How Many Times Did Michael Jordan Make the Playoffs?

Michael Jordan is the all-time leader in playoff appearances by a player (he made six straight playoff appearances with the Bulls in the 1990s). But, in his later years, he was no longer the athletic force he once was, and he missed the Bulls’ 1996 postseason run. Was he really that bad? Or was the decline in his play due to an aging body?

Michael Jordan plays the greatest basketball of all time. But, did you know that he was the greatest basketball player ever to never win a championship?

In the last chapter of his remarkable career, Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to six consecutive NBA Finals appearances from 1991-98. He won six NBA titles during that span, and two of those came in the ’90s (he won his sixth title in 1998).

NBA championships may be part of Michael Jordan’s legacy, but how many chances did he have in the playoffs to get those six rings? Jordan’s 15-year career included 13 seasons with the Chicago Bulls and, after a three-year hiatus, two more seasons with the Washington Wizards. Jordan had an incredible performance in both the regular season and the playoffs. But part of Jordan’s legacy is how high he was able to climb the ladder. His Majesty decided to take almost two seasons off during his prime to play baseball. He also missed seasons between 35 and 37 before emerging with the Wizards. But Jordan’s legend was formed in the postseason, even if his ultimate success lasted longer than critics would have liked. In total, Jordan has made the playoffs 13 times in his 15 seasons. The difference is that he has made it to the postseason every year with the Bulls, while Washington failed to qualify the last two seasons.

Michael Jordan’s Bulls have lost their first three playoff series

. As a rookie, Michael Jordan made his first playoff appearance. The NBA Rookie of the Year helped Chicago to 11 wins last season. The Bulls entered the playoffs in seventh place in the Eastern Conference, as the Milwaukee Bucks beat them in four games. In the next two seasons, Chicago finished in eighth place. Place, and despite Jordan’s best efforts, the Bulls were defeated by the Boston Celtics. From that point on, Jordan and the Bulls made steady progress toward the playoffs. In 1988, Jordan led Chicago to a home victory in Game 5 against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Detroit Pistons beat the Bulls in the conference semifinals. This will be the theme for each of the next two seasons. To reach their first Eastern Conference Finals, the Bulls defeated the third-seeded Cavaliers and the second-seeded New York Knicks. (They played in two Western Conference finals in the 1970s, before the NBA’s Brain Trust knew these things called cards existed.) In 1989, the Bulls lost to the Pistons in six games, before a seventh game in 1990. But as the bad guys got older, Jordan and the Bulls were ready to take the next step.

Master years redefined Michael Jordan

. It seems heretical now, but after the Pistons beat the Bulls in the 1990 Eastern Conference finals, the sports media (in their pre-Internet, pre-Perestroika form) poured on Michael Jordan. Jordan would have taken too many shots to lead the team to a championship. He had to be humble. Jordan was heavily criticized for his alleged arrogance which was not supported by the material. Sure, he had MVP and Defensive Player of the Year trophies, five NBA Tournament wins and three Defensive Player of the Year wins. But in the playoffs, Chicago has always lost. Detroit didn’t have that kind of star power, but they knocked the Bulls out of the postseason three years in a row. Jordan was seen as a guy with great stats, nothing more. In 1991, everything changed. The Bulls secured first place in the Eastern Conference and qualified for the NBA Finals with 11 wins in 12 games. That series included what should have been a satisfying victory over the hated Pistons in the conference finals. After losing their first game to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Bulls achieved four wins in a row and claimed their first NBA title. They did it again in 1992 and became champions three times in a row in 1993. After a nearly two-year hiatus in 1993-95, Jordan led Chicago to three more titles in 1996-98 before retiring for the second time.

Michael Jordan by numbers

word-image-1392 word-image-1393 Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls. | MIKE NELSON/AFP via Getty Images Michael Jordan played in an era where the first round was a better-than-five format rather than a better-than-seven format, and played in 179 playoff games. But despite being 19th on this list, Jordan is the second-leading point guard behind LeBron James. Jordan scored 5,987 points in 179 games; James scored 7,578 points in 264 postseason games through Jan. 1. June 2021. Jordan is the top scorer of all time with 33.5 points per game. He is the only player in NBA history to score more than 30 points per game in his career in the playoffs. His average of 41.8 minutes per game puts him 13th, but when you look at the post-merger period (1976-77), he moves up to fourth. That puts him behind Allen Iverson (45.1), Alvin Hayes (42.1) and Larry Bird (42.0). By comparison : LeBron is fifth in the playoffs, averaging 41.5 minutes per game. Statistics provided by Basketball Reference and Stathead.Michael Jordan was a dominant force in the NBA during his career, winning six MVP Awards, six NBA Championships, and 13 All-Star Games, but he didn’t make the playoffs in nine of his 20 years in the league.. Read more about how many playoff wins does michael jordan have and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times has Michael Jordan made it to the playoffs?

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest NBA players ever, and there is no denying the impact that he had on the game of basketball. He is credited with transforming the game from a walk-on-the-court contest into a physical, fast-paced game that relies more on athleticism than skill. However, he also changed the game of basketball for the worse. In his 12th year in the NBA, Michael Jordan is currently preparing for play in his 13th season. He’s coming off a last-place finish in the league, in which his team finished with a record of 32-50.

How many times did Michael Jordan go to the finals?

In the NBA, you do not need five championships to be considered one of the greatest players of all time. What you need is between five and eight titles and a couple of finals appearances, which is where Michael Jordan sits right now.. Last season, the Chicago Bulls made it to the Eastern Conference Finals, a series in which they lost to the eventual champion Miami Heat. The Bulls had the best record in the NBA that season at 61-19, and in the last eight years, the team made it to the playoffs seven times, which is tied for the most with the San Antonio Spurs.

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