Kyrie Irving has been back with the Boston Celtics for a week and is already causing some controversy. This time, it’s not because of his play on the court; instead, Kyrie posted an Instagram story that was seen as racially insensitive by many who were offended by its imagery.

The “where is kyrie irving from” is a question that has been asked since the start of this season. The answer to this question is that Kyrie Irving is from the United States.

Kyrie Irving's Return Already Has Horrific Unintended Consequences

Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets showed off his usual brilliance in his long-awaited return to the floor last week. While Uncle Drew’s presence conjures up fantasies of a peak Nets “Big Three,” it has unforeseen implications for other backcourt players.

Patty Mills took Irving’s place and flourished. Mills, on the other hand, is battling to maintain his rhythm since Kyrie’s return to the rotation. That’s bad news for the Nets, who need him as a floor-spacer and bench scorer severely.

Patty Mills did an excellent job filling in for Kyrie Irving throughout the first 30 games of the season.

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Patty Mills’ impact as a three-level scorer and facilitator was never anticipated to be replicated by the Nets. Mills, on the other hand, provided Brooklyn with a capable starter and a great shooter at point guard.

Mills excelled as a pick-in-roll player and, more importantly, as a space filler off the ball. Mills and Kevin Durant formed a strong rapport, with Durant luring extra defenders to the post and throwing cross-court passes to Mills for open triples.

Furthermore, the Australian guard seemed to welcome the opportunity to increase his playing time. This season, he’s had many 30-point games, including a spectacular effort against the Los Angeles Lakers on Christmas Day. Mills did, in fact, average 17.5 points in December.

However, Irving has returned, and Mills is finding it difficult to adapt.

Since Irving’s return to the lineup, Mills has had poor shooting stats and a strange role.

When Kyrie Irving isn’t available, Steve Nash believes the Nets can’t bring Patty Mills off the bench: “I don’t believe we’ll be able to achieve it without Joe (Harris).”

— Kristian Winfield (@Krisplashed) January 7, 2022

With Kyrie Irving returned on the court, Mills’ playing time did not drop. On the contrary, in Irving’s season debut, he played 35 minutes.

Mills, on the other hand, has been having trouble shooting the ball recently. Mills has averaged only 7.3 points and is shooting a dismal 25 percent from outside the arc in his previous three games. He’s actually +4 in plus-minus over that time, but his inefficiency isn’t helping the Nets in the long run.

Irving’s position as a part-time player adds to the awkwardness of the situation. Mills must alternate between being a bench player on the road and a starter at home, which is challenging given that he had been settling in as a starter before to Kyrie’s return.

Indeed, the unusual volume variation might have a negative influence on Mills. In Kyrie’s comeback, he only attempted six field goals, but he took a monstrous 15 shots in a victory against the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday. His shooting looks are inconsistent, which might make it difficult for him to get into a rhythm.

Irving is no longer to blame for Mills’ poor shooting performance. Mills was 0-for-6 from the field in the game before Kyrie returned, a defeat to the Memphis Grizzlies. Shooters have their ups and downs. Nonetheless, the 33-year-constantly old’s shifting position is definitely adding to the difficult period.

Will the Nets be able to acquire any answers?

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving smiles during an NBA game against the Indiana Pacers

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving smiles during an NBA game against the Indiana Pacers On January 5, 2022, Kyrie Irving grins during a game against the Indiana Pacers | Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It’s worth considering how long the Nets can keep Irving on the sidelines as a part-time player before the organization and other players on the roster demand more answers.

Irving getting immunized is the most basic solution. However, it’s unclear if Kyrie will make that decision in the end. The Nets might attempt to move Irving, but this seems to be a long shot. Mills and the rest of Brooklyn’s backcourt are presumably in a state of uncertainty in the interim.

Other elements may be able to aid Mills break free. Joe Harris is getting closer to returning to action. Harris’ return, as one of the finest shooters in the game, opens up the floor and allows the team’s stars and lead guards to operate more freely.

Head coach Steve Nash, on the other hand, would presumably want to minimize ambiguity and have his rotations set far ahead of the playoffs. Much of this hinges on Irving’s future decisions, which might decide Mills’ ability to reclaim his confidence and perform on the court.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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