Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has a reputation for being a loudmouth, but he has always been a businessman. He was the one who urged the NBA to move to a new town, and when the Mavs were struggling to keep up with the NBA’s other top teams, he was the one who came up with the idea of recruiting a few top-tier players to the team.  He is even credited with making the Mavs a model franchise in how to build a winning team, and is possibly the only owner in the NBA who has no problems sharing his opinion.  The only problem is that some of those opinions have turned into complaints, as the Mavs have not been able to keep pace with their competition in

A number of recent events in sports have shown that Mark Cuban has to restore his credibility before he can repair his NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks. He has to take the time to understand the issues that are causing his team to lose (the “what’s” of it), and then he has to take the time to fix the “how” of it (by making the right decisions in the right way).

Billionaire Mark Cuban was there when one of the cryptocurrencies crashed this week. Surprisingly, a financial meltdown due to a risky investment wasn’t the worst thing that could happen to the brazen owner of the Dallas Mavericks. An NBA team with one of the best and most exciting young players these days looks more like a disorder than an organization. Cuban can no longer deny that there are problems with the Mavericks’ brain. Management is a mess right now, just like the crypto-currency flavor of the week.

Mark Cuban lost money on something called TITAN.

word-image-11139 word-image-11140 Dallas Mavericks coach Mark Cuban is expected to replace the general manager and coach this offseason. | Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images A cryptocurrency called IRON Titanium Token, better known as TITAN, plummeted in value this week, dropping from $60 to a penny in a matter of hours after large investors began selling. I was as moved as anyone, Cuban wrote on Twitter, suggesting that he had sold the stock before its value hit bottom. Cuban is a supporter of cryptocurrencies, the best known of which is bitcoin. Over the past year, bitcoin has been as low as $8,975 and as high as $64,823. On Friday, it stood at $35,556. Despite this volatility, Cuban wrote on his blog this week that many financial institutions should be concerned about competition from cryptocurrencies, according to Newsweek. On the other hand, other NBA owners now have less reason to worry about competition from the Mavericks.

Cuban reacted angrily to the news of theMavericks

. The Athletic published a story Monday about the tensions within the Mavericks’ front office, particularly the dispute between star defenseman Luka Doncic and Haralabos Voulgaris, who has become something of a de facto general manager even though Donnie Nelson actually holds the title. Mr. Cuban immediately responded with a tweet, calling the news absurd. Within days, Cuban fired Nelson – the team said it was a mutual decision to leave – and head coach Rick Carlisle left with two years left on his contract. In retrospect, Cuban shouldn’t have called BS on the original report. Better yet, Mr. Cuban would be one step ahead and could potentially avoid trouble in a business that is both a valuable part of his financial empire and his passion. Cuban sits on the field during games and often travels with the Mavericks, but his response to Doncic’s injury at the hands of Vulgaris was to sit not with Vulgaris but with Michael Finley, another front office executive, in a symbolic show of solidarity with Doncic.

Owner to reauthorise

. Nelson was in action the night the Mavericks acquired Doncic in a draft pick swap with the Atlanta Hawks, and the 22-year-old Slovenian felt a connection to him. With Nelson gone, Voulgaris will be the primary trade and design specialist until Cuban hires a new general manager/president. But here’s the thing: Nelson has been coaching for 15 years and working in the Dallas office for more than two decades, but he thinks Voulgaris, a former sports analyst, has more influence with the owners. Is there a good candidate CEO among them who would be comfortable with this dynamic? Cuban doesn’t need to fire anyone else, but he needs to make it clear to the next GM and Doncic that Voulgaris is purely advisory and doesn’t have the final say on the makeup of the team. He is no more influential than any other data source on the team, Cuban said in response to The Athletic. The problem is that for this week, that statement would have qualified him as an equal to Nelson. And it happened around the same time Cuban was calling it all a failure. There is a consistency issue here that creates a trust issue with the owner. All statistics are from Basketball Reference. Like Sportscasting on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter @sportscasting19 . COMPARED TO: Mavericks owner Mark Cuban chastised ESPN’s Zach Lowe in defending Luka Doncic

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