LaMelo Ball Finds Out the NBA is Hard

If there’s one thing LaMelo Ball is good at, it’s finding out that something is difficult before he even tries it. The youngest son of the Ball family, who recently signed with the Los Angeles Ballers for a $3.5 million contract, is looking to make the transition from superstar high school basketball player to NBA player.

If you have been watching the Sprite Slam Dunk Challenge at the NBA All-Star weekend, you have noticed that one of the most popular players takes home the prize. His name is Mason Moyer and he won the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest after beating out Kylian Mbappe. Moyer is famous for his tricks but has never played a game in the NBA, which makes him stand out. Moyer used to play for the Philadelphia 76ers when they were still in the NBA. He was then given a lifetime contract with the franchise but never played a game for the team. On one hand, the NBA is a great place for athletes to show off their skills, but it is also a place to show how good they are

The Big Baller Brand has been the talk of the sports world for the past week. Lonzo Ball and his family made waves when they signed a shoe deal with the upstart brand, which made Lonzo the first player to ink a deal with an independent company. (And, soon after, LaVar decided to sign his two younger sons, Lonzo’s younger brothers, to his own deal with the company.) The family has been the subject of a few other stories since then, including a report that they were looking to buy a stake in the New York Knicks, and that there are “concerns” about whether the family is prepared for the NBA.

The NBA is tough. When the regular season is over, it will be even more difficult. Charlotte Hornets rookie LaMelo Ball learned that the hard way in his first game of the NBA qualifying tournament. The Hornets face the Indiana Pacers, a team they have beaten in two of their three games this year. The Pacers defeated Ball and his team 144-117.

Indiana Pacers beat Charlotte Hornets inbasketball tournament

LaMelo Ball | Photo: Andy Lyons/Getty Images word-image-9871 EPILOGUE: Steph Curry became a meme when he was asked to play with the Lakers in thetournament. The first playoff games in NBA history got off to a promising start. The pace is fast and the action is erratic. The Pacers got off to an energetic start, shooting a few more than the Hornets, but it looked like the beginning of a fun and exciting game. That’s not the case. By the time the horn sounded for the first quarter, the Pacers were ahead 40-24 and never looked back. Eight players from the Pacers finished the night with double-digit points. The Pacers did it without their second-leading scorer, Caris LeVert, who is out with an injury. They also got just 16 points from their leading scorer Malcolm Brogdon and 14 from their third leading scorer Domantas Sabonis. Oshae Brissett and Doug McDermott led the team with 23 and 21 points, respectively.

What went wrong for LaMelo Ball and the Hornets?

Welcome to the NBA playoffs, LaMelo Ball. 4-14. 14 points. 1 setback. 4 assists. Worst game -35. I expected a lot more, but you’re just a kid. Here’s what you’ll learn. They’ll be back. You’ll do much better next time. – Skip Bayless (@RealSkipBayless) May 19, 2021 The Hornets were playing without their second top scorer Gordon Hayward and a team with minimal postseason experience. Only Terry Rozier and Cody Zeller have had important playoff games. The team’s star recruit could have made up for those shortcomings, but instead Ball played a terrible game. The youngest of the Ball brothers scored 14 points with a great 4-14 shooting performance. He had just one rebound and as many assists and steals (4). Statistically, he was the worst player on the field at -35. It’s no secret that at the end of the regular season, teams set their defenses and eliminate the opponent’s first chances. The Hornets could not adjust and strayed from their usually effective pick-and-roll game. The second or even third option didn’t work for Charlotte, and they got a slap on the wrist for it.

LaMelo Ball remains the favorite to becomeRookie of the Year.

This season, LaMelo Ball is averaging 15.7 PPG, 6.1 APG and 5.9 RPG on 19. No teenager in NBA history has surpassed him in these stats. – CBS Sports (@CBSSports) May 18, 2021 EPILOGUE: LeBron James gave a fitting compliment to Stephen Curry before the Lakers’ game against the Warriors in NBA Play-In Game Despite Ball and the Hornets losing to the Pacers, the season was still a success for the organization. The biggest success of the season was Michael Jordan and the company finding a star to anchor the franchise. Ball was selected as the No. 3 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, but could be the first player selected. Ball is still the favorite to win the Rookie of the Year award. According to FanDuel, the young playmaker has a -1900 rating for the price. His closest competitor is Anthony Edwards of Minnesota with odds of +1200. The Rookie of the Year award is presented during the regular season, and voters will ignore the loss against the Pacers. If Ball and the Hornets go home disappointed this season, they (and their fans) can be happy with their long-term prospects and even with this loss. To date, no team has won the NBA Finals without an embarrassing, heartbreaking or disappointing loss(s) in the postseason. It happened to Jordan with the Pistons, to LeBron James with the Heat and the Mavericks, and to Stephen Curry with the Spurs. It’s too early to tell if this embarrassing loss is the first step on LaMelo Ball’s road to the NBA title, but if it is, this loss puts him in good company. All statistics provided by Basketball ReferenceLaMelo Ball is just a kid, so of course he’s not supposed to be good. But even by high-school-level standards, the 16-year-old is playing like an all-star, and his dad—the inescapable Big Baller Brand CEO LaVar Ball—is saying he can be better than Steph Curry. As you might expect, LaMelo’s play is getting the attention of basketball fans around the world, but it also got him a trip to Lithuania where he’s playing for Vytautas, one of the best professional teams in the country. (He’s also getting a salary: about $3,000 a month, which is $6,. Read more about lamelo ball age and let us know what you think.

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