The NFL season kicked off yesterday, with the Seattle Seahawks and the Minnesota Vikings vying for the Lombardi Trophy. What sets this game apart from others? One player’s story. In a Sports Illustrated article, Vikings punter Chris Kluwe shared his story of how he was kicked off an NFL roster because his views on gay marriage violated the league’s “no politics” policy.

In today’s NFL, there are so many different types of players that it can be difficult to keep track of them all. With the recent influx of wide receivers, it’s now important to watch an NFL game to see how all of the different players are playing. While there are specific roles within the offense for each of the skill sets, it can be tough to keep track of which player is which on the field.

The Detroit Lions finally got their first win of the 2017 season on Sunday, but it wasn’t without a few hiccups.  The Lions got off to a slow start, putting up just three points in the first quarter, marking the team’s fourth-lowest scoring quarter of the season.  The frustration was real, but the Lions weren’t the only ones feeling it.  They weren’t alone, either.  The fans at Ford Field were loud, but they weren’t alone.  The Lions weren’t the only team that struggled to score in the first quarter.  On the other side of the field, the Green Bay Packers, also failed to score in the first quarter for the second time in

When you think of serious NFL coaches, you probably think of Bill Belichick. But even before he took over the New England Patriots team, Dick Vermeil was involved in saves.

In 1996, Vermeil packed his bags and left for the East Coast to manage the Philadelphia Eagles. The appointment took him to the City of Brotherly Love during the U.S. bicentennial celebration, but on that fateful July 4, the new head coach was in no mood to celebrate.

Dick Vermeil and the Philadelphia Eagles joined forces in early 1976


If you ask any NFL fan about Dick Vermeil, they probably remember him from his days as manager of the St. Louis Rams. St. Louis in the late 1990s. Although he achieved football immortality in The Greatest Show on Turf, that job was not his first rodeo.

Vermeil started as a high school coach, then took several small college jobs. In 1969, he took his first steps in the business world when he joined the Los Angeles Rams as a special teams coach. After a year as offensive coordinator at UCLA, the Californian returned to the Rams as a full-time assistant.

Vermeil returned to the Bruins in 1974 and led the team to a Rose Bowl victory in his second season. This success was enough to give him a chance at the next level.

After finishing the 1975 season 4-10, the Philadelphia Eagles decided to change coaches. Vermeil graduated from college, and he became head coach of the club in February 1976.

Eagles head coach had no time for fun on his first 4th of July in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Dick Vermeil stands on the sidelines before the game. | Diamond Images/Getty Images

Taken in isolation, the 1976 trip to Philadelphia may not seem like a big deal. History buffs will note that July marked the bicentennial of America, and given the role the city of brotherly love played in the country’s early days, it was celebrated in a big way.

But when the big day came, Vermeil wasn’t ready to celebrate. The summer before his first season as an NFL head coach, he was completely focused on his job.

When he was coach of the Eagles in 1976, he was sitting in a dark room sorting out tapes when his concentration was interrupted by loud noises, Larry Felser recalled in an article in the Buffalo News in 2000. Annoyed, he called his assistant, Carl Peterson, who is now president of the Kansas City Chiefs [Peterson has since resigned that position], and asked him where the noise was coming from.

The exchange between the two men was as follows:

On the outside, Peterson explained. There will be brass bands and fireworks.

For what? Vermeil demanded.

Birthday parties.

Whose birthday?

The country’s birthday, Dick, is a bicentennial.

I don’t care whose birthday it is, Vermeil demanded. I want these groups to stop.

Larry Felser writes in the Buffalo News.

Even in a city as passionate about sports as Philadelphia, you’d think Vermeil wouldn’t have been successful.

Dick Vermeil’s efforts didn’t pay off this season, but he still had a solid coaching career

Despite Vermeil’s efforts to work through the Fourth of July, he did not find immediate success in Philadelphia. The Eagles finished the 1976 season with a 4-10 record, the same as the year before. Despite these early setbacks, the head coach eventually found himself.

In the 1980 season, Vermeil led the Eagles to the Super Bowl, where they lost to the Oakland Raiders. If reaching the big game isn’t a major accomplishment, his greatest success came nearly two decades later. The head coach has returned to the St. Louis Rams. Louis after a brief interruption. Thanks to a fortuitous injury that brought Kurt Warner into the starting lineup, the club’s offense exploded and Vermeil led his troops to victory in Super Bowl 34.

Vermeil also spent five seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs before retiring for the third and apparently final time. Now he can enjoy the 4th of July holiday without having to study movies.

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