As a basketball fan, I can appreciate the passion of the team’s fans. However, I think Kevin Durant’s recent tweet is completely inappropriate. Durant is one of the best players in the NBA, so I don’t understand why he feels the need to be so disrespectful to his fans.

On Monday night, Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors lost to the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference Finals, ending their season and Durant’s playoff run. After the game, Durant posted a tweet to his fans.

Earlier this week, Kevin Durant posted an Instagram of him holding a piece of paper and wrote the words: “Grow the f*****g up.” He tagged the words “#OkCupid,” quickly becoming the center of a Twitter conversation about online dating etiquette. Some people interpreted his post as a slam at the NBA, where the Oklahoma City Thunder star has spent the last two years, but Durant’s explanation was far more benign.

Kevin Durant spoke out about how NBA fans go too far in their communication with players. The move comes after two recent incidents with fans in which Durant’s former teammate Russell Westbrook was injured in Philadelphia and his current teammate Kyrie Irving was injured in Boston. In any sensitive situation, the right message, with the right messenger, can bring about large-scale change. We’ve seen it time and time again in sports, from Muhammad Ali to Tommy Smith to John Carlos, from Billie Jean King to Stephen Jackson. If the message is delivered by the wrong person, this can be a problem. Even if they express themselves correctly, this can damage the credibility of the message, cause a backlash and even do the opposite of what the messenger intended. Kevin Durant is not someone who can tell anyone to grow up.

After the incident between Kyrie Irving and a fan, Kevin Durant delivered a strong message

Kevin Durant has words for the Celtics fan who threw a water bottle at Kyrie Irving: Finally grow up and enjoy the game. It’s bigger than you. – Nets Video (@SNYNets) 31 May 2021 The Brooklyn Nets dominated the Boston Celtics in Game 4 of the first round of the playoffs, with a 141-126 win. Once the Nets were out of the game, the real drama began. Former Celtic player Irving took the opportunity to stomp on his former team’s logo after the midfielder’s victory. This follows comments Irving made earlier in the week about the Boston game: I hope we can keep basketball strict, you know there is no militancy or racism here, hidden racism and people yelling shit from the crowd. As Irving left the field, a Celtics fan threw a bottle of water at him. It looks like the bottle didn’t hit the Nets star much, if at all, but it could have done damage if it had hit him on the right side. Regardless of the result, throwing things at players is completely unacceptable supporter behaviour. Boston police immediately arrested a fan who was throwing water bottles. After the game, reporters asked Durant what he thought of the incident. He said of the fans involved in the incidents: Respect yourself. Your mom won’t be proud of you if you throw water bottles at the basketball players, spit on the players, or throw popcorn. So finally grow up and enjoy the game. It’s bigger than you. While the sentiment is correct, the fact that Durant himself is talking about it is ironic.

Durant saying someone else needs to grow up is ridiculous

I get threats and nasty messages daily, but I never thought @KDTrey5 would be one of them. Now he’s threatening me, talking about my wife, wants to fight. He’s supposed to be America’s darling, right? #ImDaRealMVP – MichaelRapaport (@MichaelRapaport) March 30, 2021 When Durant, then playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder, won the 2014 NBA MVP award, he thanked his mother with the words: This is a good thing: You’re the real MVP. Durant’s mother was undoubtedly immensely proud at the time, but since then there have been many times when she probably didn’t feel that way. In 2017, internet spies discovered that Durant was using flaming social media accounts. This was around the time he left the Thunder to join Stephen Curry’s championship-chasing Golden State Warriors team. He used these accounts to defend himself in the third person against people who criticized him online. In 2021, actor Michael Rapaport posted a series of direct messages on social media between himself and the former Warriors forward. After Rapaport criticized Durant’s post-game interview, the 32-year-old basketball player sent the 51-year-old TV and film star a series of vulgar and homophobic messages. I wonder if after these incidents, which underscore Durant’s immaturity, his mother told him to grow up?

Durant is the wrong messenger, but his message is right

Kevin Durant | Photo Adam Glanzman/Getty Images word-image-16087 One of the most frustrating aspects of what happened last night with the fan incident and Durant’s post-game comments is that he’s not wrong. However, he is not the right person to convey this message. Players, coaches, media, team and league officials and other fans must make it clear that such behavior is completely unacceptable. Fans pay a ticket, which gives them the right to applaud, boo or even call the players names, but there is a limit to how far you can go. This line appears when fans are spreading hate or physically fighting and attacking players. That’s the line that has been crossed by fans who threw popcorn and water bottles at recent games. Such attacks are at best disrespectful to the players trying to do their jobs, and at worst downright dangerous. This has to stop before something like the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers in 2004 happens again. In 2021, the physical confrontation between fans and players could be even worse. I hope Durant’s story doesn’t hurt their credibility. Like Sportscasting on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter @sportscasting19 EPILOGUE: Boston Celtics star Jason Tatum did a feat that not even Michael Jordan or Wilt Chamberlain could have done

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