After his career-ending injury in 2017, Julian Edelman has spent most of the offseason recovering. However, he’s still not quite back to 100% and he’s been asked about a return to the NFL. In a recent interview with the Boston Globe, Edelman was asked if he’d ever consider coming back to the NFL. His response was a little cryptic but it’s not a bad sign that he wants to play.

Tom Brady ranks first in regular season passing yards, but Edelman is considered the best-ever at wide receiver in the postseason. So, should the Patriots quarterback give a comeback try to Edelman in the Super Bowl?

The 2020 season has been fabulous for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They have contracted legendary quarterback Tom Brady as a free agent. Brady helped his teammate get back into the NFL, and Rob Gronkowski helped the Bucanis win their second Super Bowl title. But any thought of the band reuniting in Tampa Bay was quashed by Julian Edelman. Edelman resigned in April and said earlier this week that it was final, although Gronkowski pointed that out a few weeks ago. Brady joked that Edelman resigned because he didn’t want to face the wrath of Bill Belichick. Many athletes have taken the step back dance, but Edelman seems to really want to put an end to it.

Julian Edelman seems happy with his decision

word-image-15133 word-image-15134 From left to right: Julian Edelman, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots in January 2015 for Super Bowl XLIX. | Elsa/Getty Images COMPARED TO: Tom Brady and the Patriots’ best passing game Julian Edelman made two comments Thursday on The Michael Irvin Podcast indicating that he is ready. My knees buckle, I’m not going to sit here, I got everything I wanted. I had three rings, played in a magical dynasty, with an incredible coach, the best quarterback of all time, like, ….. I don’t have to prove anything. Julian Edelman Edelman, despite his humble origins, has become Brady’s favorite target. A quarterback at Kent State, Edelman switched to receiver after being selected in the seventh round by the New England Patriots. He had a couple of seasons with 100 catches (2013 and 2019). Edelman was the Super Bowl MVP in New England’s win over the Los Angeles Rams in February 2019. Edelman caught 118 passes in 19 postseason games, averaging 12.2 yards per reception and five touchdowns.

Gronkowski and Brady wanted ameeting

COMPARED TO: Julian Edelman could get $2 million as a parting gift from Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots Joke or not, it seemed Julian Edelman was a wanted man in Tampa Bay. During the NFL Draft broadcast, Tom Brady joked that Edelman was afraid to tell Belichick he wanted to move to the Bucks. That’s why he retired. Gronkowski told ESPN’s Mike Greenberg on the Greeny podcast that he doesn’t know why Edelman won’t return. Jules was an incredible player and literally gave everything for his teammates. I wish Julian all the best with his recovery. Apparently he said in his little press conference that he would work until the tires fell off, and he did. So I hope he gets better. I want what’s best for him. I’ve been in this situation before. If Julian truly heals from what ails him, recovers fully and feels well, I think he’ll be back. I don’t see why he couldn’t come back sometime. Maybe in a year or two. Let me tell you this: He’s just a competitor. So if he recovers 100% and feels good, I think he will be back in the NFL. Rob Gronkowski However, Edelman says he has other plans now.

Julian Edelman’s television future

. Like many former players, Julian Edelman will be photographed. He is a member of the cast of the Showtime Channel series Inside the NFL. Edelman also has a production company with a contract with Viacom. The company will produce programs for the company’s networks. However, it appears that none of these broadcasts will be a documentary about Edelman’s return to the NFL. Edelman also downplayed Irvin’s Hall of Fame discussion Thursday. I’m not here to make a deal, man. I didn’t play this game to get into the gym. … It’s an honor to even be mentioned, you know, and if something happens, something happens, you know, I won’t worry. I’m going to get busy with my new job at Inside the NFL. Julian Edelman Three rings, a Super Bowl MVP, 620 receptions and a legacy in the NFL’s longest dynasty – Edelman is solid. Even without scoring a goal, he had a better career than most seventh rounders. Statistics provided by Pro Football Reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What did Tom Brady say about Julian Edelman?

Julian Edelman has been a pivotal part of the Patriots offense for the past two years. At their best, the Patriots are a high-powered, explosive offense; at their worst, Julian Edelman is the one consistently making big plays. Edelman’s ability to use his speed and agility to win jump balls on the outside, make big plays after the catch, and finish around the corner has been the cornerstone of the Patriots offense for the last few years. Tom Brady and Julian Edelman were in New England’s locker room after last night’s game, and they brought with them a pair of gloves. In the middle of the conversation, Brady laughs and says, “It’s because I needed a trophy. I won’t lie to you, I want an MVP, you know, I want the hardware.” He goes on to acknowledge how it’s been a tough season for Edelman. He’s struggled with injuries, and is the third-most targeted wide receiver this season. His quarterback, however, doesn’t seem to share the sentiment. “I don’t care, man,” Brady says. “We’re gonna keep going, we’ll keep playing.”

Did Julian Edelman sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

There have been a lot of rumors over the past few seasons about Edelman’s future, but the New England Patriots’ star wide receiver just expressed his gratitude for his current situation. “I definitely feel like I’m in a good place. I feel really blessed to be in a place where I’m really happy, where I’m really comfortable, where I know my teammates, and it’s all good,” Edelman said Wednesday. “I’m at a point where I don’t want to go anywhere. I’m at a good place. I don’t want to go anywhere else.” New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman has been a key cog in the Patriots’ offense for the past decade, but the 31-year-old is coming off of his worst season as a pro. However, it looks as though he has fallen off the map completely, as injuries and an overall decline in production have caused the Patriots to move on.

Is Edelman going to Tampa Bay?

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman has been a prominent figure in the Patriots’ offense since midway through the 2011 season. In the past, he’s been slapped with the label of injury nags, but since he’s been playing regularly, he’s been a solid contributor – and an integral piece of the team’s success. His versatility is a major reason for New England’s offensive success, and his absence has been felt since the beginning of the season. It’s time for the greatest show on turf: the Super Bowl. This Sunday, the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles will battle it out for the Vince Lombardi Trophy and the right to be called the greatest team of all time.


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