How to Find These Infinite Loot Locations

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The “skyrim secret chest locations” are a series of chests that can be found in the game. They contain items like potions, weapons, and armor. The chests themselves are hidden all over Skyrim.

How to Find These Infinite Loot Locations

Three glitched, entirely undetectable chests await discovery in Skyrim. Though The Elder Scrolls V is unquestionably one of the best and most era-defining video games of all time, it’s also tremendously broken, if you know how to break it.

These three invisible boxes, of course, contain riches that you’ll want to locate. They’re in places that aren’t intended to be accessible, but our Skyrim guide will teach you how to obtain them anyhow.

Khajit Caravan chests are all three of these unseen chests, and they may be plundered indefinitely. To do so, look for Khajit Traders in the neighborhood and speak with them to see what they have.

Then save the game before killing the merchants. Check with them again after reloading that save from when they were alive. Following that, the invisible chests will be replenished, and you will be able to take from them once again.

In Skyrim, Where Can You Find Invisible Chests?

Khajit Caravan Chest 1 (Invisible)

The first chest may be discovered in Dawnstar, so get there quickly to save time. When you arrive, go a few steps ahead and turn right beyond the trees in front of you. Continue straight on this route until you pass several wooden wagons and a smelter on your right. There should be a mine in front of you.


Three tiny pebbles should be visible on the ground to the left of the mine entrance. You may hover your reticle between the left and centre rocks, and a few steps back, and get a prompt to open a chest, despite the fact that there isn’t one.


This is the world’s first invisible chest, and it’s packed with enough provisions to last a lifetime. It even includes iron ore, which, as you’ll see later, may be robbed an unlimited number of times.

Khajit Caravan Chest 2 (Invisible)

Just beyond Solitude, you’ll find the second invisible chest. Take a hard left onto a little grassy meadow facing a massive cliff as soon as you depart the area, via the large stone gate depicted below.


On the right, there should be a tiny group of light gray boulders, with a shrub to the left. Examine the ground just beyond the plant for a dark blue stick.


You’ll get a prompt to unlock yet another invisible chest around a foot south of this blue stick. This chest, like the last one, includes much more than your average chest (such as 1,000 gold and ebony ingots), as well as a plethora of potions. So go ahead and pillage to your heart’s content.

Khajit Caravan Chest 3 (Invisible)

Outside of Markarth, you’ll find the third invisible chest. Leave Markarth and go down the cobblestone route seen below. You’ll need to continue it for a little while until you reach the bridge, which is marked by a sign and a small stone wall on the left. Once you’ve arrived, come to a halt.



Turn around and study the ground in front of this wall from the other side. Another unseen chest hint may be found a few feet away from the wall, around the fourth or fifth stone on the bottom row, where there is no chest to be seen. This box will contain several incredible items, such as an ebony bow and 1,000 gold.


You’ll be set for treasure in Skyrim now that you know where to harvest these highly decked-out glitched chests. You can purchase as many mansions or horses as you like with that endless wealth. Consider visiting our Skyrim guides page if you want to learn even more about the game!

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The “skyrim merchant chests” are a location in the game where you can find items that are rare, valuable, and sometimes even infinite. The most common locations to find these chests are at the beginning of quests or during your travels.

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