Marcus Smart is the player NBA fans love to hate. He’s the player who’s most likely not going to make an All-NBA team, because he didn’t earn enough minutes on a bad team. He’s the player who’s probably not going to make an All-Star team, because he doesn’t shoot the ball well enough to make an impact. He’s the player who no-showed on the biggest stage, because he was dealing with a family issue.

Following the Boston Celtics’ 114-111 loss to the New Orleans Pelicans on Wednesday, NBA fans were quick to criticize their team’s teammate, Marcus Smart. Not for his performance, but for not being able to hit three-pointers. He missed his first attempt from beyond the arc, and was booed by the fans.

In the months leading up to the 2017 NBA Draft, Marcus Smart’s name was consistently linked to the draft, even though he had only one year of collegiate basketball experience with the University of Oklahoma.  The Wichita State product was the cornerstone of the Shockers’ run to the Final Four and the Big 12 Player of the Year. As a result of his play, he helped lead the Shockers to an average of 28.7 wins per season, the highest number of wins in the nation over the last ten years.. Read more about marcus smart players’ tribune and let us know what you think.

He’s been dubbed a flopper, an instigator, and a lot of other things. Marcus Smart has been around the block a few times. If you’re an opponent or a Celtics fan, the Boston Celtics guard has a way of getting under your skin. On the court, Smart, the guy everyone loves to despise, recently demonstrated that this is not the case off it.

Marcus Smart has always had a knack for getting under people’s skin.


Marcus-Smart-Boston-Celtics-1-1024x683 On June 1, 2021, in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, Marcus Smart of the Boston Celtics reacts against the Brooklyn Nets in Game 5 of the first round of the 2021 NBA Playoffs at Barclays Center. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images/Steven Ryan) )

You adore Smart if he’s on your team. He’ll be the one to perform the grunt labor. He’ll be in control. He’s the person that drives you crazy if he’s not on your side.

Danny Pommels of NBC Sports Philadelphia stated, “He’s the guy you’d want to have on your side, but you never want to play against.” “I see Marcus Smart as a guy who plays picks in Timbs or high-top Air Forces. At a barbeque, he’s a gnat. It’s just infuriating. However, that would be great. Every club wants a player of that caliber.”

Smart is the Celtics’ longest-serving player. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are NBA All-Stars, and he’s the team’s glue. On and off the court, he’s the boss.

“They would adore that guy if he was in Philly,” remarked Ben Berry, also of NBC Sports Philadelphia. “Because he’s all guts, drive, hustle, and gritty plays,” she says. Yes, he flops at times and has a little Kyle Lowry in him, but I believe that the basketball IQ that he brings to the Celtics improves them in many situations.”

Marcus Smart just shown that disliking him off the court is difficult.

Smart is a force on the court, but he’s also active in the community. Smart’s YounGameChanger Foundation, which provides advice and encouragement to inner-city student-athletes, is a big part of his life. It also helps pediatric cancer patients and their families have life-changing experiences.

Smart is also a natural with children, as demonstrated by his recent encounter with Ethan Garber, a little boy. Garber recently shared a picture of himself and Smart on a basketball court. He probably had no idea that his message would develop into a touching social media discussion piece.

“Met Marcus Smart today,” Garber captioned the picture on Instagram.

“And I got to meet Ethan Garber!” Smart tweeted after retweeting the picture.

The conversation didn’t stop there. “What would you guys do if someone renowned like Smart followed you?” Garber said, “because I would go insane.”

Smart immediately followed Garber, adding, “Let’s go wild child…” with a screenshot as evidence.

“That’s me,” Garber responded, before Smart concluded, “Of course it is! It’s all about you and not about me. “You are the future.”

Smart’s move was met with a flurry of applause.

What may have taken just three minutes to pose for a photo and write a few lines to a young admirer will live on in Garber’s memory for the rest of his life. Garber is a Celtics supporter, but even non-Celtics fans must admire the seven-year veteran’s decision.

On social media, the gesture was greeted with applause. “Marcus, you just become a top player for me because you are really for the people,” one Twitter user said.

“This is the kind of wholesomeness that makes you want to shut this app for the day and simply leave on a nice note,” said another.

Smart’s popularity skyrocketed when he made Garber’s day.

Let’s see how long Smart’s passion for the game lasts when he returns to the floor.

Marcus Smart Played One of the Best Pranks Ever on Celtics Rookie Romeo Langford RELATED: Marcus Smart Played One of the Best Pranks Ever on Celtics Rookie Romeo Langford

Most NBA fans don’t know or care about Marcus Smart, but they should, because he is an extremely talented player who has the potential to be a star. He is capable of winning games on his own, and he can also be a saviour for the other team, as he showed in the postseason against the Boston Celtics.. Read more about celtics gm and let us know what you think.

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