Hateful Shodan Seeks Retribution in System Shock Remake Trailer

The new System Shock game is an FPS developed by Nightdive Studios. The teaser trailer released on July 11th has been met with a lot of excitement and hype from the gaming community since it hints at some mind-blowing, sci-fi elements that will be in the upcoming game.

The “system shock remake” is a game that will be released in 2019. The trailer for the game shows off some of the most interesting aspects of the new game.



Finally, a new teaser for the long-awaited System Shock reboot has surfaced. In the comprehensive recreation of the cult classic action-adventure game from 1994, Shodan is returned for vengeance and wants to wipe out mankind once and for all. The most recent clip shows various places and the outside world, in contrast to the game’s previous teaser, which was shown at the 2020 Guerilla Collective showcase. 

Developer Nightdive Studios said that “the new System Shock is a fully-fledged remake of the groundbreaking 1994 original, pairing its beloved core gameplay with all-new HD visuals, updated controls, an overhauled interface, and remastered sounds & music.”

Fans saw the Virus Mutant, Cyborg Elite Guard, and Cortex Reaver from the remake for the first time in the trailer, along with additional weapons than a pistol, such as assault rifles, shotguns, and the Laser Rapier. Additionally, there is a brief peek of what seems to be one of the game’s puzzles. The video at the top of this post shows it all in action. 

The remake’s exact release date is currently unknown, although Nightdive Studios has said that the game would be made available for PC and consoles at some point in 2023. Nightdive’s CEO and founder, Stephen Kick, stated: 

Our objective has always been to provide a game that is as near to flawless as we can make it. System Shock has really been a labor of love. We’re thrilled to work with Prime Matter to accomplish that objective and see this as a crucial phase in the expansion of Nightdive Studios. 

It will enable us to completely meet our pledges to our fans and, in particular, to the thousands of Kickstarter backers who made this game possible, as well as to provide System Shock to fans all over the globe in both digital and tangible product versions.

On Steam and the Epic Games Store, a playable System Shock demo is accessible, much as it was when the previous video was shown in 2020. We were unsure about the remake after playing the demo (which is still accessible), but anything may happen. For $44.99. System Shock is already available for pre-order on Steam and EGS. 

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