‘He’s Down and Out Bad’

A major sport has a new professional athlete. The same as every other rookie, he’s a little clumsy and he has to learn the ropes of his new job. I’m talking about the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots. This player is called Tom Brady. He has won three Super Bowls with the Patriots. He’s the quarterback everyone loves to hate.

The San Diego Chargers are in bad shape. They fired their head coach Monday, and made the decision to pick up a second round pick in the upcoming NFL draft. The decision to fire Spanos was made to save face, but it’s not looking good. The Chargers are 6-10, and have dropped to last place in the AFC West. They are a longshot to make the playoffs in 2018, and an even longer shot to even make a run at the 2018 NFL Championship. The Chargers are in desperate need of a new head coach, if they hope to make the playoffs in the near future.

It was a beautiful Saturday evening in the fall of 2012, and I found myself sitting in the bleachers at my favorite local high school football field. I was there to watch my son, Jerome, play his first football game. It was a special moment for me, and now, more than a year later, I can still recall the emotions of that night.

When their NFL careers come to an end, many players have a difficult time adjusting into retirement. That seems to be the case with Marion Barber, an ex-Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears running back who has been involved in a slew of legal problems since retiring in 2012.

Barber hasn’t been heard from in a while, but his Cowboys teammate Dez Bryant recently sent out a worrisome update on the former Pro Bowler in a single tweet.

Marion Barber is

Marion Barber is Marion Barber, a former Dallas Cowboys running back | Christian Petersen/Getty Images

During his time with the Cowboys in the late 2000s, Barber was a fan favorite. After being selected by Dallas in 2005, the running back spent six seasons with the club, making the Pro Bowl in 2007. Barber amassed 4,358 running yards and 53 total touchdowns during his time with the Cowboys. In 2011, he played with the Bears for one season before retiring at the conclusion of the season.

Barber, on the other hand, has had to adjust to life after football.

According to NBC DFW, Barber was taken into custody from his house in Texas in 2014 and transported to a hospital for a psychiatric assessment.

He was arrested four years later after causing damage to two women’s cars in separate instances. The same night, Barber was evicted from his Texas residence. According to the Dallas Morning News, Barber was arrested again in 2019 on “two misdemeanor charges of criminal mischief stemming from a July 2018 incident.”

Dez Bryant has a disturbing message for his former Cowboys colleague.

As I watch this video and see how Marion Barber’s life is going right now, I’m reminded of why I founded @personalcorner…. I can’t even enjoy it since he’s in such terrible shape… To the majority of people, we are nothing more than a statistic and a series of events… https://t.co/V5oKxdAzOZ

15 July 2021 — Dez Bryant (@DezBryant)

Barber’s name has mostly been forgotten since his arrest in 2019, but things don’t seem to be getting any better for the former Cowboy.

Just ask Dez Bryant, his former teammate.

Bryant, who played with Barber in the 2010 NFL season for the Dallas Cowboys, reportedly stumbled across a highlight video on Twitter and reacted with a disturbing comment.

“As I watch this video and see how Marion Barber’s life is going right now, I’m reminded of why I founded @personalcorner…. I can’t even enjoy it since he’s in such terrible shape… To most people, we are simply a number or a series of events…” Bryant wrote an essay.

Bryant didn’t elaborate on what “down and out terrible” for Barber meant, but it can’t be good.

With Personal Corner, Bryant hopes to help players in need.

Bryant has seen firsthand the difficulties that players may endure after retiring from their respective sports. He’s seeing that with Barber right now, and he’s stepping up to assist with his new initiative, Personal Corner.

Personal Corner is a “unified, engaging, new-age method for you to interact with your community and fans,” according to Bryant. The project’s aim is to assist players realize their full potential off the field, whether financially or otherwise, and to stop athletes’ names, images, and likeness from being exploited.

Bryant said the project’s origins can be traced back to 2016, but he wants to grow the business in the coming months. He’s already discussed the concept with Michael Rubin, Jay-Z, Mark Cuban, and Dak Prescott, and it’ll all come together in 2021.

“I wager my life that no other business would take care of the athlete as @personalcorner will… In a recent tweet, Bryant said, “This business was founded on personal athlete experiences.”

Let’s hope Personal Corner can assist retired athletes like Barber in regaining their footing.

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