Kirby and the Forgotten Land: All Hidden Missions in Wondaria Remains

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a hidden object game which uses Nintendo’s expansive universe to its fullest. With over 100 characters and 45 levels, players have plenty of content to explore in this lovingly crafted adventure.

The “kirby and the forgotten land invasion at the house of horrors” is a hidden mission in the game, Kirby and the Forgotten Land. This mission can be found by going to the house of horrors in Wondaria Remains.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land: All Hidden Missions in Wondaria Remains

The Hidden Missions in Kirby and the Forgotten Land are difficult to locate, but they are necessary for rescuing all of the Waddle Dees throughout the game. The third world, Wondaria Remains, is no exception.

This Kirby and the Forgotten Land guide will show you where to discover and accomplish all of Wondaria Remains’ Hidden Missions. It also contains advice on how to complete some of the more difficult Hidden Missions, such as those for the world’s final boss.

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‘Wondaria’s Hidden Missions Remain’ Greetings from Wondaria!


In Welcome to Wondaria, there are three Hidden Missions.

Help the Lost Ducklings Find Their Mama is the first hidden mission in Wondaria.

There will be five adorable yellow ducklings distributed throughout the first level’s early sections. You’ll want to gather them all and bring them to their concerned mother by strolling near them. 

  • The first duckling may be found on the left side of the first stairwell. Collect it by walking past it. 
  • On the opposite side of the stairwell, to the right of the rocket monument, is the second duckling. 
  • The third duckling is hidden behind a sign that displays a theme park map. 
  • The fourth can be found behind the popcorn cart, to the left of the bigger mom duck who is stranded. 
  • The fifth and last duckling is the most challenging. To go behind the rocket monument, you’ll have to hop on a hedge behind it. You’ll only be able to see Kirby’s shadow when you stroll through this hidden corridor. You’ll notice the silhouette of the fifth duckling after you’ve gone deep enough in. To accomplish the objective, return them all to Mama. 

Welcome to Wondaria Hidden Mission 2: Take in the View from the Rocket’s Top. 

This Hidden Mission may be completed directly at the park’s entrance at the beginning of the level. In front of the building will be a monument, a rocket ship, and dogs sitting on a planet. To get to the summit, use different sections of the statue.

Make All the Wilted Flowers Bloom is the third hidden mission in Wondaria.

After the Coaster Mouth segment of the level, you must utilize Water-Balloon Mouth Kirby to bloom all of the withering flowers in the next Mouthful area. The first spigot is located just before the first area of four wilting flowers that must be sprayed.

A ladder will lead you to another spigot and three more withered flowers. Spritz them, then spray the strange mud patch in the area’s right-hand corner to uncover the area’s eighth and final bloom. The Toy Hammer blueprint will be given to you as a reward for completing this Hidden Mission. 

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All Wondaria Remains’ Circuit Speedway’s Hidden Missions 


In Wondaria’s Circuit Speedway, there are three Hidden Missions.

Hidden Mission 1 at Circuit Speedway: Complete the first race’s goal in under 20 seconds.

In Circuit Speedway, there are two races where Kirby must inhale the racing vehicle while in Mouthful mode. You must boost your way to the finish line of the race in less than 20 seconds for the first Hidden Mission in the level. When you accelerate, use the turbo boost, and use the ramps to leap off the tire stacks and reduce your time. 

Hidden Mission 2: Defeat Wild Edge with an Invincible Candy at Circuit Speedway

You’ll be able to clamber up a secret ladder to discover an Invincible Candy after saving the second Hidden Waddle Dee of the level. After you’ve finished eating the sweets, go to the door that leads onward. This will place you in an arena with a Wild Edge boss monster, who should be easy to defeat if you still have your Invincible Candy active. 

Hidden Mission 3: Boost Through the Cardboard Shortcuts at Circuit Speedway

During the second speedway race, the last Hidden Mission at Circuit Speedway may be discovered. There are several shortcuts in this lengthy race, but to accomplish this assignment, you’ll need to take the ones highlighted with cardboard boxes. 

  • During the initial muddy part, the first cardboard shortcut is on your left, enabling you to avoid an awkward turn.
  • The second shortcut must be taken from the top of the first ramp. A gap in the barrier encircling the track may be seen to your left. Boost and leap off the ramp to cross the lake and crash through the cardboard, saving a Waddle Dee and cutting off a large portion of the race.

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Invasion at the House of Horrors: All Hidden Missions in Wondaria


Invasion at the House of Horrors in Wondaria Remains has three hidden missions.

Hidden Mission 1: Clear Without Touching Any Ghost Gordos in the Invasion at the House of Horrors 

The only need for completing this Hidden Mission is prudence. The Ghost Gordos arrive in the dark tunnel that Light-Bulb Mouth Kirby must brighten. When you light up in their area, these transparent spike balls will home in on you.

To see where you’re going, don’t use the lighting button. The Gordos will find you if you attempt to keep the button pressed. To view the following stage and accomplish this Hidden Mission swiftly, briefly brighten the room. 

Hidden Mission 2: Eat 3 of the Ghosts’ Hidden Snacks in the Invasion at the House of Horrors 

  • Early in the level, right before the first cloud bridge, the first ghost snack is concealed behind a stack of luminous hexagons. 
  • The second snack is found towards the conclusion of the section on Light-Bulb Mouth. Near the exit, you’ll see a ghostie-owned macaron on a lowered platform. 
  • The third and final ghost snack is hidden behind the hexagons at the huge gap on the right side of the stage in the following area.  

Hidden Mission 3: Destroy 13 Aliens Using Vending Mouth Invasion at the House of Horrors

The stage’s last segment demands you to take over the role of Vending Machine Kirby. While cardboard aliens come out on each side of you, you must traverse a sequence of moving platforms that propel you ahead. To accomplish this Hidden Mission, you must destroy all 13 of them.

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The Wondaria Dream Parade ‘All Hidden Missions in Wondaria Remains’


The Wondaria Dream Parade has three Hidden Missions. 

Hidden Mission 1: Help the Lost Fucklings Find Their Mama in Wondaria Dream Parade 

  • The second duckling search is more difficult than the first. The first duckling, on the other hand, may be located on a seat towards the beginning of the level. 
  • Just before the first robot crossing is where you’ll find the second duckling. Your ducklings will disperse if you are struck by them, and you will have to find them. 
  • Pass the robot procession on your way up the hill. In the following segment, you’ll witness the third and fourth ducklings on benches. The latter duckling will be seated close to a dozing foe. 
  • To discover the fifth and final duckling, look for a strange coin going to a hidden passage up ahead. Once you’ve retrieved it, return the way you came and go up the stairs to locate their mother. 

Hidden Mission 2: Remove Elfilin’s Wanted Poster from the Wondraia Dream Parade

Following the racing in this level, you’ll find a Hidden Waddle Dee that can only be reached using the Tornado ability. A wanted poster may be seen on the left sidewall, one level below this tower, on the left sidewall. 

Hidden Mission 3: Clear Without Stepping on Any Mud in the Wondraia Dream Parade

After rescuing the ducklings, you’ll encounter one of Kirby and the Forgotten Land’s most difficult Hidden Missions. Between big sections of muck, you must land on triangle neon platforms. You will not be able to finish this Hidden Mission if you tread in the mud even once.

Using the Tornado ability while holding B and forward for short bursts of movement is the most effective approach to finish this Hidden Mission. 

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All Wondaria’s Hidden Missions Remain Dangerous Under the Big Top


Danger Under the Big Top in Wondaria Remains has four hidden missions. Clawroline, the world’s boss, is the key to unlocking all of them.

This enormous cat may be difficult to control, but there are Copy Abilities that make it simple. To finish all of the Hidden Missions, you’ll most likely have to repeat the battle, as you will with all of Kirby and the Forgotten Land’s final stages. 

  • Without hovering, defeat Clawroline.
  • Ranger may be used to hit Clawroline from afar. 
  • Within 1:30, defeat the boss. 
  • Without taking any damage, defeat the boss.

The first Hidden Mission is difficult since floating over Clawroline’s assaults is one of the greatest methods to evade them. Instead, you’ll have to dodge swiftly by hitting the guard button (by default, the right bumper) and sliding the analog stick in the desired direction. If you time these dodges right, Clawroline will be vulnerable to enormous damage. 

When you begin the second Hidden Mission, you must choose the Ranger ability. Clawroline will jump up into the rafters during her second phase. Only if you have the Ranger ability equipped may you deal damage to her from here. 

The last two Hidden Missions are common throughout all of the game’s boss levels, and completing them requires returning to the battle with increased Copy Abilities.

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That concludes Wondaris Remains’ Hidden Missions. Check out our advice on where to locate all of the blueprints in the game, since you’ll need them to enhance your powers. Look no farther than our Kirby and the Forgotten Land dedicated tips page for further information, including Hidden Waddle Dee locations.

The “kirby and the forgotten land circuit speedway 20 seconds” is a hidden mission in the Kirby and the Forgotten Land game. This mission can be found in Wondaria Remains.

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