‘I Was Just Blown Away’

The first time I saw NBA star LeBron James slam dunk, it changed my life. Watching the dunks was like seeing a unicorn for the first time — pure beauty and power that’s unmatched in any other sport or activity. And yet, these feats are often forgotten about because of all the talk surrounding Michael Jordan’s legacy as one of basketball’s greatest players ever. But don’t let his accomplishments overshadow what LeBron has done since he entered the league…

“I was just blown away”. This is a phrase that is used to describe an experience of being overwhelmed. It can be used in many different situations, but most commonly it is associated with sports.

Throughout his remarkable career, Michael Jordan had multiple deep bonds, but one of the most memorable is his friendship with former North Carolina head coach Roy Williams.

Williams is, without a doubt, one of the best collegiate basketball coaches of all time, but even though he was just an assistant during MJ’s time at UNC, the two built a strong friendship. Williams also became close to Jordan’s father, James Jordan, to the point that James made him an unique present.

Michael Jordan’s father, Roy Williams, was a personal friend of Michael Jordan’s.

Michael Jordan and former North Carolina coach Roy Williams, who formed a special bond during MJ's college career.

Michael Jordan and former North Carolina coach Roy Williams, who formed a special bond during MJ's college career. Halftime of a game between the Charlotte Bobcats and the Indiana Pacers on Nov. 22, 2009. Sam Perkins (from left), Roy Williams, and Michael Jordan. | Getty Images/Jeff Siner/Charlotte Observer/Tribune News Service

Michael Jordan played under Dean Smith at North Carolina, but it was one of Smith’s assistants, Roy Williams, who helped him become a Tar Heel.

“I spotted him on a Sunday afternoon and thought to myself, ‘Oh my god.’ On a recent edition of In Depth with Graham Bensinger, Williams observed, “This may be the greatest 6-foot-4-inch high school athlete I’ve ever seen.”

Williams became acquainted with Jordan’s father, the late James Jordan, before and throughout his time at North Carolina. And the two created an unbreakable relationship, which Williams seemed to appreciate to this day.

“Michael’s father was fantastic… “He’s a hard worker and a true friend,” Williams said Bensinger. “His mother was also fantastic.” Deloris was one of a kind. But James Jordan was one of my heroes.”

Roy Williams’ wood stove was constructed by Michael Jordan’s father.

For James Jordan and Roy Williams, respect was reciprocated.

In fact, the former UNC assistant, who subsequently became the school’s head coach and won three national championships, claimed James constructed him not one, but two wood fireplaces.

Williams told Bensinger, “I was still the part-time assistant, wasn’t earning much money, but we had purchased a home.” “I spoke to Mr. Jordan on January 24, Michael’s final year of high school, and informed him I was going to purchase a wood stove.”

James then contacted Williams one night and informed him he had a stove for him.

“We came in, it was heavy, we got it out of the truck, put it in, started it, and it worked,” Williams said.

The coach stated he asked his wife, Wanda, for the checkbook once it was set up, but James refused to accept his money.

“If you give me a check, I’m going to take it out and put it in my vehicle,” Williams remembered. “‘I created this for you; I constructed this,’ he adds. “I was completely taken aback.”

But it wasn’t the first time James constructed a stove for Williams; when the coach moved into a new house, he needed a new one as well.

Williams said, “Mr. Jordan came over and measured it again and made me a second one.”

Although Michael Jordan and Roy Williams forged a connection via basketball, it seems that their friendship extends beyond the court.

MJ has expressed his gratitude to his old coach.

NBA and North Carolina legend Michael Jordan, whose dad formed a close bond with one of his former coaches.

NBA and North Carolina legend Michael Jordan, whose dad formed a close bond with one of his former coaches. On Jan. 24, 2020, Michael Jordan attends a news conference before an NBA game in Paris between the Charlotte Hornets and the Milwaukee Bucks. | Getty Images/Aurelien Meunier

Before his father died, Michael Jordan understood how close Williams and his father were. When the Chicago Bulls great announced his retirement in April 2021, he explained how much that meant to him.

According to CBS Sports, Jordan remarked to The Charlotte Observer, “I’m upset that he’s departing because he’s meant so much to basketball.” “He and my father had an incredible friendship that meant everything to me.”

During his playing career, Michael Jordan had numerous strong friendships, but it seems that the one with Roy Williams is the most endearing.

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