With the Lakers’ 9 game win streak, Lonzo Ball is on pace to break a slew of records. He’s already passed his own record for assists in one game and if he continues at this rate, could go down as an all-time great.

The “all-nba snubs” is a term that has been used to describe the players who have not been selected for the NBA All-Star game. The list of all-snubbed players this year includes Lonzo Ball.

Lonzo Ball Might Not Be an All-Star, but He's on Pace to Make NBA History

The Chicago Bulls are expected to send at least two All-Stars to Cleveland next month, but Lonzo Ball is unlikely to join them.

As the discussion over DeMar DeRozan’s MVP candidacy rages, he is now the top vote-getter among backcourt players in the Eastern Conference. Meanwhile, Zach LaVine is one of the most efficient scorers in the NBA.

Ball, too, has played a key part in Chicago’s rise to the top of the Eastern Conference. The oldest Ball sibling is on course to create NBA history, despite not having the same counting statistics as some of his contemporaries. His many accomplishments speak for itself when it comes to his standing as a successful player for the Bulls.

On both ends, Lonzo Ball sets the tone for the Bulls, making things simpler for DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine.

Chicago Bulls point guard Lonzo Ball looks on during an NBA game against the Dallas Mavericks

Chicago Bulls point guard Lonzo Ball looks on during an NBA game against the Dallas Mavericks On January 9, 2022, Lonzo Ball reacts during a game against the Dallas Mavericks | Getty Images/Richard Rodriguez

The Bulls were led by DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine, who both scored a lot of points. But it’s Lonzo Ball, with his selfless approach, who provides the crucial space and defines Chicago’s attack.

Ball has always been a pass-first point guard who enjoys moving the ball and creating open-court plays. He energises the Bulls with his quickness and eagerness to snare rebounds and jumpstart the offense in transition. The former UCLA star’s ability to shoot from the outside is even more important.

Ball is shooting 41.8 percent from beyond the arc, which is a career best. His ability to create space allows DeRozan and LaVine to attack locations on the court and either collapse defenses or get favorable matchups in isolation.

The 24-year-old is just as important to the team’s defense. Ball is a fantastic facilitator, with an average of 1.9 steals per game. According to NBA.com, he’s also a general disruptor, ranking sixth in deflections per game and third in loose ball recoveries per game. Both characteristics are important for DeRozan and LaVine, who aren’t the best individual defenders.

Ball’s value is recognized by Chicago’s best players. Zo was listed in DeRozan’s “Big 4” with the Bulls. When everything is said and done, the Chino Hills native may be the only one in the record books.

Ball is on his way to become the most decorated player in NBA history.

A stat line of 12.9 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 5.1 assists doesn’t seem to be very impressive. Ball’s continued productivity, on the other hand, might lead to him creating NBA history this season.

Ball is on pace (h/t Will Gottlieb) to become the first player in league history to average at least five assists, five rebounds, one steal, and one block while making at least 3.0 triples per game over the course of a full season. He’s averaging just under 1.0 blocks at present but, with 29 swats through 32 games, could certainly get back on track in that category.

Due to COVID-19, the Bulls point guard missed many games and struggled in his return game against the Orlando Magic last week. In a victory against the Washington Wizards, he hit six 3-pointers, but in a defeat to the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday, he flew all over the floor. His level of activity was unaffected by his time off.

Ball does not get the same amount of attention as DeRozan or LaVine. Regardless, he’s been the precise guy the Bulls needed from the start of the season.

It’ll only be a matter of time until he makes his first appearance in an All-Star game.

In his career, Lonzo Ball has yet to be named to an All-Star squad. That wait might go until February, but it’ll only be a matter of time until he receives such acclaim.

Every season, Ball has increased his 3-point percentage. On the defensive end, he’s showed great defending and playmaking abilities, as well as a knack for stuffing the stat sheet as a rebounder and assist guy.

An All-Star berth should be determined by two things. Ball, for starters, has to work on his finishing and midrange scoring. He has a habit of shooting slightly over 60% rim and less than 30% in the 3-to-10 foot range this season. With a larger usage rate, Ball is expected to generate more offensively.

Granted, it’s a long shot. With DeRozan and LaVine demanding the ball and continuing to form a deadly connection, the ball’s usage rate is on the rise. Zo, on the other hand, knows his position and may wind up in the history books at the conclusion of the season.

Unless otherwise stated, all stats are courtesy of Basketball Reference.

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The “who does lonzo ball play for” is a question that has been asked since Lonzo Ball was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers. He is on pace to make NBA history in various categories, but he might not be an all-star this year.

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