How to Get Sonic in Cookie Run Kingdom

Sonic is one of the most recognizable characters in video games. He has been a part of gaming for decades, and his presence will continue to be felt in the future. But how do you get him in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Sonic is a character in Cookie Run Kingdom. You can get him by completing the How to Get Sonic quest.



Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails are two new and extremely unique cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom, thanks to a collaboration between Devsisters and Sega. From September 17 to October 16, 2021, the new crossover event “Sonic’s Green Hill” will take place.

Our guide will show you how to obtain Sonic in Cookie Run Kingdom and finish this amazing event with our tips and techniques. You’ll learn about all of the event’s phases and how to overcome them.

Sonic and Tails cookies may be obtained by opening Lucky Item Boxes, which offer a variety of prizes. Each box will cost 1,000 rings to open, and because there are 30 prizes in all, 30,000 rings will be required to access all Lucky Item Boxes rewards.

Because the prizes are entirely random, you might receive Sonic on your first or last opening. In any case, because Sonic’s Green Hill is the only event in Cookie Run Kingdom that enables you to win rings in infinite quantities, you may play it as many times as you like.


For each of the nine levels in Sonic’s Green Hill event, you’ll need to spend a specific number of Power Sneakers. Waiting is the only way to obtain Power Sneakers. After 30 minutes of being logged into the game, you will get one Power Sneaker. This time may be used to complete additional tasks or improve your cookies.

You’ll need to build a squad of five cookies after you’ve saved up enough Power Sneakers for each level. For the Sonic’s Green Hill event, these are the finest cookies:

  • Cookie of the Sea Fairy
  • Cookie Vampire
  • Cookie made with squid ink
  • Cookie with Sorbet Shark
  • Cookie with Licorice

Treasure boosts may also be used to assist your squad in dealing with bosses, such as:

  • The Scroll of an Elder Pilgrim (increases attack power of your team)
  • The Paper Charm of Priestess Cookie (debuffs all enemies)

Stage 1

This is a really simple step to complete. Collect your money and rings, then confront Doctor Eggman, who has 30,000 HP and utilizes Laser Beam, in the end. As soon as he arrives, attack him and you should be able to defeat him in no time.

The following are the Stage 1 rewards:

  • Rings 500x
  • EXP Star Jelly Lv.2 100x
  • Skill Powders 5x

Stage 2

In the second level, you must leap over spikes as obstacles, and in the end, you must fight Doctor Eggman, who has 46,580 HP. If you use the same approach, he should fall quickly.

The following are the Stage 2 rewards:

  • Rings 800x
  • 120x EXP Star Jelly Lv.2 120x EXP Star Jelly Lv.2 120x EXP Star Je
  • Skill Powders 5x

Stage 3

This time, opponents will come out of nowhere from under the earth, so just leap over them. The boss will have 65,540 HP and shield protection at the end. Break the shields first, then assault the monster using Priestess Cookie’s Paper Charm prize.

The following are the Stage 3 rewards:

  • Rings 1,000x
  • 80x EXP Star Jelly Lv.3 80x EXP Star Jelly Lv.3 80x EXP Star Je
  • Skill Powders 5x

Stage 4

This time, Doctor Eggman has 92,240 HP, but the approach remains the same: utilize your riches to breach his shields and boost your assault to keep up the pressure.

The following are the Stage 4 rewards:

  • Rings 1,000x
  • EXP Star Jelly Lv.3 100x
  • Skill Powders 3x

Stage 5

The quantity of spiky barriers dramatically rises at this point. This necessitates doing things a little slowly and more cautiously. The boss will have 136,260 HP at the finish, which is a lot yet beatable.

The following are the Stage 5 rewards:

  • Rings 1,000x
  • 120x EXP Star Jelly Lv.3 120x EXP Star Jelly Lv.3 120x EXP Star Je
  • Skill Powders 3x

Stage 6

This level includes a lengthy portal part that you must complete as quickly as possible. However, there are many coins to gather, so utilize Ginkgoblin’s Trophy Safe treasure to do so. The monster now has 233,080 HP and 7x Shields, which must be broken.

The following are the Stage 6 rewards:

  • Rings 1,200x
  • 60x EXP Star Jelly Lv.4 60x EXP Star Jelly Lv.4 60x EXP Star Je
  • Skill Powders 3x

Stage 7

Doctor Eggman will start dealing a lot of damage at this time, and his own HP will be at 387,600 points, thus your cookies must be at least Level 40+.

The following are the Stage 7 rewards:

  • Rings 1,200x
  • 80x EXP Star Jelly Lv.4 80x EXP Star Jelly Lv.4 80x EXP Star Je
  • Skill Powders 2x

Stage 8

You’ll be up against the same amount of power as in stage 7, but this time the monster has a nine-fold shield and 449,320 HP. Due to the double damage, you may swap one of your cookies to a Black Raisin cookie for this level.

The following are the Stage 8 rewards:

  • Rings 1,80x
  • EXP Star Jelly Lv.4 100x
  • Skill Powders 2x

Stage 9

You’ll need another switch for the last level, this time for the Hollyberry cookie, which can take a lot of harm while also protecting the rest of your cookies. Doctor Eggman will be equipped with ten shields and 500,960 HP.

The following are the Stage 9 rewards:

  • Rings 2,000x
  • 8x EXP Star Jelly Lv.5 8x EXP Star Jelly Lv.5 8x EXP Star Je
  • Skill Powders 2x
  • 1x Portal to the Giant Ring

Sonic and Tails must be unlocked.

You may begin opening Lucky Item Boxes as soon as you have 1,000 rings to unlock one of the 30 potential prizes, which includes Sonic and Tails. By finishing Sonic’s Green Hill levels as many times as possible, you should soon get this unique cookie.

If you acquire the seven Chaos Emeralds of various colors from the boxes before unlocking Sonic and Tails, you may use them to unlock Sonic as a guaranteed cookie at the Miraculous Chaos Emerald menu.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to getting Sonic in Cookie Run Kingdom. If you liked this article, please consider spreading it using the social network buttons provided below.

Tails is a character that can be unlocked in the game, Cookie Run Kingdom. To get Tails, you must complete the level with all of the characters. Once you have completed this task, there will be an option to play as Tails. Reference: tails cookie run kingdom.

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