The Bills are a team that has been in the NFL since 1959. They have won four championships, but their fans are known for being some of the most passionate in all of sports.

The I Thought Bills Fans Were the Best in the World is a quote from Krystin Beasley, who played for the Buffalo Bills.

When it comes to the Buffalo Bills’ on-field performance, everything seems to be going swimmingly. They’re winning, and they’re doing so while dominating. However, one athlete seems to be dissatisfied with his present situation: Cole Beasley is an American football player.

This summer, Beasley became a prominent advocate for unvaccinated NFL players, and he recently reiterated his contentious COVID-19 vaccination position on Twitter. But Beasley didn’t stop there; he also targeted Bills supporters.

Cole Beasley is an outspoken opponent of the COVID-19 vaccination.

This summer, Beasley made news when he expressed his opposition to the COVID-19 vaccination.

According to ESPN, he said on Twitter, “I’ll be outdoors doing what I do.” “I’ll be out in the open. If you’re afraid of me, stay away or get vaccinated. I may die of covid, but I’d rather die alive.”

“I’m not going to take medications for a limb that isn’t broken,” he added. I’d rather risk it with Covid and build up my immunity that way…. This year, I’m going to perform for free in order to live my life the way I’ve always lived it. So be it if I’m pushed into retirement.”

Beasley, who has criticized the NFL’s COVID-19 rules, said at the outset of Bills training camp that he is neither for nor against the vaccination. He declares himself to be “pro-choice.”

But, for the most part, since the start of the season, things have been relatively quiet for the wide receiver. That was until his team’s matchup against the Houston Texans in Week 4.

Buffalo Bills fans were singled out by the wide receiver.

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley before a game against the Houston Texans in 2021.

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley before a game against the Houston Texans in 2021. On Oct. 3, 2021, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley warms up before a game against the Houston Texans. Getty Images/Bryan M. Bennett

The Bills have looked like one of the greatest teams in football, going 3-1 through four games after a strange Week 1 defeat to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Beasley has also shown flashes of brilliance, catching eight catches for 60 yards in Week 1 and 11 for 98 yards in Week 3.

However, after Buffalo’s 40-0 victory against the Texans in Week 4, the 32-year-old went to Twitter to express his displeasure with the team’s supporters.

He wrote, “The only place I get boo’d is at our home stadium.” “Then there are those of the same individuals who want me to take photos and sign autographs for them. Bills supporters were supposed to be the greatest in the world, right? What happened to them? Why do vaxxed individuals need to be protected from unvaxxed if the vaccination works? #letemin”

Someone then inquired whether they were just saying “Bease” slowly enough to make it seem like “boo.” “Some are,” the SMU product tweeted. Then there were several people directly behind the bench screaming at me to be vaccinated and spouting nonsense.”

Fans must have at least one of the vaccine injections to attend Buffalo games, according to Bills Wire of USA Today. As a result, many individuals in the stadium are unlikely to agree with Beasley on the vaccination.

Regardless of the reasons, Beasley should have anticipated criticism after being so outspoken about his views on social media. His relationship with the Bills Mafia is likely to be strained as a result of his choice to criticize the team’s supporters.

They aren’t the only ones that are fed up with him.

Cole Beasley also had a Twitter conversation with Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

The issue isn’t so much your decision as it is your reasoning, Bease. You’re aware of the regulations that apply to your decision, and it’s up to you to make it. However, the instances you provide as justifications for your decision are dubious.

October 4, 2021 — Mark Cuban (@mcuban)

Beasley has been chastised by more than just Bills fans. Mark Cuban, who has previously urged Beasley to be vaccinated, responded to the receiver’s latest tweet, saying that “the instances” Beasley gives “as the foundation” for his decision to stay immunized “are dubious.”

“I didn’t get it because I don’t need it,” Beasley said. Is there any additional explanation you require? The issue is that I have to give any justification for my own decision. That is precisely the purpose. For each person, the risks are different.”

“Just as it is 100 percent the discretion of company owners to decide how they want to access the risks Covid brings to their companies and establish the parameters they believe work best,” Cuban said.

However, Beasley replied by stating that he hopes companies will just state that.

“I wish they would simply name it that rather than claiming it’s for safety. Then maybe the myth that unvaccinated people are selfish a**holes will go away, and we can once again be together rather than divided,” he tweeted.

Cuban also said that his healthcare expenses have increased, but that “it’s important for business” to “protect your workers and customers.” He also said that he needs vaccines, and that if workers or customers disagree, they are free to “go somewhere.”

In response, Beasley tweeted, “If it is required, there is no choice.” “You’re removing the option from their hands. Yes, they have the option of not working there, but there is no assurance that they will find another employment elsewhere. You make yourself feel better by thinking they have a choice, but not them.”

Overall, it seems like Beasley and Cuban are on opposing sides of the debate. However, not everyone is opposed to the widening. After hearing supporters scream at him about his immunization status, Bills guard Jonathan Feliciano went to Twitter to defend his buddy.

However, if the veteran pass-catcher wants to air his emotions for everyone to see, he must be prepared for criticism from fans and individuals like Cuban. It’s a contentious issue, and he’s placed himself right in the midst of it.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

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