How to Access Eldest Souls’ Depths of the Forgotten DLC

The Eldest Souls’ Depths of the Forgotten is a sequel to Eldest and with it, players will be able to take part in brand new content themed around fishing. The DLC also comes with a few other additions like introducing game modes such as “A Dynasty of Deep” that sees up to four people compete for control over Elder Dragons across six rounds

Eldest Souls’ Depths of the Forsaken is a hilarious homage to how DLC is released in the mainstream Souls games. You locate an item at a central point and then go about the globe to discover fresh stuff.

Eldest Souls isn’t the largest game or the most difficult to discover, but the entry to the Depths of the Forgotten is cleverly concealed and not obscured by esoteric prerequisites.

How to Get the Eldest Souls DLC’s Depths of the Forgotten

To even get access to the Depths of the Forgotten DLC, you’ll have to beat four of Eldest Souls’ eight monsters. Head through the previously blocked gate inside the castle after defeating The Watchdog, The Guardian, Eos, God of Unity, and Azikel, God of Light.

A new shining object will be found among some shattered crates to the right of the statue of the former king. This is the Ignition Key for the Elevator.


It has no resemblance to any other item in the game, and its description cites “clockwork” mechanics. It’s strange since there’s no clockwork or anything in the fundamental Eldest Souls realm.

However, there is a door in the Everforest’s northeastern corner that previously could not be opened. When you approach it, a button prompt will appear, asking whether you wish to use the Elevator Ignition Key. “Yes,” you say, and enter the little room beyond.


There is an elevator in the dark room beyond the forest entrance. Take it all the way down to the Sea Below. A rowboat traveling north may be seen on the right. Take the boat across the sea and you’ll arrive in Moonlight’s End, a vast hub area. To your right is a practicing dummy, to your north is an unusable portal gate, and to your left is a purple-lit gateway.

Another elevator, this time heading into the Forsaken Depths, is located beyond the threshold.


In the elevator, you’ll encounter Orenai, the Watcher, who will give you some history on what to anticipate. Take the elevator to the first lower level, then proceed north up the stairwell to meet Zylad, Lord of Steel, the DLC’s first and greatest boss.

You’ll ride the elevator down to lower and lower floors as you kill monsters, eventually arriving at The Rotting Crown, which is littered with the bones of those who came before you. The Depths of the Forgotten DLC is complete after you finish all three boss battles, since the portal gate stays inactive despite your efforts. In our Eldest Souls, Depths of the Forgotten review, we look through the DLC in detail.

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