‘I Think It Hasn’t Been Ideal There’

In my last weekly update, I wrote about how great it is to be back in action. I’m pleased to report that the feeling is mutual. It’s been an interesting few weeks in the old house, but it’s been a real pleasure watching how our team has developed. There were some big wins, including a memorable one against Man Utd, a colossal one against Palace, and a big one at home against Liverpool. The spirit in the camp has never been better, and a lot of that stems from the good relationship we have with the fans.

I’m a long-time Detroit Pistons fan, and I’ve been in the league since the mid-1990’s. I’ve seen a lot of terrible teams and great teams, and I’ve seen a lot of great players—including the great Isiah Thomas. I’ve also seen some awful coaching; and I’ve seen some awful players; and I’ve seen some awful owners. But have I ever seen an awful GM?

For the longest time, I thought the Toronto Raptors had the best starting five in the NBA. They had players who could shoot the three, defend the point, and do a little bit of everything. Then the Raptors made the biggest trade in franchise history, sending Rudy Gay to Sacramento for DeMar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry, and Ed Davis. DeRozan is a terrific player, Lowry is a terrific player, and Ed Davis is a terrific player. But when you consider the big-name players the Raptors sent away, you have to ask yourself if it was all worth it.. Read more about ideally and let us know what you think.

After ending his football career, quarterback Alex Smith is now trying to give marriage advice to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

The bitter feud between the Packers and their All-Pro quarterback has been going on for months, and there’s no end in sight. So it would be best for both sides to listen to Smith, the former number one ranked player.

Smith criticized the Packers for mishandling Rogers

Alex Smith spoke out about the situation between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers | Justin K. Aller/Getty Images; Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The most glaring issues between Rogers and the Packers have to do with a lack of communication and respect.

In a recent interview with USA Today, Smith made it clear which side he’s on. The former starting quarterback criticized the Packers for not treating Rodgers like they should have for a franchise player and three-time NFL MVP.

I think he is entitled to a certain level of communication and a certain level of respect for the average player. And I don’t think it’s too much to ask to communicate. … Clearly, this has not been the case in recent years.

Alex Smith

Smith praised Rodgers for staying with the Packers despite communication problems.

The way people were treated, he said it himself, Smith said. I think in any business it’s important – not just in football, but in any business, especially in team sports, how you treat people is important. Really, I don’t think everything was perfect there. I hope they find a solution.

Smith has perfectly identified everything wrong with the Rogers/Packers feud

At an event at Lambeau Field yesterday, Packers president Mark Murphy called Aaron Rodgers a tough guy.

It’s the same as someone trying to resolve their relationship with a girl, but publicly berating her while privately desperately trying to resolve the relationship.

– Grant Paulsen (@granthpaulsen) 12 June 2021

Throughout his career, Smith was always an eloquent and intelligent speaker. Of course, the same goes for him as a volunteer marriage counselor.

Despite all his problems with the Packers administration, Rogers remains a good and loyal soldier. Even after the team used a first-round pick on Utah quarterback Jordan Love in 2020, Rodgers took the competition and earned his third NFL MVP award.

If the Packers had really communicated with Rogers, they could have avoided this situation. Instead, the Packers opted to keep only the front office informed. They kept their best quarterback on the sidelines until Rodgers saw enough and made his point.

If the Packers want to save their relationship with Rogers, they need to take Smith’s advice and try to communicate better. But only if the damage has not been done and Rodgers is ready to step onto the team’s field again.

What will the Packers do with Rogers?

While Rodgers continues to insist he doesn’t want to play for the Packers, the countdown to a final decision continues on both sides.

Theoretically, Rodgers has until the 2nd. It’s time to sign for the 2021 season. Rogers would not lose his $11.5 million signing bonus and could earn $6.8 million in roster bonuses if he declines. At the time of publication, however, he had not publicly indicated that he was considering such a move.

Obviously the Packers can trade Rodgers, but will the team be willing to make concessions and give him what he wants? The organization has the power to control his rights, but Rodgers could make it very difficult if he’s not on the team.

Or the confrontation can end in one of three simple ways. Rodgers could return to the Packers, or decide to miss the season. Or the Packers could just tell him to stay away from the team.

Maybe the Packers should have drafted Smith while he was recovering from a serious leg injury. Who knows what would happen if the team communicated better in 2019 or before the 2020 draft?

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