford, a 33-year-old starting his 13th season in the NFL, was acquired by the Rams in a trade.

Stafford is a step up from Jared Goff, who was sent to the Detroit Lions as part of the transaction. The Rams improve under Stafford, but their window of opportunity shrinks. So far, Stafford has done a decent job of “making things happen” in his tenure with the Rams.

Matthew Stafford wanted to play with the Detroit Lions for the rest of his career.


Matthew-Stafford-1-1024x683 On August 28, 2021, in Denver, Colorado, Matthew Stafford of the Los Angeles Rams watches as teammates warm up before a game against the Denver Broncos at Empower Field at Mile High. | Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Stafford and the Lions were unable to complete the task. Stafford reached the playoffs three times in his 12 years in Detroit. With him at the helm, the Lions never won a playoff game. Stafford aspired to be one of the few players in history to play his whole career in the same place. He understood that if the club didn’t make the playoffs, they’d be looking for a new start.

Stafford was traded to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for Goff, who is considerably younger, and three draft choices.

He told the Detroit Free Press earlier this year, “I never imagined I’d end my career somewhere else.”

“To be honest, it was probably before last season when (wife) Kelly and I began talking about it. It was one of those situations when we were hoping that, by golly, let’s go, I hope this thing takes off and we have a wonderful time. But if it doesn’t, you already knew what would happen. They planned to deconstruct it and reconstruct it.”

Both Stafford and the Lions get a new start. Stafford and the Rams kick off their season against the Chicago Bears on Sunday night at home.

With the Rams, Matthew Stafford is generating a buzz.

In Los Angeles, the buzz is genuine. Even before the season starts, there is discussion about the Super Bowl. The Rams have qualified for the playoffs three times in the past four years, and the dream is now much greater. Everyone on the squad can sense Stafford’s presence.

On how the Rams will adapt, left tackle Andrew Whitworth told The Orange County Register, “I think truly it’s the whole.” “When you look at what we’ve done over the past several years, and everything Sean’s been able to accomplish as a coordinator and head coach, and you pair it with a player like Stafford, it’s the chance for him to have the success he deserves.”

Jalen Ramsey, a cornerback with the Los Angeles Rams, has already seen a change with the club, claiming he’s “making things happen.”

“I believe some of the top qualities that he has always had, like putting the ball right on the money on people and throwing guys open, will be able to be displayed a little bit more this year, hopefully.”

Stafford will wear a different uniform for the same game.

Stafford is well aware that his new club will scrutinize him. It will be against a team he knows when he takes the first snap from center on Sunday, but his new teammates aren’t. Stafford faced the Bears twice a year as a member of the Lions, so he has a little advantage going into the matchup.

“I’m accustomed to seeing the Bears a couple of times a year, and this time I’ll simply be facing them in a different uniform,” Stafford said.

Stafford, like the Rams, is ready to get started. The presence of the seasoned quarterback has instilled a calm confidence in the squad.

“He (Stafford) has a lot of experience to draw on, but it will be his first chance to run it out as our guy,” Rams offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell said. “I don’t believe there’s a single person in the locker room who doesn’t want to see him accomplish that and lead us.”

“He (Stafford) can do a lot of things for us,” said wide receiver Cooper Kupp. “Watching it all come to life will be thrilling.”

The Rams are hoping that their offseason move will pay off right away.

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Matthew Stafford Leads Charge for New-Look Rams and ‘Making Things Happen’. The Detroit Lions quarterback led the team to a 14-10 victory over the Los Angeles Rams in Week 1 of the 2018 season. Reference: stafford age.

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