How to Get Cactuar in Mario Sports Mix?

Have you ever wanted to add a cactuar to your team in Mario Sports Mix? Here’s a quick guide on how to get one!

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Cactuar is a secret character that can be unlocked in Mario Sports Mix. In order to unlock Cactuar, you must first complete the Mushroom Cup Tournament. After you have completed the Mushroom Cup Tournament, Cactuar will appear on the victory stand with the other characters. When you talk to Cactuar, he will challenge you to a game of coin battle.

What is Cactuar?

Cactuar is a plant creature that first appeared in the Final Fantasy series. It is often portrayed as a green, cactus-like creature with a human-like face. In the Mario series, Cactuar makes its first appearance as an unlockable character in Mario Sports Mix.

To unlock Cactuar in Mario Sports Mix, you must first complete all of the training activities in the game. Once you have done this, a message will appear informing you that Cactuar has been unlocked.

How to Get Cactuar in Mario Sports Mix

Cactuar is a character that you can unlock in Mario Sports Mix. He is a lightweight character that is good for speed and has high accuracy. In order to unlock Cactuar, you must first beat the game with all of the other unlockable characters. After that, you must win all of the cups in the game. Once you have done all of that, you will be able to play as Cactuar.

Use the Cactuar amiibo

To get Cactuar in Mario Sports Mix, you’ll need to use the Cactuar amiibo. To do this, first, make sure your Wii U is updated to the latest system software. Next, you’ll need to purchase the Cactuar amiibo from any major retailer, or from Nintendo’s official online store.

Once you have your Cactuar amiibo, tap it on the NFC touchpoint on your Wii U GamePad. This will cause Cactuar to appear in the game. You can then use Cactuar in any of the sports modes in Mario Sports Mix.

Play in Cactuar Cup

The Cactuar Cup is a tournament that can be found in the multiplayer mode of Mario Sports Mix. To participate in the Cactuar Cup, players must have four characters unlocked. The Cactuar Cup consists of four different events: Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, and Dodgeball. The Cactuar Cup must be completed in order to unlock the Cactuar character.


Assuming you have already unlocked Cactaur, all you need to do is play through the game and Cactaur will eventually appear as a playable character.

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