‘It’s Reminiscent, a Little Bit, of Our Run’

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Great Lakes Loons are back.

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This summer, Chris Paul and the Phoenix Suns have given NFL great Warner, Kurt a feeling of déjà vu.

Warner, a two-time NFL MVP, is unlikely to quit his broadcasting job to shoot free throws from the Suns’ bench. However, the Pro Football Hall of Famer feels as though he’s seen it all before, and he’s having a good time reliving the past.

Warner, Kurt sees similarities between the Arizona Cardinals of 2008 and the Phoenix Suns of 2020-21.

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner (L) and Chris Paul and the Phoenix Suns.

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner (L) and Chris Paul and the Phoenix Suns. Kurt Warner (L) likened his 2008 Arizona Cardinals adventure to what Chris Paul (far right) and the Phoenix Suns accomplished in the 2020-21 season | Christian Petersen/Getty Images; Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Warner was starting his fourth season with the Arizona Cardinals in the autumn of 2008, a club that hadn’t reached the playoffs since 1998. Despite the team’s 8-8 record a year before, expectations in the west weren’t exactly high.

Despite having the league’s third-highest scoring offense in 2008, the Cardinals finished 9-7 due to a poor defense. Warner, who was named to the Pro Bowl that year, and his teammates were still able to win the NFC West.

Then there were the playoffs. The Cardinals won three consecutive games and came close to defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl 43 thanks to Warner’s arm and Larry Fitzgerald’s touchdowns.

Warner reminisced on that incredible run in a recent appearance with The Rich Eisen Show, saying he sees similarities between that Cardinals club and this year’s Suns squad. This includes how the team’s younger players and non-starters have rallied behind Paul and the leadership group, according to Warner.

“I believe a lot of championship teams have those various parts, and as you said, this team has those different elements, with a number of great role players doing their part and a few of great leaders and fantastic guys leading this thing. And it’s been fascinating to see their demeanor and the humility with which they play.”

Kurt Warner

Aside from the fact that he plays in Arizona, Warner has another incentive to root for the Suns’ success. His former No. 1 receiver, Fitzgerald, has a minority interest in the Suns.

Paul’s leadership abilities were lauded by Warner.

Warner, who was 37 at the time, played the whole 2008 season, including the playoffs. On May 6, Paul, the Suns’ top point guard, turned 36.

When Warner talked with Eisen, he expressed his admiration for Paul’s play and leadership skills. The Hall of Fame quarterback likened the way teammates gather behind Paul, who was traded to the Suns following the 2019-20 season, to what he went through.

“[Paul] seemed to be the unifying force and the driving force behind everything. And it reminded me of our team from 2008, when the elderly man came in and [he] was sort of guiding and calming down the charge when we got to the playoffs with that youthful talent that was really distinguishing them.”

Kurt Warner

Deandre Ayton, the former No. 1 overall selection, “settled in” after an erratic start to his career, according to Warner.

“It’s simply entertaining to watch,” Warner said, “and it reminds me a little bit of our run.” I really hope they are able to complete this project.”

Next season, Paul and the Suns should hope for a better outcome than Warner’s last season in Arizona.

Even though they appreciate the compliments, Paul and the Suns should hope they aren’t exactly following in Warner’s footsteps.

With 2:37 left in Super Bowl 43, the Cardinals led, but Santonio Holmes interfered and handed the Steelers the lead in the final minute. Pittsburgh held on to win the Super Bowl, 27-23, for the franchise’s sixth title.

Warner returned in 2009 and won ten of his fifteen starts, although he did miss one game due to a concussion. In the NFC Divisional Round, the New Orleans Saints’ defense savaged the veteran quarterback en way to a 45-14 win at the Superdome. After the season, Warner announced his retirement.

After then, the Cardinals didn’t make the playoffs until 2015. Since Warner’s retirement, the Cardinals have just one postseason victory, a 26-20 overtime triumph against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Divisional Round in January 2015.

If history repeats itself, Paul and the Suns will lose in the Western Conference Semifinals against the eventual NBA champs next year before everything falls apart in the following years. That, we’d like to believe, is far from perfect.

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